Choosing Wisely


The multitude of pressure faced by a new parent:

  • my mom says she vaccinated me and it’s the right thing to do;
  • all my friends vaccinated their children and they seem ok;
  • the media keeps reminding me I’m a good parent only if I vaccinate;
  • the nurses say it’s vitally important;
  • random strangers tell me I have to do it for the sake of everyone;
  • the CDC is a huge government organization, they couldn’t be wrong;
  • my doctor says vaccines are necessary;

I’ve heard so much about the diseases. I’m afraid for what might happen if my baby caught whooping cough, or measles, or chicken pox, or mumps, or, or, or, or

What’s a parent to do?

Every single parent who has faced these pressures has had to wrestle through mounds of information to understand all the factors involved.

Does each point of view above have valid scientific support?

Does the potential of vaccine injury exist?

Why would vaccines be labeled as “unavoidably unsafe” by the U.S. Supreme Court and why is there a separate court system for compensation for vaccine injury which has paid out nearly $4 billion since 1988?

Why would this special court pay out awards to 83 cases of autism, aka brain damage, from vaccine injury, yet continue to deny a link between autism and vaccines?

Have all the the opinion givers I am exposed to read the complete information, called a ‘vaccine insert,’ produced by the manufacturer which lists ingredients, side effects and contra-indications? That should be a minimum requirement for anyone injecting vaccines.

Do they understand how every ingredient in a vaccine might impact my child’s body and brain?

Has the person doing the injecting been trained in recognizing and responding to a vaccine injury?

Will any of these people provide financial, physical or emotional support in the event that my child is severely damaged because of the vaccine?

This is an important decision that you alone will bear the weight of. Be careful who you listen to. Don’t be afraid to ask questions until you are satisfied. Don’t ever let anyone push you through fear tactics. Don’t let anyone bully you. It’s not just autism we worry about. Is vaccination going to give my child robust health? Is there a better way to health?

You can always vaccinate later. You can never UN vaccinate. Soooo many parents wish they could have the opportunity to make this decision again.

Choose wisely.

Becky on stage

Author: Becky Hastings. I’m just a mom, pastor’s wife, grandmother, health promoter, breastfeeding counselor helping moms for 22+ years, and someone who seeks to research, understand and share truth so people can make wise choices in our crazy mixed up, deceived world!

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19 thoughts on “Choosing Wisely

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    • Tara
      A good first step is to study the CDC recommended vaccine schedule. Look at HOW MANY shots are recommended and HOW MANY they suggest to give in one visit. Search for any study that shows this combination of vaccines has every been studied for safety – it hasn’t. They have some safety studies, but usually the studies compare a vaccine to an older vaccine or a shot which contains many harmful ingredients. They don’t compare them to non-vaccinated individuals.

      Next, read the complete vaccine package inserts which you can get on the CDC or FDA websites. Not the “information sheets” given out by the CDC, but the actually package insert prepared by the manufacturer. Go to section 11 which contains the ingredients of the vaccines. Read and research how each ingredient might impact the body when injected. Next read the Adverse Events noted after giving this vaccine.

      Further, you can read the VICP awards made for vaccine injuries since 1986 by the Federal Government, since all pharmaceutical companies are free from liability when it comes to vaccine injury. Nearly $4 billion has been paid out for proven vaccine injuries or death.

      You can also go to the VAERS information and read about all the reported vaccine adverse events following vaccination.

      You can also find many thousands of stories of parents who were eye-witnesses to the vaccine injury of their children.

      Finally, investigate the disease which you fear. Find out how serious it is, what treatment options you might have if your child were to contract this infectious illness.

      Compare the possible risk of the vaccine to the risk of the illness. Make your choice with confidence. Do not be feared or bullied into any decision about your child’s health.

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