Healthy Babies Don’t Just Die

This is a really hard blog to write. I wish I didn’t have to. I wish it weren’t true. My eyes are filled with tears as I consider the reality of every word that I am going to share.

Healthy Babies Don’t Just Die,
Some Healthy Babies that get vaccinated Do

Poster Baby

This is Sweet Gunner Wayne,

Born on January 14, 2014.

His life was cut short on March 13, 2014.

He received the shots recommended by the CDC and his doctor for infants his age:


and was dead less than 18 hours later.

His mom, Alicia LeAnn Bohn shares her story in the hope of helping other parents avoid the pain she experienced.

He went in for shots on March 12 at 4pm and we lost him the next morning at 9:30 am.

I urge parents and new parents to be, to do your research before you inject your child with a lethal set of cocktail shots. I would give anything to have this little boy back!! RESEARCH BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!!!

He never saw his 2 month birthday because of the 2 month recommended vaccines.

No one takes their child for shots recommended by experts in health to “protect” them from illness, expecting that their baby might DIE after receiving them.

Unfortunately is happens FAR TOO OFTEN. Exactly how often, we don’t know for many reasons:

  • Many, if not most, of these infant deaths in a normal healthy baby, soon after receiving vaccinations, are not reported to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) by their doctors.
  • VAERS actually says on their website that children are at greatest risk for certain medical adverse events including high fevers, seizures, and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) between 2 and 6 months of age, but it is just a coincidence that they happen right after receiving multiple vaccines. While VAERS encourages doctors to report all events, the underlying message is that coincidences make it difficult to know if there was any connection to a vaccine.
  • Most of the time the cause of death is listed as SIDS and not attributed to the vaccines.
  • Parents are told that their baby’s death was not caused by vaccines and it takes them time to put the events together.

In the midst of their grief the parents are denied information and support to understand the cause of death and they are not given recourse to justice for their personal tragedy, since all vaccine manufacturers are protected from any and all liability for damages their products might inflict.

Mothers are uniting in their pain to help others. They are allowing their pain to bind them together with a strong mission to protect babies. There are many Facebook Groups that have been formed with the sole purpose of sharing these stories to bless and inform new parents. now has 340 members. It is an open group made especially for “OUR” ANGEL BABIES! I encourage you to visit their page and read some of the stories of babies lost to vaccine injuries. They are real. They are tragic. These moms are amazing to share their pain despite a lot of opposition by many. I support these moms in their mission of sharing the truth.

Alicia has also shared her story on the Vaccination Information Network.

There are no words to express comfort to these parents. We can’t possibly understand the personal pain and anguish they continue to feel every single day. We can admire them and support them in their efforts to let the world know the truth about what happened to their beautiful healthy babies. We can join with them to share their stories in the hopes of helping them save other babies. Please share with your pregnant friends.

Too many vaccines too early. Please do some research before making this important medical decision. Your baby’s health and LIFE may depend on it.

30 ways in 30 Days, Exploring Vaccines: Day 12

DSC_0062postscript: Some readers of this blog have mistakenly assumed that I am the mother of Gunner Wade pictured above. His mom, Alicia, shared his story with me and, while I am not his mom, I wrote this blog with her permission, to increase awareness of vaccine injuries. My name is Becky and I am a mother of 5 mostly grown children and 3 grandchildren. If you were my adult children, this my message to you. Love, Becky

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  1. Just wanted to reply to a comment I saw. But (CPS) child protective services can not legally take your children for not vaccinating alone. They have to find some sort of sign of abuse or neglect and not vaccinating is legal and is not considered either! There are exemptions to be filed for school. You do not need shots to go to school. Protect your babies. Great but sad article.

