How Many More Must Die?

DespairI’m not a historian, but I do like history. There is so much we can gain by increasing our understanding of history. A lot of history that we are exposed to has strong bias to one side of the story or another, so I always enjoy trying to explore various sides of history – especially in conflicts, of which there are many.

History is replete with examples of small groups of people holding power and authority over a larger group. This pattern has been repeated so often, one would think we could recognize it if it were happening to us.

Most of the history I’ve been taught is with an underlying assumption that “we are so smart now, that we would never be as stupid as all the people who did all these crazy things way back when.”

I’m not sure if anyone else ever had that impression or if it was unique to me. History is always taught from the point of view of superiority and a greater sense of sophistication which would prohibit the current generation – because it is so ‘advanced’ – from making any of the mistakes that are SO OBVIOUS in history.

Examples abound of a small group of people controlling and manipulating the larger group. During the Dark Ages, or Middle Ages, the Church and its priests held onto authority and did not allow questioning. The masses were not educated, could not read and were not permitted to have access to Bibles or knowledge, except what the priest wanted them to know. The church promoted their own authority and the authority of their traditions.

We are all familiar with feudal rule where a few privileged people held the power over all the rest. The story of Robin Hood captivated us because he was a man who dared to defy the authority and help those who were being abused and mistreated.The history of the world-wide slave trade is all about a small group of people yielding power over others for their personal benefit.

Even as close as WWII we see examples of a group of powerful people oppressing and abusing minority groups – with the full cooperation of most of the general public.

Has anything REALLY CHANGED? Is our society different today? Is it free for EVERYONE?

At this point in time we continue to see a very small percentage of the people able to yield considerable authority over most of the people and get them to do whatever they want.

Today the CDC makes sweeping health recommendations that impact every citizen of the USA and extend to most countries in the world. We have empowered this small ‘elite’ group of people, with some ‘outside advisors’ to pretty much dictate the health practices of our entire population. The average person is not encouraged to read the details of the debates on health, but rather to just to follow the CDC recommendations. The CDC doesn’t think the masses are able to understand the details in the vaccine inserts produced by the manufacturers, so they provide a dumbed down version called ‘information sheets’ FREE OF CHARGE – to be given to parents through doctors or clinics who provide the ‘RECOMMENDED shots.’

There is deliberate misuse of terms on many of the CDC publications with the word ‘immunization’ instead of vaccination. The CDC knows that not all vaccines result in effectively conferring immunity, but they want to be sure the public doesn’t become aware of the finer details, because the public, after all, can’t really understand the science anyway.

I am encouraged that there is a very strong and ever growing number of people who are realizing that the science behind vaccination is not as strong as the CDC, their doctors, and the vaccine manufacturers might want us to think. Among these are a great number of doctors themselves who have either watched the negative impact vaccines were having on their patients, or in many cases, ON THEIR OWN CHILDREN.

The CDC has always maintained that the percentage of children injured from a vaccine was extremely small. The CDC HAVE ALWAYS ACKNOWLEDGED AND ACCEPTED THAT THERE WILL BE SOME LEVEL OF INJURY. They don’t really care if the injury happens to your child, my child, or your doctor’s child. In the mind of those writing public policy it is a fair trade off – we lose a few here and there for the benefit of the larger number of people.

Now this may be a fine and good way to think – until it comes to be YOUR CHILD. I personally don’t think it is fine and good to RISK ANYONE’s CHILD. And I sure wouldn’t ask you to risk your child for my benefit. Yet, that is exactly what the CDC has been doing for well over 40 years.

Can't seeNow there is a further problem which they are not quite so ready to acknowledge. They think that MOST CHILDREN are safer with the vaccine than without it. That is a foundational assumption that they DARE NOT CHALLENGE. You see, if they think MOST are safer, then they also think the benefit to MOST is worth the PAIN, SUFFERING, and even DEATH, for just a few.

Child 2What doctors and parents of non-vaccinated children have witnessed firsthand for YEARS is that actually, this foundational argument is not SOUND. It is not based on SCIENCE. In fact, non-vaccinated children ARE MUCH HEALTHIER and much safer than VACCINATED children. Non-vaccinated children have less visits to doctors, less ear infections, less antibiotic use, less seizures, less diabetes, less obesity, less auto-immune disorders, less chronic illness, less SIDS and LESS NEGATIVE OUTCOMES ALL around.

Now the CDC will tell you that this is simply anecdotal evidence – YET they seem to be SO AFRIAD of confirming this conclusion, that THEY REFUSE TO ACTUALLY DO A STUDY COMPARING VACCINATED VERSUS UNVACCINATED children. There have been some studies: one in Holland looking at populations of non-vaccinated children; and looking at predominately unvaccinated groups of people like the Amish and Dr Meyer Eisenstein’s extremely large (10,000+) medical practice with no vaccination and no autism. All indications from these brief looks are that the non-vaccinated have outstanding health when compared to vaccinated children. Ask any mother or grandmother of both vaccinated and unvaccinated children – the differences are night and day obvious.

Admittedly there may be more factors involved in the degeneration of health of children today, particularly because of the toxins they are exposed to in food and our environment. HOWEVER, that is no reason not to conduct the study and to RE-LOOK the science behind vaccination.

Once upon a time doctors and the CDC said smoking was NOT BAD. Perhaps they should fire all government scientists who are afraid of learning the true result and get a team of unbiased TRUE SCIENTISTS who don’t have any connections with industry to take an unbiased look – for the health and welfare of our children. They need to put the health and welfare of ALL CHILDREN above their own career aspirations, their reputations, their funding, and anything else that is preventing them from seeking TRUTH.

In the middle ages the priests held the power and wanted to manipulate the masses for their own purposes. Today we have an elite who want to maintain their power, prestige, and position. They have too much vested interest to want to know the truth.

Furthermore, there is INTENSE PRESSURE from the pharmaceutical industry to maintain and EVEN INCREASE vaccination rates and numbers. The pharmaceutical companies enjoy 100% LIABILITY FREE PROFIT from their vaccines! They can make vast amounts of money but never have to pay a dime if their products injure or kill your child – they are legally blameless.

Why would they want to change anything?

How many MORE children are going to have to suffer sever injury, life-long brain damage or death before we hold these people accountable?

Will you entrust your child to their care – when they know your child just might be one of the ones injured?

Thanksgiving 2015Author: Becky Hastings. I am just a mom and a grandmother who loves to see healthy happy babies. It breaks my heart to see vaccine injured children. There are GROWING NUMBERS all around us. It is the biggest shame and greatest cause of sorrow.

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