One mom. One boy. On March 23, 2007 their lives changed forever.

Jennifer had a beautiful baby boy, Josiah. He was 16 months old and was doing really well. He was delightfully learning language and curious about the world around him. He loved his mom and had a great connection with her. He loved learning and every day was a new adventure with the two of them sharing a beautiful bond.

Boy in hatI love the 2nd year of life. It is truly a wonderful time to be around a child.

All the magical moments in Jennifer and Josiah’s life came to a screeching halt on one eventful day.

Jennifer had carefully chosen a pediatrician to provide health care for her precious son. She was so committed to Josiah’s health and the doctor’s wisdom, that she drove one hour for every appointment she had with him. Of course she took him for ALL the well baby visits – because that is what loving parents do. She trusted her doctor. He had training. He knew what babies needed to be healthy.

When Josiah was 16 ½ months old Jennifer made the one hour drive to her doctor’s appointment. She reflected on how it seemed slightly unnecessary to visit a doctor since her son was so healthy, and the fact that while it hadn’t seemed like a long drive when her son was smaller, it was quite an inconvenience out of her schedule to make this appointment.

The doctor did all the usual measurements and announced that Josiah was doing exactly right for his age and stage. Then he suggested that since it was such a long drive, instead of separating the 15 month recommended shots from the 18 month recommended shots, they could just give them all on the same day.

Jennifer completely trusted that her doctor knew what he was doing and THAT HE WAS DOING HER A FAVOR. Instead of making her come back for another appointment in a couple of months, he was willing to go ahead and give Josiah ALL THE SHOTS.

Josiah received 9 different shots that day, including the MMR and the DTap.

After getting these ‘protective’ injections at the pediatrician’s office for his ‘well baby visit’, Josiah started screaming, crying, arching his back, with his eyes rolling back in his head. He continued screaming for five hours when he finally fell into an exhausted sleep. This was an indication of the extreme serious vaccine reaction Josiah experienced. The combined toxic load was more than his body and brain could bear.

Jennifer noted with increasing horror the many results of that fateful day on March 23, 2007.

Josiah lost the desire and ability to make eye contact. He completely stopped talking. Whereas once he had been saying 20 – 30 words and stringing together 3 word sentences, except for the screams or moans of pain, he cannot communicate.

Josiah’s behavior changed dramatically after receiving the shots . He began spinning in circles, flapping his hands, mouthing his toys non-stop and afraid of the water in his bath – that he once loved.

Josiah is now 8 years old. He is still wearing diapers, is non-verbal and does not make eye-contact. His life has been forever changed because his mom trusted the pediatrician. She thought he was doing her a favor.

Jennifer’s message to parents is a very simple one: “Please research the shots you allow your doctor to give your children. Oh how I WISH I HAD. Vaccine injuries are not rare. My son has never been the same.”

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