Can babies die from a vaccine?

Doctor 2Many doctors and nurses will confidently assert that vaccines are safe, necessary and, in fact, BENEFICIAL to protect your baby. They may go on to describe the serious, if not deadly, result of NOT giving these shots to your precious tiny baby.

Grandparents figure they gave their baby shots, so shots are fine. What some parents and well-meaning advice givers fail to realize is that a baby today gets WAY MORE VACCINATIONS than any other generation in history. AND there has never been any scientific study to find out what the COMBINED impact of these multiple assaults on a tiny immune system might be.

Babies are the guinea pigs and parents are learning the hard way.

By the time your baby is 2, if on the recommended schedule, he will receive and unbelievable number of injections. At last count, from the CDC recommended schedule (which they mistakenly label as an immunization schedule – when it should be called vaccination schedule because VACCINATION DOES NOT EQUAL IMMUNIZATION).

Poster BabyBy 24 months a baby ‘on schedule’ will receive 23 shots containing 81 different antigens for different diseases plus 3 oral doses of vaccines. PLUS many other ingredients added for a variety of reasons, including foreign proteins, preservatives, adjuvants (added to provoke a response by the body), etc. I’ve attached a 5 page table listing all the excipients and media commonly used in vaccines.

So, might it be possible that one or many of these vaccines given in combination MIGHT cause such a significant reaction in a baby that they might die?

In fact, some of the vaccine inserts include SIDS as one of the adverse events noted in the trials for these shots. THEY KNOW! Guess what else is listed as an adverse event? Anaphylactic reaction AND autism.

It is clearly listed on the Tripedia vaccine produced by Sanofi Pasteur. Just check it out. Tripedia

If the nurses and doctors recommending (or pushing) the shots don’t know this, what else don’t they know? Maybe you need to keep asking hard questions and PLEASE don’t give any shot to your baby until your investigate it thoroughly. I’ve been told that asking your nurse or doctor isn’t research. At a minimum please read every vaccine insert from the manufacturer (not the info sheet your doctor wants to give you) and look up every ingredient for the side effects.

You are your baby’s protector. You will bear 100% of the burden if your baby has a serious reaction to a vaccine.

30 ways in 30 Days, Exploring Vaccines: Day 19

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