    • Jackie
      The reality is that many parents are finding themselves pressured to give vaccines and do not understand their rights. I wholeheartedly agree that refusing vaccines is legal and 47 states allow religious exemptions which ANYONE is able to use. California, Mississippi and West Virginia are the only states that only accept medical exemptions. I urge parents to learn their rights, learn about vaccine dangers and protect their children. There are many wonderful people working for CPS who truly care about children, there are others who parents need to be aware of. Medical Kidnapping has become a reality that no parent ever wants to face. What to do if CPS Shows Up at Your Door, a blog that has received 500K views.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment

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  3. I Have been a doc for over 25 years. During residency, the number of shots given was much lower. I remember being shocked when we were taught to start the new Hep B series while the baby was still in the hospital. And why immunize an infant against an STD anyway? I saw very few cases of neurologic impairment back then. We were never taught to manipulate patients. I have always been conservative when it comes to vaccines, even way back then. I had a solo practice before I got married and had a child. I had to buy the immunizations in advance. I always collected the administration fee and the copay, but there were shots that I never got reimbursed for. I worked with families who were hesitant to immunize. We developed our own schedules. Of course there weren’t nearly as many shots then, and 4, 5, 6, 7 vaccines weren’t rolled into one. I was shocked when Merck stopped making the measles, mumps, and rubella shots separately in favour of the MMR. I never gave the Lyme shot or the first rotavirus shot, and thank God because they were pulled off the market. I’m sorry to say that I did not know what thimerosal was until one of my patients told me! I got married and then I got pregnant. I refused the Hep B in the hospital. But it was the first year that flu shots were recommended to get flu shots at 6 months with boosters at 18. He had both. We now know that he was born with autism, but those shots made it worse. He was diagnosed by age 2. Looking back, after he got MMR and TdaP on the same day IN THE SAME LEG before I could stop the nurse, he was irritable, feverish, abnormal bowels, and just not normal for a week.

    Now people always ask me if vaccines cause autism. I say genetic predisposition, environmental trigger which can be a vaccine from mercury, or an assault on the immune system by live viruses, toxins, etc. Some babies are born with autism. Some have genetic disorders like Fragile X, etc.

    What upsets me alot are the emotionally charged divisions in both the autism and medical communities. Autism families and vaccine injured families should unite and support each other. Agree to disagree if need be. BUT WE MUST FIGHT FOR THE TRUTH TO BE EXPOSED. I am so
    disappointed in the CDC and NIH. It’s my profession. I trusted them. And
    what about the medical community. No doc should have to fear for his license, reputation, career for speaking up. Sadly that is what has happened. But the tides are turning. 1 in 50 for autism and we’ve reached a tipping point.

    Read “Evidence of Harm” by David Kirby
    Go see VAXXED
    Buy the DVD “Trace Amounts”
    Research the VACCINE court/tribunal >>>
    Read about the Hannah Polling case.
    Her parents won. But the case was sealed.

    God bless the families who lost their angel babies…

    • Hi Kiradele, my son is due for his DTaP in a couple weeks and I’m feeling really unsure if I should have it done. In addition to societal pressures, we live in California, which by law requires all children attending school to be vaccinated. I keep hearing about these terrible tragedies and parents believing that it’s caused by vaccines, but I’m having a lot of trouble finding evidence based data that correlates. I’m enclind to believe these stores, but im wondering if you have additional insight that you wouldn’t mind sharing?

    • Hi Erica
      Currently California allows only a medical exemption for refusing vaccines. But you never know if this might be changed by the time your child is ready for school. Many parents prefer to re-arrange their lives and figure out how to homeschool rather than inject their precious children with these chemical cocktails – that have never been tested as a whole for safety. I urge you to delay until you feel absolutely confident of your decision. Delay until you are 100% confident that the risk is worth it. What are the proposed benefits? What are the actual symptoms of the illness for which they want to vaccinate? Can the illness be treated effectively and safely? What is the biggest thing to fear? What are the ingredients? What is the risk of injecting these ingredients into your precious child? Who will be liable if something does go wrong? These are the questions you need answers to.

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  6. I’m so sorry for your loss.

    I have 2 friends who both lost their babies the day after they were vaccinated. But of course they died from “SIDS” and not because of the vaccinations. I wish all the lies would stop.

  7. Im terrified… If the shots don’t take my baby….. Child services might!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate doctors and honestly I hate America. I’m full of fear daily and don’t know how to find a good doctor.

    • It is easy to fall prey to fear. I have found turning to God, seeking to know Him and understand His ways and His word, brings comfort, direction and peace. Our babies are precious gifts from God. When we protect them and enjoy them we can experience the joy God intends for us. There are many things that are unsettling, but God’s purposes will prevail and He has plans to bless His people. I pray you will find His comfort.

