Do Germs Make Us Sick?

I’ve done a lot of research, reading, and personal experimenting with regard to health, and how to stay healthy. I’ve raised five children and have been blessed to have six grandchildren – so far. My quest for health was gradually awakened through a Nutritional Chemistry Course I attended at Vanderbilt University in 1979.

Over the years I’ve often heard of the ‘germ versus terrain’ theory and of the interactions between Louis Pasteur and Antoine Béchamp. Pasteur is credited with the germ theory which has been a dominant influence on medicine. Beauchamp maintained and demonstrated that it was not the germ that determines the extent of an  illness, but the terrain, or condition of the host, which determines the susceptibility and extent of an illness.

The video below contains one of the best explanations of the Germ versus Terrain Theory (Louis Pasteur Vs Antoine Béchamp) that I’ve heard. It is part of the story of Casi Renee, born 1995, died 1999 due to vaccine injury. I’ve cued the video at the point of describing an interaction between Pasteur and Béchamp, but feel free to watch the entire story. This mom used the tragedy of her daughter’s death to speak out and educate other parents on the potential harm of vaccines.

Our culture is phobic about killing germs – demonstrated by the use of hand sanitizers and other cleaning products. But what if the food we eat, the drugs we take, the vaccines we inject, and the chemicals we are exposing ourselves to through common household chemicals are actually making us MORE susceptible to illness? I’m all for washing hands. I wash mine after being out and about, before preparing food, etc. But how we get sick and how severely sick we become at any given time might be based on lifestyle, nutrition, and the environment of our body for the germs that are all around us. What kind of a host are you?

Becky Hastings, wife to John for 36 years, mother of five naturally born breastfed babies, grandmother of six, passionate follower of Jesus and truth. As a volunteer breastfeeding counselor since 1993, Becky is devoted to helping parents, especially mothers, make wise decisions for the long-term health and wellbeing of their babies.


3 thoughts on “Do Germs Make Us Sick?

  1. Well you hit this one out of the park! As a research scientist and studying alternative health philosophies and practices for 10 years now, the facts support the terrain hypothesis way more than the germ hypothesis.
    In my latest book “The Immunity Crisis in America” I address this terrain weakness issue and highly recommend minimum 3,000 – 4,000 mg of Sodium Ascorbate daily as the foundational building block of the entire immune system.
    No one is telling us nor have they studied why 25% of the Ebola “victims” survived other than a passing statement that their immune system helped them survive. Duh!!!
    That’s up there with 80% of the people who get West Nile Virus or Zika show “no symptoms”, again, Duh?!?! Why not? But answering that would wreck the entire internal medical community.
    Give your body what it needs and you won’t have to worry about the germs.
    Well said Becky, love your blog!

  2. I have been fascinated by this subject for years. As I have looked at it again recently I am once again renewed in my interest. Not only the medical world has adopted the Pasteur way of thinking, but also the natural. For example, say we have parasites, which may be true, but do we “attack” the parasites or do we support the body so that it takes care of the parasites?

    The Bechamp viewpoint is revolutionary and counter to our thinking in so many ways because Pasteur’s viewpoint has so permeated the way we look at things. I teach that the Pasteurian view makes us “victims.” Illness is haphazard….may get to you, may not….but you have no control.

    Of course, in a messy world the lines can be messy and sometimes we need to take the Pasteur approach.

    Reportedly he agreed with Bechamp when he died. Of course we don’t hear about that. The medical model thrives on the Pasteurian approach and makes mega millions trying to “attack” this virus, germ or bacteria. It is so incredibly backward and has killed and harmed many.

    • Connie,
      Thanks for your comment! I always love your insight. I’d never heard this detailed explanation of the petri dish closed, then opened, and the bacteria changing under the microscope. I’d only heard about the recanting statement on Paseur’s deathbed. So much information to explore! So much history to RE-think!

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