Our Microbiome

Scientists are only beginning to learn all the ways our Microbiome contributes to our health. The gene count of our microbial ‘guests’ outnumber our own genes 100:1! These friendly microbes help us to fight infections, rev up our immune system, and send signals to our cells.

This information was not available to those first studying infectious diseases and the early researchers in virology. Many aspects of health and illness are becoming clearer with our understanding of the HUGE role the human Microbiome plays.

Perhaps vaccines have a negative impact on the gut health leading to illness, allergies, auto-immune diseases, brain damage, etc. If scientists had the freedom to pursue science and not a predetermined political agenda, we would know more sooner. Unfortunately many consider government agencies like the CDC to be “industry hostages” where they are not free to pursue true science. They are told the results that must be obtained to continue their objectives. That is not science.

We need to learn how to boost our Microbiome if we want to experience a strong healthy immune system. Avoiding vaccines is always a good idea. Vaccines mostly enter via an injection into muscle, bypassing our immune system and do not give permeant protection. They also contain many toxic ingredients that can cause havoc to our immune response.

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