When is Kefir ready?

When first starting to make kefir from milk there is a learning curve to know what ‘ready’ looks like. I made this video to show a perfect batch of kefir and what it looks like. The quality of the video is what could be produced by my phone, but hopefully it will help!

Becky Hastings, passionate about Jesus, health, family, truth and healing foods.

30 Day Challenge

Are you ready to be better?

Will you commit 4 minutes a day for 30 days to a better you?

Do you have 4 minutes 6 days a week?

Will you replace your excuses with action?

This video outlines 5 simple exercises that you can do in 4 minutes. It’s claimed that this 4 minute workout will replace one hour in the gym! The key is to do them! Take it slow. Increase speed and repetitions ONLY as you are able. Determine to finish this 30 Day Challenge and meet the new YOU on the other side!

Some people like to weigh themselves, take ‘before photos’ or take measurements. If you want to do that, go ahead. However, one of the easiest measurements to notice is how your clothes fit and feel. After your first 30 days you will be seeing so much progress you will want to repeat it – and maybe add a few changes to your eating plan.

Remember to drink water every day to help your body ‘wash out’ and flush out the toxins. Let me know how your Waist disappears!

There are many benefits to a daily 4 minute exercise plan. I can’t wait for you to experience them!

Becky Hastings, avid follower of Jesus Christ, wife, mother, grandmother, health seeker, reporter, Biblical Counselor.

Crucial Conversations

A Q&A by David Maxfield from Crucial Skills: How to discuss immunizations with reluctant parents inspired me to write my own Q&A. I have a high regard for their work even though I hold an opposing view on this particular topic. His answer to a question posed by a vaccine promoting health care professional provides valuable insight on how to converse instead of argue. I pose a question from a vaccine informed parent and edited the wording he provided in his answer. If you visit the link please read my comment, and take a minute to leave your own respectful comment!

Dear David, 

With the recent rise of hype in the media promoting vaccines and looming mandates, I am concerned children will be harmed as a result.

With 36 yrs exploring this topic, I am troubled by how many ‘experts’ are not more curious about vaccine safety. Has the belief that “vaccines are safe & effective & save millions of lives” been challenged with personal research review by those who hold this view? I don’t understand how they can push a point of view without a thorough examination of what exactly parents are objecting to and why. Parents who witness injury know the case for vaccines is extremely flawed. Many have become experts on vaccine risk, yet may find it difficult to hold a conversation because of their passion.

Public health officials seem more committed to getting vaccines into children than looking into the possible harm. How can I converse about this topic so that all parties involved can discover truth?

Concerned mother, grandmother, researcher, and writer

Dear concerned mother, grandmother, researcher, and writer,

It’s not just vaccines that cause communication breakdowns. We see breakdowns across our culture, which makes your question especially relevant. Some tips that may help your discussions:

You Can’t Win an Argument. It’s a paradox that it becomes harder, instead of easier, to convince someone when you are supremely confident in your own point of view. Many of us have firsthand experience with this reality. Dale Carnegie expanded this insight, “You can’t win an argument.” Here is how a conversation can turn into an argument:

  • I ask the parent/doctor/nurse why they want to give vaccines or question a vaccine promoter about vaccines.
  • Reasons are given in support of vaccines.
  • I attack their reasons and try to add information on vaccine harm.
  • They attack my points and defend theirs.
  • I attack theirs and defend mine.
  • Rinse and repeat.
  • No one wins

In trying to win an argument I’ve fallen into what’s called the Persuasion Trap. I have become the champion for my cause and pushed the other party into being a champion for the opposite cause. The result is an argumentative cycle no one seems to win – in fact, each person could finish with a strengthened view of his or her own position.

Motivational Interviewing. Motivational Interviewing is an approach that is designed to avoid the Persuasion Trap. Instead of taking sides, it helps the pro vaccine pusher explore and resolve the ambivalence they must feel regarding vaccines. It conveys respect while maintaining and holding the position that it’s the parent who will make the final judgment. The goal is to engage the vaccine promoter with his or her own intrinsic motivation. Below are a few principles you can use:

Ask for Permission. When you are told “It’s time for vaccines” or someone is providing pressure for you to give vaccines, don’t launch into an argument. Instead, ask permission to discuss it further. This helps avoid an argument and conveys respect. 

