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Our government tells us babies need vaccines to be safe and healthy. The reality is that there is a level of risk in giving vaccines and the CDC is fully aware of the risk. Many parents accept what they are told. Others question. Some families have differing opinions on the need for vaccines with one spouse in favor, and the other opposed.

If you are considering giving your child a vaccine for any reason, please do a few things first. Please read the whole list, because there are many important points at the end, but I didn’t know the order to put them in, or which might be the most important for YOU to know. Don’t be surprised like many young parents.

1. Delay as long as possible. The older a baby is, the better; the heavier a baby is, the better. Vaccines are known to cause more damage to younger and lower weight babies.

2. Know the CDC recommended schedule of vaccines so that you know which shots they will want your child to get at which ages. Investigate the frequency and risk of each of the diseases so that you can make an informed choice between the risk of the vaccine and the risk of the illness, when treated.

vaccine Insert full size

One side of an original complete package insert.

3. Read the complete vaccine insert and ask the doctor if they have read the complete insert for each vaccine they are recommending. This is a lengthy document which is available from each vaccine manufacturer for each vaccine, or combination (more than one disease covered in the shot) vaccine that they produce. They come with the vaccines, or you can read them from the FDA site on-line.

4. Research the NVICP (National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program), VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System), and the fact that vaccine manufacturers cannot be sued if their products cause damage or death. Pharmaceutical manufacturers, the CDC who recommends their products, and the doctors who administer the products are 100% liability free. This 5 minute video describes the National Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, which set up the ‘vaccine court’, and the impact on those who are injured by vaccines.

5. Research vaccine injury because it is a reality. There are many biomedical procedures and protocols families are finding beneficial for healing their children from vaccine injury. There are many different methods and protocols, from diet, to supplements, therapies, etc.

6. Investigate how much money parents have spent on achieving recovery from vaccine injury. Sometimes this is referred to as “detoxing” after a vaccine. Many are achieving incredible healing from serious neurological damage caused by vaccines, but at a tremendous emotional, physical, and financial cost. One mom, whom I know personally, now has a fully functioning 15-year-old. He was diagnosed on the autism spectrum at age 2. While he is now in mainstream education, the family has spent close to $1 million for all the therapies, treatments, supplements, etc., that have helped them achieve this incredible recovery.

Luca Bugarin after shots7. Take a full-face photograph of your child BEFORE the vaccine. Many subtle signs of vaccine injury can be clearly seen in the face immediately, or in the days following the injections, if we are paying attention. Notice particularly the eyes and the mouth. Sometimes vaccine damage is seen in eyes pulling in different directions or the mouth pulling up or down, in a similar way to those who have experienced a stroke. Many parents notice a pallor or lack of vitality in the face of their child following vaccines.

8. Take some video of your child’s most advanced actions or skills. Record their speech or verbal ability. Sometimes children have a serious reaction to a vaccine and are sick for several weeks and it becomes difficult to remember what they were capable of before they received the vaccines.

9. Record the batch number, manufacturer, and description of the shot in your own permanent records. Make sure you know exactly what vaccine is being injected into your child. This information will be vital in the case of any injury. It can be included in a VAERS report and can help when cases are presented to VICP for compensation. The batch numbers have relevance in cases where the same batch number has caused multiple injuries and this information could possibly benefit other parents.

10. Limit the number of shots. I would suggest no more than one at a time; that way you will be able to pinpoint which vaccine causes a poor reaction. Vaccine damage is individual but can also be cumulative. Some babies seem to be fine after receiving many injections; others react to only one shot. Limiting the number will give you more precise information on how your baby is responding.

11. High doses of Vitamin C before, and long-term after, can reduce negative symptoms. Toddlers and babies can be given 1 g/day of sodium ascorbate spread throughout the day or give 2 times the RDI/day of a Vitamin C Complex.

12. Give probiotics for at least 2 weeks afterwards.

13. Apply ice immediately, or ASAP, to the injection site.

Warning Tylenol14. Give NO acetaminophen, aka TYLENOL (USA) or PARACETAMOL (SA, UK), no matter who recommends it. While Vitamin C helps with glutathione production in the body, acetaminophen/Tylenol/Paracetamol depletes glutathione. Glutathione is critically important in the role of detoxing the brain. Please research this, especially if your health professional recommends giving a product containing  acetaminophen. Carefully read the contents of all OTC drugs. You will be surprised at how many contain acetaminophen.

