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syringeIf you have ever read the CDC recommended vaccine schedule you will notice that they recommend A LOT of shots. The schedule now available on their web-site recommends a baby to get 23 doses (mostly injections) of 46 different antigens before they reach 2 years of age.

If you follow the schedule for your baby/child you will be giving approximately 3 times the number of vaccines you might have received if you were fully vaccinated according to the accepted schedule when you were a child, or 9 times as many as your baby’s grandparents were exposed to. How did this happen? Has anyone tested what the combined impact of ALL THESE VACCINES might be?

In 1986 the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program was set up by the U.S. Government due to pharmaceutical pressure. Basically, the pharmaceutical companies told the government (CDC) that due to all the lawsuits and claims being made against them for vaccine injury and all the money they were having to pay out to claimants, they could no longer afford to manufacture the recommend childhood vaccines.

Government officials were quite distraught at the thought of just scrapping the whole vaccine program just because some children were getting significantly injured, so a plan was hatched. They might also have worried about their jobs, their reputations and the safety of vaccines, but that is pure speculation on my part. Their number one goal was to SAVE THE VACCINE PROGRAM. Amazingly, they didn’t seem to ask relevant questions like, if all these injuries are occurring, should we perhaps rather discover why and how to protect kids from whatever we are doing?

Whatever was foremost in their minds, they came up with a plan where 75 cents of the cost of every shot given would be collected and contributed towards a fund that the government could administer and can decide who to compensate for any supposed vaccine injury. This provided 100% protection from liability for all the vaccine manufacturers.

To date over 2.6 Billion dollars has been paid out, which is actually only a fraction of the claims submitted, but the process has been made complex and difficult resulting if a fraction of claimants receiving compensation.

An interesting thing happened after 1986. Due to the freedom from liability, or maybe because they got very concerned about all the illness they could prevent, suddenly vaccine manufacturers began dreaming up new vaccines that could also be given. So now, instead of just getting the standard shots to ward of diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, measles, mumps, rubella and polio, a new wave of ‘urgently needed’ vaccines appeared on the market: varicella (because Chicken Pox is and was sooooo dangerous), Hep B for newborns (because you never know when they will start having sex or using drugs and if you miss them as babies, they might miss the protection), Hib, meningitis, Rota virus, PCV 13, Hep A, Flu, HPV…

Really, typing out that last list made me start feeling physically sick. How can people do that to their children? These shots don’t just come with a little bit of the virus or bacteria in a harmless solution. There are significant hectic ingredients. There are protein cells  from the medium the ‘bugs’ were grown in (including human fetal cells), there are adjuvants to ‘make them have a bigger response’, there are antibiotics to kill the wrong bacteria that shouldn’t be growing in the shot, preservatives, aluminum, monosodium glutamate, peanut oil, formaldehyde, polysorbate 80, etc. Many of these ingredients are known neurotoxins and cross the blood brain barrier which is not fully formed until much later in childhood.

The list of ingredients for each shot is available to read, but for clarity and simplicity I decided just to list the different flu vaccines and all the ‘extra’ ingredients they contain at the bottom of this post. These ingredients are known as excipients, or inactive ingredients, but the problem is, many of these ingredients have a much more significant impact on the body than we would like to believe. The ingredient list will make it easier to pick your poison if you decide you and yours want to succumb to the marketing and pressure to get your annual flu shot.

All in all, I suggest you do a lot more research and reading before your subject your precious baby to the recommended vaccine schedule the CDC, and pediatricians who go along with the program, have in mind. Like a lot of science, it might look good on paper to help prevent all these “really terrible diseases” but the reality is that you might be destroying your child’s health long-term just to avoid illness in the short term. The combined toxicity of all those shots is a big gamble.

Grandparents often think shots are important because they gave their children shots, without realizing all the changes in the recommendations that have slipped in quietly over the years. Parents today face an avalanche of information and are often confused, but are told, ‘you got shots and you’re fine, give your kids the shots,’ yet, they too don’t realize the number of shots has risen dramatically.

How many shots can insure health for your baby?

30 ways in 30 Days: Day 8

Some of the ingredients in some of the current vaccines, with animal cells highlighted:


17 thoughts on “Number of Vaccines

  1. Thanks for the information. I really don’t understand display mafia of farmasudical because they have a PHD they are the “experts” for all the Dr and hospital we are all a bunch ignorant people. I had a really bad experience and I made sure they heard me while I was bleeding to death. I made they listen and do as I said. they don’t like it when you challenge them. But some one has to do it. I am against vaccination it is unnecessary better prove me wrong and show me real info before I listen to the medical group. Belive me I am doing my do diligence by informing my self we should all do it. Its our right. we pay them to fix us not to kill us. we have to make them work for us that’s what should be doing.

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  5. Thank you for this article page and this site. This is an exceptional site, and one of the few by category, that takes it right around the circle of needed information, and misses little to nothing.

    • Thanks Lowell. I remember the first time I visited your information site and I was very impressed with all the sources and information you made available. Together we can help parents avoid the tragedy we continue to see too often.

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