It’s Just a Tetanus Shot

Hey!A story from a heart broken mother, Christie:

I am up. It’s 5am here. I stopped researching at 1 am and fell asleep crying after throwing my phone across the room in tears. I was furious. I was devastated. And I still am. But now I’m sick to my stomach and I’m up.

My son has been having trouble medically since he received two DTaP shots (yes 2) in the ER back in August. That was 11 months ago when he was 3 years old, after getting some stitches. He has been having seizures, weight loss, social regression, migraines lasting multiple days, increase in irritability, increased sleep (up to 18 hours some days), vomiting, very thirsty and more.

We have been doing non-stop testing for over a month with more tests scheduled: an MRI, another EEG, glucose testing, a 24 HR EEG and another heavy metals test. Yesterday I got a call from one of our doctors saying that he had test results in about heavy metals and essential minerals. This was the test I was most excited to see as I thought for sure it was going to be aluminum poisoning from the DTaP overdose that was causing the problems.

To my surprise, he did not have aluminum toxicity. Or mercury,…..or lead……. or iron. I was shocked, but also curious what could be causing these problems in a previously healthy and virtually vax-free organic free-range wild child. But the test results did show immense toxicity in another heavy metal that I had never heard of. Cadmium.

The doctor was perplexed. Cadmium poisoning?!?? From where? No smoking in our family. No exposure to places or things where cadmium would be around to cause that. The doctor left me with a list of foods that chelate cadmium and said to return in a month for follow up testing to see if it detoxes from his body. We were both also curious if his body was for some reason not able to naturally detox itself.

So I started to do detailed research. I was on my computer/iPhone for 7 hours. And I found it. At 12:38 am today I found it. And I got angry. And here’s why-

Polysorbate 80 prevents the body from being able to excrete cadmium. And if cadmium toxicity gets high enough it can cause death.

He also had other essential minerals missing entirely. We are still researching and chelating, hoping for success. We are also hiring an attorney for VICP (vaccine Injury court).

I hate the CDC. I HATE pharma. I am heartbroken. I am furious.

This week is the anniversary of my god daughter’s death from a DTaP shot at six months old. She died on July 7th. Every year on her birthday and her day of death I spend the ENTIRE DAY HOLDING A CRYING HEART WRENCHED MOM WHO MISSES HER BABY THAT SHE CANT GET BACK. She fell apart earlier than expected this year with this stupid law forcing vaccines on babies in California, plus the vigil in Santa Monica hit her hard. So, today I took the day off work to go take her wherever she wants to give her grieving space.

And now I’m in tears too. Over the same damn vaccine! And they almost killed my child too! How in the world is this possible?!?! HOW DID OUR WORLD COME TO THIS LEVEL OF CORRUPTION?!!!!! I have tears streaming silently down my face as I type this in bed lying next to my poisoned baby. I’m furious. I’m heartbroken. I’m done with being quiet. Vaccines are dangerous. No one should ever vaccinate their child!!!!!

Why TWO DTaPs? At the hospital, when pushed, I agreed to ONLY tetanus. They did not tell me that it was no longer possible to get a tetanus only shot. The only available option comes in a combo (DTaP). They verbally told me they would give a tetanus only shot and came in with the syringe. I trusted her without seeing the package. Then near the end of the injection my son pulled out of the needle. She dramatically insisted on following through with hospital policy that the shot must be repeated. She stated she needed to give it again. We had been there for over 6 hours and my son had been poked at so much that we all just wanted to get out of there as fast as possible (we don’t do western medicine. Period.) so I accepted just to get us out. Worst mistake ever. I’m paying for it in the worst ways.

Christie Pallotti

Too many parents innocently consent to shots for their children under great pressure by the medical establishment only to watch a devastating long-term reaction. Please research every shot you are thinking of giving your child. It seems we must also insist on examining the package, and the vials, in addition to asking for the vaccine package inserts. My heart aches for the suffering parents like Christie are experiencing. I share their stories to hopefully help other parents make wiser decisions for their babies.

