Healthy Babies Don’t Just Die Part 2

Due to the enormous response of my previous blog, Healthy Babies Don’t Just Die, I have decided to feature other babies who have had a similar experience with a baby dying after a bad vaccine reaction.

I don’t enjoy the macabre and it is painful to review information and facts on every single case, but I have a strong desire to prevent further babies from being harmed in this way.

Healthy Babies Don’t Just Die,

Some Healthy Babies that get vaccinated Do

Johnny bright & questioningMeet Johnny, son of Monique Bloem who lives in Jburg, South Africa.

Born 5 April 2014

His life was cut short on Monique’s birthday,

20 May 2014.

He received the “6 week” shots recommended in South Africa for ALL healthy newborns: OPV(1), RV (1), and  DTaP-IPV/Hib(1) and died the very next day.

Monique was thrilled with her newborn son and of course, wanted to do everything she could for his health and welfare. She dutifully took him for his “6 weeks” recommended shots. At birth he had already received the OPV(0), BCG and Vitamin K injection.

It was all too much for his little body. The doctors said the cause of death was brain hemorrhage. He had reacted within an hour of receiving the shots, crying and struggling with breathing. They took him to the hospital, but were told it was ok, he was fine. The nurses said he was ok, so they accepted it and took Jonny home where he continued struggling with his breathing the whole night.

The next day he appeared somewhat better, but later, while she was wearing Johnny on her chest she realized he had stopped breathing. She rushed to the hospital while giving him CPR. The doctors managed to revive him but not for long. He was having seizures and they had to say goodbye.

Johnny casketIt is Monique’s hope that her son’s death will be a means to help other mother’s think about this choice to give their healthy baby so many vaccines:

“This was the most hardest thing to deal with – saying goodbye to my angel – this was impossible. How did I lose him?

“We knew it was the vaccine coz he was healthy before it and all they said was he had a heart attack. No one wanted to admit it was the vaccine. But he was healthy one minute and the next he was dead. He was healthy all the other days. My life has never been the same. I feel dead inside after his death.

Johnny 1

“I want other parents to know the your babies don’t need to get the vaccines. They will be fine. Please just make sure you look after your babies and love them coz I didn’t get that opportunity with my son.” Monique Bloem

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19 thoughts on “Healthy Babies Don’t Just Die Part 2

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  13. Hi Becky

    I appreciate the work you are trying to do here, but I suspect that choosing this example you may be undoing your own cause. I came across Monique Bloem’s story before and in that context she said that her son had a heart defect and needed surgery to fix it. This is not a case of a healthy baby that just died from a vaccine and if you ask her about her full story I am sure you will realise that her son had a heart defect. Given his illness he probably should not have been vaccinated in any case.

    I thought I should point this out to you in case you did not know this; better to get it right and prevent the embarrassment of choosing exactly the kind of example that the very tragic death of the child can be directly linked to the heart defect the baby was born with rather than any given vaccine.

    All the best

    • Hi Emily

      Thanks for sharing. Whatever happened – and we will never know fully, it is a tragic loss for Monique and her family.

      If Johnny had pre existing conditions it is all the more CRIMINAL that he was given vaccines at such a young age. A One size fits all vaccination program is causing death and serious long-term injury.

      The fact remains that Monique was following the recommended advice because of her desire to help and protect her baby but the shots they recommended ended up killing him.

      More people need to be made aware that vaccines have more potential for harm than is being admitted.


    • Nice try, Emily. You did at least attempt to sound empathetic and compassionate. But you failed; which is understandable since you are clearly a true believer in the vaccine paradigm and have no capacity for compassion or empathy for a mother who has had to bury her child after he died following vaccination.

      Shame on you.

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  15. This is so sad… Unimaginable pain… but I am glad someone posts stories like this to warn other parents, those who still doubt and fear of illnesses and still take their babies to get their shots in order to ‘protect’ them . I pray that God would comfort these families and give them hope that one day they will see their children again. Thank you for this post, it will wake other people up!

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