Explore their Ambivalence. Most thoughtful experienced vaccine promoters must have some thoughts about the reality of vaccine injury. Make it safe for them to voice their possibly deeply hidden concerns. This establishes your role as educator, rather than opponent. Below are how these first two elements might sound in a conversation with a healthcare provider. You can imagine using a similar approach for family or friends:

YOU: Your said my child is due for a _____ vaccine today. Would it be okay if we discussed it? 

PARENT: [I have no idea what they will say! Let’s go with] Okay. 

YOU: Many of your peers feel vaccines are entirely safe and totally effective. Your training has launched your career as a health care provider and you see that vaccines play an integral part of providing that care. You are concerned about parents who refuse vaccines and worried that it will cause specific risk to that child and perhaps to a larger population because of one child not receiving vaccines. These are valid concerns. If I were in your shoes, I would probably share your views. What do you see as the pros and cons of a person not getting vaccines? 

Perhaps draw a line down the middle of a piece of paper and write the pros on the left and cons on the right side of the line as they provide them. This helps the person turn their vague feelings and fears into a finite number of specific concerns—concerns that can be addressed.

Paraphrase to Ensure Understanding. Summarize each concern. This makes sure you understand it and also demonstrates that you are listening. “So, correct me if I’m wrong, but you are worried that a child who does not receive a measles vaccine will be at risk of death? You are concerned that if a few children don’t get the measles vaccine a widespread outbreak will result in many people getting sick and perhaps many dying? You have concerns that parents do not understand the gravity of their decision to avoid vaccines and that they are unnecessarily putting their child at risk? Is that right?”

Address Each Concern with Facts. But first, ask for permission (again), “Would you mind if I provided you with more information about the risk of vaccine injury from recently published sources?” Have a few salient facts memorized and offer to send the papers. Provide all clarifying information in a nonjudgmental way.

Consider the Messenger. Ask yourself whether you are the right person to provide the facts. If you are a parent who has personally witnessed vaccine injury, a person who has received compensation through VICP, or a person who has spent thousands of hours researching the topic, you may consider yourself credible, but beware that your listener may not see you as credible. A health professional will generally value information provided by other health professionals. If you have had multiple children and some are vaccine injured and others who did not receive vaccines are vibrantly healthy, you may want to share your own personal observations. It might sound like this: I understand my small data sample is not science, but after my first child was vaccine injured I didn’t give vaccines to my others. The thing that astounds me every single day is the vibrant health of my non vaccinated children. I am absolutely certain that health is not the result of getting an injection of so many chemicals on a regular basis.”

If you don’t think the person sees you as a credible messenger, then use information that comes from more credible sources. Provide a handout from Learn the Risk, Informed Consent Action Network, Children’s Health Defense, or NVIC. You may also encourage the person to investigate recent studies by Dr Aaby on long-term health after vaccines, Dr Theresa Deisher on DNA fragments in vaccines, or Dr Chris Exley and Dr Chris Shaw on aluminum in vaccines. Another resource for someone truly interested in exploring the topic is a video presentation by Dr Sam Eggertsen from Washington state focused on helping health care providers understand vaccine hesitant parents which answers the question “Why Do Parents Refuse To Vaccinate Their Children?” https://youtu.be/8LB-3xkeDAE

Final Affirmation/Acknowledgement. “I applaud you for having this discussion with me. I am happy to discuss anything further. I’m sure I don’t know as much as you. I don’t have your training and haven’t read all your medical textbooks, but I am 100% committed to finding the truth. I also want to help parents have healthy happy babies – which I am sure is also your goal. I believe we achieve the best health, as individuals and as communities, by boosting the innate immune system and the body’s own defense against infectious disease. Avoiding chemicals in our food, air, water, and what we inject into our body – all of which burden our natural detox system – seems a wise approach in the pursuit of health.”