    • Please don’t be scared. Social services cant take your child away just bcz you refuse to vaxx/or continue further vaccines.
      I was scared too.
      My baby had failure to thrive after her 6 months shots. After her 12 months shots seizures. She was also diagnosed with CP, hypotonia, and ironic constipation.
      Only recently (about 2 months ago) started doing my research about vaccines and seen her Dr and told her I’m refusing any further vaccines for my child 1. based on her neurological issues already 2. religious exemption.
      Have you thought of taking a religious exemption? or a medical one???
      Have faith. Nobody has the right to touch your child.

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  12. This is so sad. I’m in tears after reading this and seeing this beautiful baby boy! He looks just like my baby boy whose 8 months old.My son had seizures after having his vaccines as a baby and has been dx with autism by the age of 2yrs old. I’m so lucky he didn’t die. I stopped his vaccines at 12 mo. I continued to give them to him before 12 mo because of being reassured by his pediatrician that he would be fine and that seizures are a normal way a body reacts to high fever but I decided to do my own research and found disturbing news on vaccines. I believe God lead me to this information. I prayed about it and asked God to help me figure out what was going on with my son. After years of therapy for my son and tons of bills piling up, he is now dx with a very mild form of high functioning autism and made the choice to not vaccinate my future children. When I read these stories about these babies dying, it make me angry. How can the government and pharma treat these children/ babies like their lives mean nothing. It’s all about money!

    • Theresa
      Thanks for sharing your story. I am always saddened to hear of families who trusted the medical recommendations, received the vaccines, and took months and years to figure out the connections. I am so glad to hear that God led you to the truth and has helped you with therapies to help heal your son. I pray you will continue to find all the healing you need and your story can encourage others to make fully informed decisions for their babies.

  13. Many years ago, we took our healthy 7 wk. old baby boy in for his 6 wk. exam and shots. He got a perfect report on his health that day. Two days later we found him dead in his crib with no warning, no symptoms, nothing. !!! The doctors classified it as SIDS but NO ONE we have ever known has lost a child to SIDS so we didn’t understand what could’ve happened to him. It wasn’t till years later when all the information came out about vaccines killing some babies that we realized that we lost our first son because of those stupid shots the Dr. gave him. I have heard that 10,000 babies a year were dying of SIDS. That is just ridiculous considering that no doctor has been able to explain SIDS or how it occurs. This is just a GUESS on their part but now we have more information relating it to vaccines. It makes me sick that we lost our beautiful first born for something we just weren’t informed about. Our second two kids were O.K., but maybe some baby’s systems just can’t survive those vaccinations. Unfortunately we were one of those sad cases….

    • Darlene
      Thanks for sharing your story. I can’t imagine anything more devastating than loosing a healthy baby because of trust in a “protective” medical procedure. I pray your family will find full and complete healing. Sometimes the hearts in the heart are the hardest.

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  15. We’re building a new website devoted to getting vaccine injured families heard. Could we share this story there? We’re trying to help raise awareness that tragic situations like this do happen.

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  26. My healthy six year old died 6 weeks ago in his sleep, so sadly some healthy infants, kids and people do just die. There were no vaccines immediately before his death….last shots were well over a year ago. So please correct your VERY incorrect title because healthy kids, infant and people can just die.

    • I am so sorry for your tragic loss. Losing a 6 year old in that way must be incredibly painful and that pain must still be very fresh. There is no way for me to know how that feels, but I pray you will be comforted and find great memories to cherish of your son’s life.

    • I have to disagree that healthy babies “just die”. What would the cause of death be?

      Just having one vaccine could cause major issues, even if not visible. Dr. Andrew Moulden proved definitively that the aluminum causes the blood to gel and in turn cause mini strokes that may not be apparent to the eye.

  27. It is so heartbreaking to read of babies losing their life or of being permanently damaged from the effects of vaccines. Love and blessings to Gunner’s family.

    One of my nieces loss her 7 week old perfectly healthy daughter to SIDS about 8 years ago. She was my first great-niece and I got to meet her a few days before they found her dead in her crib. Incredibly sad.

