Stress Release

YogaWe all experience stress.

We have relational stress, financial stress, interpersonal stress, physical stress, etc.

Stress is a natural part of life. We don’t want to make all stress go away. That is not our goal. We want to learn to handle stress so that it does not overwhelm our body.

When we experience stress or trauma in any way it impacts our body. It causes us to respond whether we want to or not. We go into a “fight, flight or freeze” mode. Powerful chemicals are released in our body as a response. Our body is trying to help us. One of those chemicals is cortisol.

Since a lot of our stress is beyond our control our body sometimes builds up all the stress and begins to respond to all the cortisol in our body. This can have a variety of negative health impacts and can cause us to experience long-term loss of vitality and health.

There are a variety of things we can incorporate into our daily life to keep our cortisol levels down. Daily Meditation and prayer, exercise, and EFT are all effective ways to release stress and experience vitality and stress-free living.

I invite you to take your next step in specific practice stress release by exploring the resources I have prepared:

  1. EFT basics: Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping with prayer
  2. Tapping Points with diagram
  3. EFT Overview with practical application

“In Jesus I live and move and have my being.” My prayer is that these pages will be a blessing to many bringing freedom and victory.


Becky Hastings, wife, mother, grandmother, health advocate, coach.


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