Consider Multiple Influences. You asked how to have a conversation with a vaccine promoter. These conversations are important, but they’re only one aspect of a comprehensive influence strategy. If your mission is to inform the public and especially new parents of the reality of vaccine injury you could employ a combination of strategies at the Personal, Social, and Structural levels. These would include conversations, but also involve community leaders within schools, churches, and sports teams. They would also include discussions with lawmakers and policy makers. I pray this information will be helpful in getting people to thoroughly investigate the truth on this issue. Let me know if you try any of these suggestions, and how they work for you!


Vaccine Truth Seeker

Costco Removes Roundup

Watch the following video by Zen Honeycutt from Moms Across America. Zen announces the Costco decision to stop selling glyphosate based herbicides, like Roundup!

Costco’s action comes after of the 2018 court case where glyphosate was shown to be the cause of the cancer suffered by Dewayne Johnson. This decision was upheld when it was appealed by Monsanto. Now public pressure needs to continue so that Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walmart and others will stop selling this cancer causing product.

But why does the Environmental Protection Agency (EPS) continue to allow glyphosate herbicides to be sold in the USA? Zen explains a recent paper which analyzes previous EPA studies and reviews of glyphosate. The EPA cherry picks data to try to show glyphosate is NOT genotoxic. When an lysis of unbiased, non industry funded science is examined, there is clear evidence of harm. https://hygeia-analytics.com/…/2019-paper-on…/

Is cancer the only risk posed by glyphosate containing herbicides like Roundup?

Many are unaware that 1 in ±3.5 Americans now suffer with non alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). A recent study shows that rats developed NAFLD from chronic exposure to ultra low doses of glyphosate based herbicides such as Roundup. Could the widespread use of glyphosate which ends up in our food supply, be the reason for the epidemic of NAFLD? https://www.nature.com/articles/srep39328

GMWatch has some good news to report. In 2018 there have been landmark victories in India, Europe, and USA: https://www.gmwatch.org/…/18697-a-year-in-review-part-1…

Further good news is that France BANS glyphosate containing Roundup!!! https://www.fwi.co.uk/…/france-bans-monsanto-weedkiller…

But Canada continues to stand firmly behind Monsanto and relicenses glyphosate!! https://www.fwi.co.uk/…/canada-stands-by-decision-to…

Costco is not perfect. Many people criticize large box stores because of a perceived (or real) negative impact. We live in an imperfect world and we all have to make choices with the options we have available. I don’t have a Costco membership, but sometimes shop there when visiting my family. I think it is good that Costco is taking a stand and discontinuing the sale of glyphosate containing herbicides. I wish more retailers – like Walmart, Lowes, and Home Depot would follow their example. Action taken by these large stores could significant reduce glyphosate exposure to the public. What do you think?

Compiled by Becky Hastings, wife, mother, grandmother, health seeker and reporter. Seeking truth can be challenging, but better than staying ignorant!

Medical Tyranny?

David and Collet tragically lost their 18 mo son Ezekiel in 2013. I’ve been aware of this case and read everything I could find about this family. In this latest report by David Stephan, he shares facts never before publicly revealed about their experience of the death of their son and the judicial nightmare they have undergone since then.

Unbelievable is the only way to describe this family’s experience in Alberta, Canada. Evidence of coverup and collusion between medical personnel, pharmaceutical interests, law enforcement, the legal system, and the media abound. I truly believe most people will not believe the details in this case no matter how much proof is provided, because it will rock their view of the world too profoundly. I encourage everyone to read this updated report by David Stephan. Please watch the 8 minute video below.

…there are people with strong beliefs who will do anything they can to force others to comply. Even if it destroys the lives of innocent children and families.”

We all need to take a bold stand for medical freedom. We need to learn to speak LOUDLY in a spirit of LOVE. The medical and personal freedom of everyone is at stake. This is a slippery slope. It is David and Collet’s desire to help other families – and there are many – who are suffering wrongfully in a wide range of similar cases. Please share, donate if you are able, but most of all stand in prayer with this family.