    I have a 24 year old son who has autism. Back then I didn’t know the effects that vaccines could have on children, so of course I had my children vaccinated. We cannot turn the clock back, but I sure wish I had today’s wisdom to help me make yesterday’s choices. Our son has come a long ways, with a lot of holistic and alternative therapies but he’s still limited in many ways, unlike a typical 24 year old.

    I was especially happy to read this… “Mothers are uniting in their pain to help others. They are allowing their pain to bind them together with a strong mission to protect babies.” All the power to these incredible mothers in the world.

    Thank you for sharing this much needed information in your blog post.

    • I love your phrase “I wish I had today’s wisdom to make yesterday’s choices.” So true. I can only begin to imagine the challenges of life with your son. I pray all parents in similar situations will find hope and strength. Thanks for sharing and reading. Becky

  28. I am so deeply saddened by your loss. Your baby boy is so beautiful and precious.

    I hope you find peace in your heart. I hope you are able to smile and laugh and live like everybody has the right to do even though you have experienced such a heart wrenching loss.

    And, most of all, forgive yourself because this will help you to move on in a more meaningful way in your life. God Bless and a big hug to you.

  29. I have always taken my sons for their first shots at 4 or more moneths and then they will get back in track later but i think it has happened that way because of gods grace..its not because i dnt wanna take them in at two but something always happens to prevent me from going and miss my appointment..Im so sorry for your loss .your baby was so gorgeous..his in gods glory now! his a beautiful angel..god bless you!

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  31. So sorry for the losses… I am forever grateful for the woman who approached me while I was pregnant with my first and warned me of the harms of vaccination. I did research and read testimonials of parents, which broke my heart.
    It is a cruel trick played on us by the elite.

  32. So sad to read this story, am so very sorry for the loss of your beautiful boy. I gave the swine flu vaccine to my son aged 9 months, 3 weeks later he was in ICU battling for his life. It triggered a genetic condition which I find I also have but it has never been activated. He also now has a rare neurological condition which stops his walking, talking, etc …. I know in my heart it was the combination of vaccines I gave him. I was afraid, I though I was doing right. But please be warned everyone, if there is any underlying genetic conditions (and most of us have them) there is a large chance this vaccines will trigger them. Our children’s little bodies are not fit for them all. Regrets and more regrets from this mum. Again I cannot prove this.

    • Dear Sabrina, My heart cries out for the anguish and pain you have experienced. Thank you for sharing. I hope your comments will make more parents stop and consider before consenting to vaccines which are supposed to be protecting them, not hurting them. I’d love to connect with you and help others by sharing more of your story. Becky

    • Hi Becky
      Yes feel free to contact me surely, we live in Europe. Have you access to my email address. Regards

  33. I have 6 children. My first was vaccinated fine in 1996 when they had less vaccines. My second had seizures from the DTP shot, but with the new DTAP shot, I thought she would be fine. My third, was fine with shots. My fourth is now disabled from a flu shot she got at 11 months old. All the rest of my children have not had shots. One disabled child is all it took for me to realize, shots are dangerous.

  34. From Suzanne Fuhri (continued)

    I have 2 older daughters as well that were fully vaccinated, but the vaccine schedule was not like it was back then like it is today. The vaccines are contaminated. Too strong to go into these little bodies. I had to lose My Son to learn what I know now and that is DO NOT VACCINATE! How dare we not trust God. He gave us an immune system to fight off infection and disease. Unless you are putting yourself at risk then there really isn’t anything to worry about. Keep sick people away from your household. Respect yourself and your family to keep away the garbage that shouldn’t be around you anyway. Don’t take the chance. It’s not worth it. I live with a broken heart daily and you can prevent it.

