In a Nutshell

Calm BabyRecently there was a question, In a nutshell, why did you choose not to vaccinate?

This is a bit of my history – thirty years into this research and understanding of science:

As a brand new 22 year old mom:

My gut told me it was not a good idea to inject a baby with a lot of unknowns when I had spent 9 months protecting the same baby from harmful ingredients while cradled in my womb, and had gone to Herculean effort to birth the same baby via natural means warning off all unwanted medical intervention, commonly recommended in the hospital, in order to protect him from the impact of pain meds, anesthesia, etc.

My gut told me that my milk was designed to give my baby all the immunological ingredients he needed to be healthy and that i didn’t need injections because God didn’t make a mistake in the design of my milk for my baby’s needs.

This is my attempt to help others understand the dangers of vaccination.

30 ways in 30 Days: Day 10


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