Compiled by Becky Hastings, wife, mother, grandmother, truth activist. Navigating health information can be confusing. Becky writes and speaks because of her faith in Jesus Christ and her desire to warn parents of potentially harmful modern medical recommendations. Becky receives no renumeration for this work! While there is a ‘donate’ button on https://journeyboost.com, it has yet to be tested!

Is Measles a Threat?

With all the measles hype, I needed to compile information so parents can have confidence in the decisions they make for their children.

Worried about Measles?

Did you know 10-13 people die each year from a falling vending machine?? 

Or, that 450 die each year by falling out of bed??

Your chances of dying of measles symptoms in America is miniscule. There has been less than 1 death per year from complications arising from a measles infection in the last 8 years.

Furthermore, in 1960 prior to the introduction of the measles vaccine, the rate of measles deaths in the US population of 179,300,000 was .0000021, hardly a threat.

If you have adequate Vitamin A, your chance of dying from a deficiency is ZERO.

A healthy well nourished baby/child with adequate vitamin A levels may contract measles, but it will result in a mild infection which will then provide life-long natural immunity. Even Dr Paul Offit had measles!

Watch this 8 minute video of “Measles Back in the Day” to understand how society viewed a measles infection.

Before the measles vaccine was introduced in 1963, even doctors and scientists considered measles to be a mild, mostly benign illness. Read a description of measles from 1959, published in the British Medical Journal.

Did you know that historically there has always been opposition to vaccines? Parents, please do your own research. Why is the media pushing us to fear a measles infection? Why are we not told about the risk of harm from the vaccine? Some groups of children are more susceptible to harm, yet the public is not informed. Find a list of Pubmed articles at the end of this blog showing measles autism associations. http://vaccinecommonsense.com/2016/03/15/back-in-the-1870s-this-battle-for-medical-freedom-is-ongoing/

Did you know that there is a wealth of scientific papers demonstrating that Vitamin A protects against measles and reduces the impact of the illness? A list is provided at the end of this blog. Studies also show that having a measles infection as a child can have a protective benefit against certain types of cancers.[1]

Amidst all the hype about the danger of measles, what is the message pushed on the public? GET YOUR VACCINE. Yet, very little to nothing is said about the real risk of vaccine injury. The following graphic illustrates the actual reports of injury and death in the USA from the MMR vaccines as reported to the VAERS – a system which is estimated by a Harvard study to receive between 1-10% of actual events occurring after vaccines. Compare these statistics to the risk of death from measles of .0000021.

To be fair, those who receive a MMR vaccine – which contains a live virus – may receive some immunity for a limited amount of time, but the immunity wanes requiring ‘booster’ vaccines. As the data from VAERS clearly demonstrates, there are many risks associated with the MMR, MMRII and ProQuad vaccines – all routinely given to our babies and children. There is a link to the Merck MMRII vaccine package insert at the end of this blog. I always encourage parents to read the complete vaccine package insert for any vaccine they are considering giving to their baby/child.

There are serious concerns about the human DNA fragments in the MMMR vaccine because the virus was grown using aborted human fetal cell lines. This is both an ethical, religious and medical concern. Other vaccines that contain human DNA fragment debris are Hepatitis A, varicella (chickenpox), Pentacel, Rubella, and shingles vaccines.

So what’s your best strategy to help your baby/child stay healthy and avoid a serious measles infection? Boost your immune system and pay attention to vitamin A!

Boost your natural sources of vitamin A like sweet potatoes, grass fed organic (if possible) liver, and other foods high in vitamin A.

We all want healthy babies. We need to be extremely careful that we are not deceived and fall into the traps of those who seek to profit from our children.