  35. “I’m posting this so people will copy, paste, share and do whatever they need to do to get the word out. VACCINE INJURIES ARE REAL. Your child is NOT immune to them. It DOES NOT choose it’s victims. Instead we let them choose US and our CHILDREN. ALL the ignorant people that want to say, “My child will be fine”. Well you better hope so because after you let them give your BABY/CHILD the vaccinations, you CANNOT take it back. Your BABY/CHILD WILL BE DIFFERENT. They will have side effects probably almost immediately, but how strong those side effects are, are up to the LITTLE BODY they’re going into. Are you willing to take that chance with your BABY’S/CHILD’S life? YOU CAN NEVER GO BACK AFTER WHATEVER WAS DONE. If you wake up the next morning after vaccinations and your child is lifeless, what and who are you going to blame? Are you still going to believe that those vaccinations that those so-called trustworthy, caring doctors gave your BABY/CHILD were safe? They don’t give a damn about you and your family. They are not your friend or family. They want to make money. They want your money and they don’t care about the risks involved because they are doing their job. A job they get paid for. If they are not giving your BABY/CHILD these LETHAL INJECTIONS, then they don’t get paid. Each vaccine has a dollar sign($) on it. The more they give a BABY/CHILD, the more money they get paid. How many times you let them inject your child determines how good of a vacation they have or how big of a house they’ll get or how flashy their jewelry will be or how BIG their bank accounts will be. One vaccine is too much. Imagine letting the doctors and/or nurses give your child between 24-48 vaccines and you thought it would be all right because you were too ignorant in yourself to pay attention to what is really going on, but your child now has a lifelong illness that requires your assistance to care for, for the rest of their life? What are you going to do then? Are you going to take it out on your BABY/CHILD? It wasn’t their fault you didn’t do the research? It was your ignorance. I was once there. I was ignorant too! I trusted the doctors and what they told me too, but I lost all confidence in myself. I lost all trust in everybody. I broke my own heart not doing the research that was everywhere for me to have and learn. I took My 2 month old SON to get immunizations on November 29, 2012 and on December 1, 2012, he was gone. I thought I was doing the right thing. I too, thought I was doing the best thing for MY BABY. I too, trusted his doctor, that the vaccines they were giving him were safe. I never received a phone call or even a sympathy card from the doctor’s office that administered the vaccines to My Son and they knew he died. Do you know why? They don’t care. They know they will no longer get another penny from me because My Son will not be back for an appointment. They are missing the money they would’ve gotten paid if My Son survived the 1st round of vaccinations. I am Missing My Son!” ‪Suzanne Fuhri (via Facebook)

    • Suzanne,
      You should not blame yourself. Unfortunately, we are raised to trust doctors. This is how we lost my mom – I did not know… I blamed myself, and did not smile for 3 years, until I finally released the burden from my body, and decided to dedicate my life to spreading the knowledge.
      In my mind, my mom saved so many people I can help now.
      Unfortunately, we don’t learn until it hits home…

    • Although I am concerned about vaccinating my baby, I did question our pediatrician about getting paid off of each vaccine she gives and she told me no, that she gets paid that same whether she gives 100 vaccines or 2 vaccines or nine at all. She also said that although she encourages vaccines, she supports those that chose not to and never turn them away.

    • Many doctors or practises receive bonuses when they have a certain percentage of children in their practise who are fully up to date. I’m glad you have a doctor who supports your choice. Many doctors push their patients very hard to get vaccines. Some use fear and manipulation to get the parent to comply. They are taught with specific courses how to “persuade” parents – basic manipulation techniques. So it is always good to understand this when having discussions with a doctor. Any time you start to feel fear or panic about your baby “dying from an infectious illness” it is probably a reaction to the doctors tactics. We must be fully informed of all the ingredients in vaccines, and the potential impact on our baby, before allowing them to be injected. Start by researching aluminium. It is eye-opening and extremely disturbing. Most doctors do not understand the amount of aluminium in vaccines, the FDA limits of aluminium in other products, and the potential harm caused by aluminium. They assume that vaccines are safe because the CDC and the Pharma rep said so.

  36. He was gorgeous. So very, very sorry for your loss. Heartbreaking. Kudos for you to at least attempt to have other parents realize that they should research and that they have the right to slow down the vaccine schedule or even choose file their child to be exempt from vaccines. It is your right. Every parent has to make the right decision for their specific child. God Bless you and your sweet angel.

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  39. So very sorry. So sad. Thank you for sharing.

    The word does need to get out. Unbiased research needs to be respected, rather than the biased party-line research which unconditionally supports the vaccination schedule.

    It is truly a tragedy of epic proportions all the injury, death and disability caused by vaccinations and over-medication to our children.

    More than one vaccination given at a time is just bad medicine…but even the doctor’s are afraid to speak up. They would be outcast like they did to Dr. Wakefield.

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