Flu Shots in Pregnancy?

pregnantMany parents are experiencing a lot of confusion and stress in trying to make wise choices for their babies. There is an unbelievable amount of push for pregnant moms to get vaccines during pregnancy. This was UNHEARD until the last few years. As a breastfeeding advocate and health proponent I have tried to imagine how, when, and why there was such a big switch in policy that now ENCOURAGES all pregnant women to accept vaccines.

After tragic widespread birth defects resulting from drug use in pregnancy (one example being thalidomide), doctors became extremely cautious about recommending any drug for pregnant women.

So why did the recommendations change? Did someone study the flu shot when used by pregnant women? If you read the vaccine package insert you will find most of them state that the flu shot has never been studied for safety in pregnancy.

If you dig deeper into the statistics available you will find that there is a huge increase in miscarriage after receiving the flu shot.

Someone somewhere must have thought it was a good idea to give pregnant women “protection” from the flu. But I can’t help but wonder if this was a disinformation campaign to try and sell more flu shots, reduce the birth rate (by purposely promoting miscarriage), hide the correlation between infant vaccines and injury by injecting the moms with the toxic chemical cocktail before the baby is even born.

I guess I’ve been researching into vaccine science and vaccine safety too long and I have become cynical. Maybe there are good reasons, but for me, I’d far rather take my chances with my God given immune system, natural vitamin D, supplements of vitamin D3, and the actual flu virus, than any concoction man has put together to try and circumvent it. Vaccines are known to be unavoidably unsafe. Humans have survived for thousands of years without them. We can’t protect ourselves from every calamity in life, but I am certain I want to protect myself from the calamities caused by vaccines.

There is so much to read on the efficacy of the flu vaccine, the ingredients (including aborted human fetal cell tissue and other foreign proteins), I urge you to explore it extensively before complying with a flu shot. Ask your doctor to list the ingredients or the contra-indications, or even if they have read the package insert. Ask them who will be responsible if you have a reaction or a miscarriage.

I’ve written a brief blog with links to four great videos here. Take some time to investigate the facts and the science before you make up your mind.

September 2014 blog by the Thinking Moms Revolution – boy do I admire everything those brave warrior moms do!

Your baby is much too precious to risk to disinformation.

Thanksgiving 2015

Author: Becky Hastings, wife of 35 years, mother to five plus two, grandmother to four so far, passionate about truth, health, and healthy babies. I’ve been a breastfeeding counselor for 23+ years. I love helping moms succeed in mothering through breastfeeding. I can’t keep quiet and watch moms struggle because of the pressure they face to throw themselves and their babies ‘under the pharmaceutical bus’ and hope for the best. Moms need to know the truth.

Vaccines in Pregnancy? Really??

This blog post is the 11th in a series of blogs I wrote in 2014 called, 30 ways in 30 Days, Exploring Vaccines. 


26 thoughts on “Flu Shots in Pregnancy?

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  3. I received a flu vaccine while pregnant with my son. It activated dormant Lyme Disease and co-infections which I then passed onto him in pregnancy. Vaccinations followed on the recommended schedule allowed Lyme and co-infections to proliferate in his body until he had a massive metabolic crash resulting in regressive autism, mitochondrial dysfunction, and PANS. We are currently treating both of us for Lyme and co-infections.

    • Kim

      Thank you for sharing your experience. I am so sorry that you and your son have had to go through so much pain and trauma. I pray you will find healing from every vaccine injury. We need to keep warning pregnant women – and try to inform doctors who are ignorantly inflicting this harm on their pregnant patients.


  4. I recently went for a routine baby check, at my 8 wk apt everything was fine, went back at 13 weeks the baby’s heart had stopped beating…. They told me that the baby measured at 9 weeks.. I got my flu shot at 9 weeks… I can’t help but wonder if the flu shot had something to do with my miscarriage….

    • Hi Lacey
      I’m so sorry for your loss. Losing any baby at any time is devastating. The flu shown has been shown to increase the incidence of miscarriage. There is no way to know for certain, but I think there is a huge motivation to avoid all further shot for any future pregnancy. I pray your heart will heal and that you will be blessed with a very healthy baby. Shots in pregnancy have never been studied and pregnant women are warned to avoid anything harmful in any way. The ingredients of the flu shot would definitely fall into the harmful category. I am so sorry you had to experience this personally and I pray others will learn from what you’ve been through. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I got the tdap and flu shot with my first pregnancy. My daughter has really sensitive skin and food allergies that make me wonder if the shots could have caused any of it. It has been a daily struggle dealing with her food allergies and skin sensitivities since the day she was born. I never got a tdap or flu shot with my other two pregnancies and my other two children don’t have sensitive skin or allergies which leads me to believe even more that the vaccines had to of had something to do with my oldest daughters allergies and sensitive skin. After reading this blog, I am so thankful to not have been as unfortunate as some others and lost my daughter from the vaccines. I can’t even imagine. My condolences to all the parents that have had to live through that pain.

    • Jennifer,
      Thanks for sharing your experience. Giving pregnant women ANY vaccine is unconscionable, yet the authorities continue to push it on doctors who push it on their unknowing patients.

      Every pregnant woman needs the TRUTH, not the airbrushed information which provokes a fear response. Your story will help.

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  20. The only time I’ve ever received a flu shot (before I knew anything about vax) was during my second pregnancy I got the “your pregnant your at high risk for the flu and it could kill your baby if you catch it” then jabbed in the arm. That was the only pregnancy I had an issue out of 3. My placenta completely died a week later and my son was diagnosed IUGR because he stopped growing all together. Never again. Ashley Carere (via Facebook, used with permission)

    • Jennifer, I am so sorry. Thank you for sharing. Other mothers need to be protected. Vaccines have been shown to have a very high rate of initiating labor, yet moms are still encouraged to get them. I pray you will find healing and hope.

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