Thanksgiving 2015

Becky Hastings, wife, mother, grandmother, passionate follower of Jesus and truth. As a breastfeeding counsellor for over 23 years Becky is devoted to helping parents make wise decisions for the long-term health and wellbeing of their babies. As a member of a Vaccine Safety Education Coalition, Becky writes and speaks on the topic of vaccine safety.

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  4. It’s not just babies. My 16 yr old daughter totally changed after being forced to do a DtaP or lose her first real job. Her entire temperment changed from one of joyous positivity to a very angry sluggish body, and after 7 years we are still trying to get her healthy again. Dr’s keep finding nothing wrong. She has had optical siezures, gained unproportionate weight, and many other issues. It literally stole the joy out of my child.

  5. My heart breaks for all these parents of healthy babies that were injected with these awful vaccines that ruin their health. Thank you to all the parents who share information and websites to help others.

  6. My heart breaks for all the healthy babies injured by being injected with these awful vaccines in the name of health. Thank you to all the parents who are informing us with alternatives to help and websites to check out.

  7. Hi I really strongly suggest getting gene mutation testing on every child!! My children have been sick practically from birth!! Chronic infections, fibromyalgia, gluten intolerance, dairy, anemia, etc. it has been Hell! You don’t get help from Conventional Drs!! The first help Igot was from a holistic MD who did a lot more testing than regular Drs do. The first thing she did was stand up & hug me & said I know what u have been thru & I thank you for fighting for your child! I just started crying! She got somewhat for awhile but down the road I found A Dr who was also Functional medicine that takes insurance, the other wS out of pocket & we couldn’t afford it. Their basic testing tests for these gene mutations. All they told me was it could lead to some psychiatric issues. My life is crazy, didn’t research it. I didn’t know there were different kinds of mutations until a few days ago when I got more test results. I researched it!! Oh my Gosh!! All the things my children have suffered thru were systems of having these gene mutations!! I read story after story that sounded like my life! And not everyone is the same but basically WE DONT DETOXIFY WELL!! Causing a million problems! We got as far as the court trying to take my child away bc of absences from school even with Dr notes! They can be so abusive! Acting like we were making up issues! And the schools were just as mean! Herd I was sick myself, trying for years To find out why my children get sicker than others! Plus these mutations run in families!! We have more family that have to stick to Paleo diet to not have health issues!! I am going to write down these 2 gene mutations, every pediatrician should be testing these in infants!! There are treatment plans but you have to find a good Dr who knows about this!! Heterozygous A1298C & C667T MTHFR gene mutations. There are slight different ones like homogenous instead of heterozygous. And u may have just one. To have both is worse. It is related to Thyroid disorders, growing up with stomach issues, and you cannot vaccinate your children bc of the additives & metals!!!!! Go to I believe for researching. Dr Ben Lynch has a website &!!! Also u cannot take folic acid!! And they tell u to take folic acid when u r pregnant! You have to be informed bc this is familial! I so hope this helps someone!! And doesn’t take u as long as it did me! Also get ferritin levels drawn for anemia bc the Hg & hct look normal, both my kids are low! God Bless all of our precious children! I know He lead me to articles & research over the years!! 🙂

    • My heart goes out to you, your family and everyone suffering health challenges.

  8. Autism can be cured. Kerri Rivera has documented 115 cured cases. This book tells how and there is a support group for the people doing the protocol on fB called CDHealth. Its not easy but it is affordable for everyone. I’m greatly concerned for all those who do not have access to the alternative medicines so this is an answer.

  9. I had a tetanus shot at 50 because I had an infection on my foot. I felt so sick, nausea, headache and it felt like I had bugs crawling under my skin for 48 hours. I felt like I was going crazy brushing off these phantom bugs under my skins for 2 days!

  10. It breaks my heart to hear these stories. My son had a similar reaction in 2004. He received several vaccines so it’s hard to tell what my son reacted too. I understand the heartbreak. My son is now 16 years old is doing better. We did a lot of alternative medicine.

  11. My son had an anaphylactic reaction to the DTaP. We know it was that shot since it was the only one he received, and the reaction was immediate. He was dealing with numerous inflammatory issues, and our ped suggested that we try alternative medicine, and introduced us to NAET. We were skeptical, and it wasn’t a quick fix, but my son is doing fantastic compared to where he was.