I’m 76. When I was a child, people knew what to do when someone got the measles. Stay calm, preferably in bed in a darkened room so your eyes wouldn’t be harmed. Definitely stay out of the sun – anyway that is what my parents and grandparents did with us. We all got measles. No harm at all came to any of us, to our cousins, or to our friends. J Storey

Compiled by Becky Hastings, wife, mother, grandmother, truth activist. Navigating health information can be confusing. Becky writes and speaks because of her faith in Jesus Christ and her desire to warn parents of potentially harmful modern medical recommendations. Becky receives no renumeration for this work! While there is a ‘donate’ button this website, it has yet to be tested!

[1] The Unreported Health Benefits of Measles http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/unreported-health-benefits-measles

A short list of papers on Vitamin A and measles infections:

Vitamin A reduces both morbidity and mortality in children 6mo – 5y

Vitamin A reduces pneumonia symptoms in measles cases of Zambian children (2002)

Low vitamin A IMPACTS severity of measles – known since 1992. https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamapediatrics/article-abstract/516043

Complication rates are increased by immune deficiency disorders, malnutrition, vitamin A deficiency (2004) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/15106083/

A 25 yo man with severe measles improved after IM vitamin A administration. Vitamin A deficiency is a known risk factor for measles. (2017)

A study from Africa showing vitamin A deficiency associated with increased mortality, with a greater effect in boys than in girls. (2012)

“Measles is a major cause of childhood morbidity and mortality. Vitamin A deficiency is a recognized risk factor for severe measles infections. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends administration of an oral dose of vitamin A (200,000 international units (IU), or 100,000 IU in infants) each day for two days to children with measles when they live in areas where vitamin A deficiency may be present…two doses were associated with a reduced risk of mortality and pneumonia-specific mortality in children under the age of two years.” https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16235283

Malnourished are most at risk for fatality from measles infectionshttps://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9345118

More information on the actual rate of measles http://vaxtruth.org/2012/01/measles-perspective/

Measles overviewhttps://www.nvic.org/vaccines-and-diseases/measles/measles-detailed-overview.aspx

We hear repeatedly ‘there is no science that shows vaccines cause Autism’, yet we can read these government published studies which implicate vaccines as a cause of Autism:


Merck MMRII vaccine package insert https://www.merck.com/product/usa/pi_circulars/m/mmr_ii/mmr_ii_pi.pdf

Vaccines Contain Fetal Cells

Life size replica of baby at 12 week gestation.

Many deny. Dr Richard Pan stated in the CA legislature (was he under oath??) that it was a myth that vaccines contain aborted human fetal cells. Many doctors state something similar. Even a well known Christian author who writes science text books, denies the use of aborted fetal cells in vaccines. Dr Paul Offit, a primary vaccine spokesperson, actually admits the use of fetal cells, but said there were only 2 abortions involved and they were a long time ago.

Watch this 5 min video excerpt where Dr Stanley Plotkin admits that well over 76 abortions took place in the development of the Varicella, Rubella, MMR, and Hepatitis A vaccines. His testimony is part of a 9 hour deposition which he volunteered to do in a child custody case in Michigan involving vaccines in January 2018. He confirms in this statement that his experiments involved lung tissue, skin tissue, tongue tissue, and tissue from other body parts of these healthy babies who were aborted at 3+ months gestation.

Perhaps most surprising is Dr Plotkin’s complete disregard – at any point in his illustrious vaccine career – to investigate whether injecting human DNA fragments could have a deleterious nonspecific effect (unintended consequences, in lay terms). In correspondence, he dismisses the extensive work of Dr Theresa Deischer who notes clear signals in the population after the introduction of vaccines containing aborted fetal cell fragment debris. I summarized some of her conclusions in a previous blog. On what basis does he dismiss her? She’s well known to be Anti-Vax. I don’t think she started out against vaccines, but she allowed the science to influence her opinion of vaccine safety – which any honest scientist would do.

Dr Plotkin admits being an atheist and shows disdain for those having a religious conviction against the principle of using aborted human cells for scientific experimentation. The vaccine package inserts list aborted fetal cell fragments in the ingredients. And here, the man who states publicly that his vaccine text book is more reliable than the Bible, admits there were a very large number of abortions involved in the development of vaccines.

