30 Ways in 30 Days to Explore Vaccines

IMG_1725I have passionately researched many aspects of health ever since I discovered I was pregnant in 1982. I was blessed to come across a copy of Mothering Magazine’s collection of articles on vaccination which was the beginning of my research and detailed reading on the subject.

I also had the opportunity over 20 years to discuss vaccination with someone close to me who was employed by the CDC as a virologist, who had trained in the medical system, was thoroughly versed in vaccine science and supported the vaccine program. He did, however, respect my right as a parent to protect my child from the known risk of injecting vaccines. He also came to understand the personal health benefits of a non-vaccinating lifestyle as he watched my children grow up healthy.

As I continued to research for over 30 years I have only become more convinced that avoiding vaccines will lead to a far better outcome than giving them. I tried to express some of these ideas in 30 different ways. I pray they may bless and help inform young parents.

8 thoughts on “30 Ways in 30 Days to Explore Vaccines

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  7. mothering magazine was my bible during those special years and i looked forward to learning something new with every new issue! i was lucky to have robert mendelsohn md as my dr. but only thru my midwife kathy. she was also a huge contributor to my attempted excellence at motherhood. we all do our best but i was surrounded by folks that guided and helped me with the decisions I ME NOBODY ELSE was making for MY family. They were all so supportive!

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