    • I have studied NAET and was skeptical at first myself, but have found it to be amazingly helpful for my son and others. It is one way to help the body overcome injury from vaccines. I highly recommend looking into it. You can find a practitioner in your area through their website:

  12. Check out Kerri Rivera, Andreas Kalcker, Dr Andrew Wakefield, the movie vaxxed, they are involved in vaccine injury and the two first have developed a protocol to reverse autism with very good results

  13. So many wonderful people here with links for help.
    I would recommend getting the MTHFR chromosome study for this child!
    My grandson is vaccine injured. He tested positive for a homozygous mutation know as C677T, (both X and Y chromosomes on chromosome 8). What that means is he is missing the MTFH-5 enzyme completely. That enzyme plugs in to activate methylafolate, vit B12. Without it, these kids cannot “methylate”; methylation is the process by which toxins and bacteria, etc… are cleansed from the body.
    He is on his healing journey, and once we got all his labs back, boom, this was a huge KEY to a cascade of metabolic impairments that contribute to his “autistic-like symptoms”. Thank God he’s kinda fallen out of the classic ASD diagnosis now, and off the psych med that controlled his violent meltdowns. (we fought and fought even putting him on one, but we had a critical incident and got threatened with CPS taking him IF we did not do what the psychiatrist recommended! Horror Day!) 6 yr. old! *shudder.
    There’s great information on what this mutation is at:
    Watch the video. Since we started treating him, per his Ped Neurologist’s protocol, he is improving every day. We do use the seeking health Methylafolate B-12 with MTHF-5 lozenges (sublingual melt tabs) every other day, and the 5-HTP and still need to get their Curcurmin, per his lab results and the neuro’s orders on specific products and dosages. My grandson had sleep impairments, but he had the opposite reactions to melatonin, lavender, and valerian. That helped his doctor pinpoint further, where the “cascade” was impaired again, and 5-HTP was what she knew he needed, and she was right!
    I am gutted by each and every one of our stories. Oh, so thankful we all can pool our knowledge and experiences together to save and heal our kids. Keep up the good fight. Hugs and prayers! Many Blessings, Cheryl.
    We are going to do another round of gentle detox as soon as he gets over a PANS episode right now, because we did the first round before we had the lab results

    • Wow Cheryl!! I just posted about these gene mutations! My son has both kinds & I just payed the same website! Took me 18 yrs to find this!!! So frustrating! We Mothers have to be advocates for our children!! God Bless you!!! 🙂

  14. I have been through this (my son and myself) and I recommend the Cutler Chelation option. My holistic doc offered another chelation option, but honestly, moving metals around in your body is risky. The Cutler protocol is safest.

  15. The same happened to my son. Excaclty the same after the Dtap vaccine. And he tested high in Cadmium too. What are you doing to chelate him? How long has it been since he had the Dtap? Have you seen any improvement? I understand your heart so much, what you wrote hits home to us. Blessings!

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    • This is why we must spread the word that a shot of tetanus immune globulin(TIG) or tetanus antitoxin is what is needed to combat a tetanus exposure. A tdap, or whatever is totally ineffective!

      And according to Dr. Suzanne humpries, the treatment to combat active tetanus is high dose Vit C.

      Totally worth the watch. And it blew my mind!

  17. Get onto Lyndsy Karrie (she’s on FB) and she has written a book after her son received heavy metal poisoning from vaccines. She has almost got rid of his autism, he’s off the spectrum now and she has done it all by very vigilant diets. Perhaps she can help regarding Polysorbate80 as well. She’s in the US.

  18. Its such crap that they don’t have the separate shots any more? why? I don’t understand, I mean this child may have been ok to get the tetanus on its own but instead has to have a cocktail of vaccines, its just wrong. The whole thing is wrong.