Would you buy your baby shoes made with human baby skin?

Is it ok to have human fetal cells in any product?

It is clear that abortions provided a foundation for vaccine science and that vaccines continue to contain aborted fetal cell fragments. You can find more details here.

Christians. We need to talk. Do you think injecting babies with both male and female DNA fragments is a good idea? Do we NEED this procedure in order to keep our babies healthy? How is this different from sacrificing babies to Molech? I’d love to hear your views.

My goal is not to provoke guilt in anyone. We don’t know what we don’t know. But please, do not let your actions, guided by the medical advice you received, continue to dominate your current outlook. Young parents need wise information. Young Christian families depend on Christians they look up to. We owe it to them to be fully informed. Can we really afford to ONLY listen to the spokespeople for the $60 billion vaccine industry? Please take a few hours to review this critically important topic.

Becky Hastings, wife, mother, grandmother, avid reader, health promoter, and seeker of truth through Jesus Christ. Navigating health information can be confusing. Becky writes, speaks, and shares, hoping to educate parents on the anomalies and contradictions in many aspects of modern medical recommendations.

Hep B Vaccine Killed this Baby

This is an anonymous true account of one mother’s experience. This story has received a huge amount of shares on my Facebook Page, so I thought I would make a permanent place for it on my blog. To be clear – this is not MY story. It was shared with me by a mom in 2016. She gave me permission to publish her story anonomously.

This is my daughter. The first photo of her and I was before she received the Hep B vaccine. The second is the very last photo I got of her.

To me she looked almost sickly in the second photo. She passed that following morning between 6:50-7:20am 36hrs exactly after receiving the Hep B vaccine at 14 days old. She was only 4lbs 6oz which is contraindicated on the insert, no premature baby under 4.4lbs should receive this vaccine, no one with liver issues (she was still mildly jaundice). She hadn’t even reached her due date. I feel so robbed. My baby was stolen from me. My precious beautiful baby girl. My first daughter. I found out I was pregnant with her August 17th 2013. She was born at 34.5 weeks on 4/10/14. She passed 4/26/14. I was going to take her to the ER that morning if she was still lethargic like she was the day before. Unfortunately she never made it, because I TRUSTED her doctor. I called and he said she would be fine, it’s just from the vaccine. Yeah. It was from the vaccine. Little did I know it was causing her liver and heart to go into failure. I feel so much guilt. I think of all the things I COULD have done, all the things I SHOULD have done. I have a hard time forgiving myself, and accepting the fact it wasn’t my fault. But I feel like it was, I should have trusted my gut, because my gut was SCREAMING ‘don’t vaccinate her’, that’s why I had refused in the hospital, but they threatened me with CPS, told me I’d get my kids taken if I didn’t vaccinate. I’m not Hep B positive. Newborns don’t do drugs and don’t have sex. Why was it SO imperative to inject my preemie with the toxins that killed her? And the worst part is, I can’t even hold the doctor who forced it accountable! So moms, dads, and anyone else reading this, if you have any doubt, or if your gut/instinct is screaming ‘NO’, LISTEN. It’s there for a reason. Please listen to it, I wish I did, it may save your child’s life.” A heartbroken mother

Be prepared. Get the facts. Say NO to unnecessary vaccines. I’ve compiled information on the Hepatitis B vaccine to help you start your research. Don’t blindly believe me. But don’t believe those who push you to accept this shot for your precious baby either. Get the facts for yourself. You can always give a vaccine later, you can never ‘undo’ a vaccine once it is injected. Your child’s life is in YOUR HANDS. No one else will have to live with the outcome of your choice. I’ve collected more information for those interested in more information on vaccines here.

Author: Becky Hastings, wife, mother, grandmother, passionate follower of Jesus and truth. As a life & wellness coach, Becky seeks to inspire and motivate others to find increased energy, joy, and longevity. Navigating information to achieve long-term health goals in every area of life is a passion! Becky writes, speaks, and shares information hoping to educate parents on the anomalies and contradictions in the vaccine debate.



Can CBD Oil Help with Opioid Addiction?

The bad news:

  • Americans consume 80% of the world’s opioids, yet comprise only 5% of the world’s population.
  • The opiate problem in the USA is lethal and growing.
  • Prescription opioid abuse is worse than heroin abuse; it is a bigger problem and it starts in the doctor’s office.
  • In the United States, nearly 50 percent of people who take opioids for more than 30 days in the first year continue to use opioids for three years or longer.
  • Nearly 60 percent of USA patients are taking opiates with other drugs that are known to make the opioids more dangerous, to make an overdose more likely.
  • In Maine, in one year, sixty-nine percent of drug overdose deaths were caused by prescribed opioids.
  • Nearly 80 percent of heroin users in the United States reported using prescription opioids before initiating heroin use.

    When a doctor is face-to-face with a chronic pain patient who says, “My pain is worse, the opioids aren’t working, I need more. If I don’t get them I’m not going to be able to go to work, I’m not going to be able to support my family, I’m not going to be able to function”—it’s hard for that clinician to say no.[1]

The good news:

  • There is significant scientific and clinical data highlighting the potential of Cannabis as a lifesaving treatment for opiate addiction.
  • Hemp is legal in all 50 states and CBD oil derived from hemp provides the same beneficial cannabidiol compounds as medical marijuana.
  • Taking CBD oil derived from hemp can provide profound help to those struggling with opioid addiction.
  • The best CBD oil delivers the full spectrum components of the cannabis plant without the THC since hemp contains less than 0.3% THC. There are no adverse side effects from CBD oil and it can provide lifesaving treatment for opiate addiction. CBD oil can be a first line treatment for opioid addiction, not a last resort.

Many people are finding the benefits of this natural plant which fit exactly with our endocannabinoid system. A unique plant and a unique design.

For information on how CBD can mediate pain and help with opioid use, please see this more detailed article: America’s Opiate Addiction Crisis And How Medical Cannabis Can Help By Dr. Dustin Sulak

If you’d like to purchase CBD oil you can order directly from this website. Our product has a 30 day money back guarantee.

Author: Becky Hastings, wife, mother, grandmother, passionate follower of Jesus and truth. As a life & wellness coach, Becky seeks to inspire and motivate others to find increased energy, joy, and longevity. Navigating information to achieve long-term health goals in every area of life is a passion!


Time for a Boost!

CBD is a powerful and beneficial natural component found in the hemp plant along with a whole spectrum of other cannabidiols. By definition, hemp plants contain less than 0.3% THC, known as the component which induces a “high”. Thus CBD oil is non addictive and you won’t get ‘high’.

CBD oil can dramatically reduce pain, lessen anxiety, and help maintain insulin levels. CBD oil is safe for children, the elderly and even pets! CBD is also brain protective and can enhance your immune system. Many have found taking CBD oil helps them sleep better and results in more energy throughout the day.

As the most prevalent compound found in the hemp plant, CBD works with our body’s own endocannabinoid system bringing balance to the body in a variety of areas. Many people experience dramatic health and wellness benefits. Even if you are not currently facing health challenges, adding CBD oil to your daily routine can provide protection to your brain, allowing you to enjoy a long full life.

The best part?

CBD is safe, effective, easy to add to your daily routine, and affordable! The cost is approximately 69 cents per day.

If you’re ready to take your health to the next level­ and start benefiting from high-quality CBD oil you can order your CBD oil today.

Not all CBD oil is equal. Our product has a 30 day money back guarantee, is organic, grown in USA, extracted gently, and has 3rd party independent testing certifying potency and purity.

I’d love to discuss any questions you may have.

To find out more and order CDB oil go to: http://healingplant.org

Or contact me using the form below.

Author: Becky Hastings, wife, mother, grandmother, passionate follower of Jesus and truth. As a life & wellness coach, Becky seeks to inspire and motivate others to find increased energy, joy, and longevity. Navigating information to achieve long-term health goals in every area of life is a passion!