  19. So very sorry! Thank you for sharing your story. We need everyone to share their stories so that we can all learn, be fully informed, and protect ourselves, as well as educate those in the medical field who were given little to no training in vaccines. Even if your son had fallen into a pool of tetanus bacteria, the vaccine would not have prevented infection — vaccines are prophylactic — it takes weeks to develop antibodies. It says so on the insert that the medical staff never read. The TDaP is and flu shots are pressed on everyone entering the ER, and given in ways and in times that make risk of adverse reaction higher than usual. This. Must. Stop. Be well, and thanks again for sharing and getting vocal!

  20. As V Christine Bingham said up above, there is a method for interpreting a Doctor’s Data hair analysis that can reveal sequestered mercury. A hair analysis should be done and reviewed by a knowledgeable person.

  21. tetanus is anaerobic so if the wound bled the child shouldn’t have needed a tetanus booster anyway. immunoglobulin if anything. Giving the shot AFTER the event is useless anyway, no? IF you believe the tetanus booster protects against tetanus then you need to be up to date BEFORE getting a wound (and then IF it doesn’t bleed and IF you’re around a lot of animal poop you MIGHT have a teeny tiny shot at tetanus, but otherwise….. WHY??) I’m SO SORRY this happened.

    • I have heard of so many similar instances where doctors and nurses in the ER push tetanus – after the fact – on unsuspecting patients. It is literally the first question they are asked. Also, they are generally offered the ‘tetanus’ shot, which is in fact the DTaP or the TDaP – without telling the person. While the risks of tetanus are easily discovered it seems that the medical profession prefers to stay misinformed on the subject. Most patients expect their doctors to be up to date on their scientific information, they don’t realize that they need to understand the science and risks for themselves in order to protect themselves from zealously offered, mostly unnecessary vaccines.

  22. Wow…what a story. I did not know about the Polysorbate 80 and cadmium. I know something about Polysorbate 80 and 20 but that is a new one. Diabolical is what they are. You should be able to sue for giving the 2 shots. That was malpractice. So sorry for her little one.

  23. I would love a reference for this if anyone has it: “Polysorbate 80 prevents the body from being able to excrete cadmium.” Thank you!!

    • I’m not sure that says cadmium toxicity and polysorbate-80 are related in any way. You’ll find that the two are unrelated and the amount of polysorbate-80 in a vaccine is too small to cause any disruption any way.

    • My question for you Paul. How do you know that the amount is too much to cause disruption? All children are different and respond differently to chemicals. Just as some are allergic to penicillin are others are not. What may be a disruption for me might not be for you. My thoughts. So sorry for all the parent who experience these horrific reactions to vaccines. We need to support them and continue to speak out on their behalf. Thank you Becky for sharing your story.

    • Cynthia
      Thank you for asking important questions.

      Just to be clear, this is not my story, but I am sharing Christie Pallotti’s story, with her permission. I am sorry if that was not clear. I stand with Christie, and all other vaccine injured/impacted families in trying to share the truth of this epidemic.


  24. need more parents of injured children to come forward. too many parents whose children have not been injured, at least not that shows yet, are in disbelief. I especially love the ones who bare their teeth and say don’t bring your unvaxed kid around mine and make him sick.

    • I have a co worker that doesn’t read the package insert because if she knew the side effects, and her daughter showed symptoms of a side effect, she would think that she her self was a hypochondriac. wth? And that is part of the problem of why they are not reported to Dr. I have been a nurse for 43 years and have yet to see a Dr. report to VAERS.

  25. Becky do you know about Dr. Andrew Cutler’s system for chemical and metal chelation therapy? His book explains the system thoroughly, though it is best applied by a knowledgeable physician. “Amalgam Illness”. He sells it on the internet. Eric, the featured cure in the movie ‘Trace Amounts’ used Cutler’s system.

    My heart goes out to all the children in this increasingly dangerous mine field of a world, including the vaccine injured (and killed) and bomb injured, and killed. Awareness is needed all around. The next time you hear someone running for office, calling for ‘bombing’ anyone.. remember, it is also children who are at ground zero. (the joke is on us though, because both of the current candidates are bomb happy). The only safety for our children and our families, is in the Lord.

    I am praying for your son, your God daughter’s mom, for you, for all of us.
    God help you to all heal.

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