15. Investigate exemptions, religious or philosophical, in your state or country. Vaccines are rarely mandated or required. 47 states in the USA allow non-medical exemptions to vaccines for school. You do not have to be a member of a specific religion or explain the details of your religious objection in order to claim a religious exemption for vaccines. You can get more information on vaccine exemptions from the National Vaccine Information Center (

16. Explore your family history for possible vaccine reactions such as: i) Autoimmune diseases, ii) Eczema, iii) High-pitched screaming, iv) Bowel disturbances, etc. Many doctors deny a connection with vaccines, but thousands of parents have found out the hard way, these symptoms can signal a possible adverse reaction. Vaccine reactions can be cumulative, which means they can grow worse with each future vaccine.

17. Do I, or my child, have a defective MTHFR gene? People with a “defective MTHFR gene have an impaired ability to produce the MTHFR enzyme (estimates range from 20%-70% or more). This can make it more difficult to break down and eliminate not only synthetic folic acid but other substances like heavy metals.”[1] Since vaccines are known to contain heavy metals, it is wise to have at least a simple saliva test to determine your MTHFR gene response.

18. If your child ends up with an obvious reaction to any vaccine, here are some steps you can take to discover and prove it was related to the vaccines.Take your baby/child to the ER and have doctors collect a blood sample to evaluate the “cytokine”, specifically look at the inflammatory cytokines. Insist on this. Save this information because these lab values document and validate the vaccine reaction in medical and legal arenas. This information will also provide substantiation for a doctor to provide you with a medical exemption so that you can say NO to any more vaccines in the future. In addition, recent studies confirm that mothers of children with ASD have elevated inflammatory cytokines and the children with ASD also have elevated inflammatory cytokines (Cytokine dysregulation in autism spectrum disorders (ASD): possible role of the environment).

There are THOUSANDS of families who are spending fortunes they don’t have, to try to restore the health of their precious children after receiving vaccines. While many are achieving success, it is GRUELING, and expensive. There are resources written by parents who are succeeding at detoxing children from vaccine damage [2].  If you don’t know anyone impacted by vaccine injury, or if your children seem fine after getting shots, every day you should thank God that your child has not been similarly injured.

For some it only took one shot to send them into the spiral known as serious vaccine injury. Some families were selective about the shots and delayed them, yet their child was still injured. For others it was a progressive combination of vaccines. These families would give anything to go back in time and make the vaccine decision again.

One mom, L.G., learned about vaccine injury personally: “I received the Hepatitis B series in my late teens because I ‘had’ to have it for college, which I later learned is a LIE. Additionally, these shots were given to prevent a disease I was never at risk for. It had been years since my last vaccines, but that series triggered my autoimmune disease. I developed an arthritis there is no cure for, that is predicted to be chronic and debilitating for the rest of my life, possibly putting me in constant pain and causing me to be unable to walk or move freely. I am currently doing well but must avoid dietary triggers, get regular exercise and rest. I’m taking a mild medication that has the potential to damage my liver. My pro-vaccine rheumatologist even agreed the vaccines I received as a teen were likely a cause/trigger for my arthritis. I just want everyone to know, if you consent to give the vaccines, you take on the responsibility for any negative outcomes for yourself; no one else is liable, the pharmaceutical companies are completely protected.”

[1] See more at: What is an MTHFR gene mutation?

[2] “Fight Autism and Win” by Jan Martin and Tressie Taylor. This book “walks parents through the process of detoxing mercury and how to handle issues like yeast and adrenal fatigue in children. The success rate for this protocol is very good!” Julie Hill

Becky on stage

Becky Hastings, a wife, mom, grandmother, passionate follower of Jesus, health promoter, breastfeeding counsellor helping moms for 22+ years, and someone who seeks to research, understand and share truth so people can make wise choices in our crazy mixed up, deceived world!

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  6. Digestive Enzymes are very effective at digesting invader cells – Preloading the body and post loading – D.E. also assist in removing the additional components in the vac – – Also Keeping the Child etc Mentally Stimulated & Physically Active helps to cycle this inserted foreign substances & effects – – –

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  10. I’m glad this was shared, as ND, I tell parents wether you are pro or anti vaccine, research & become educated. Important for parents to educate & know their rights.

  11. My son is in the process of being evaluated for autism. I have never once felt that his vaccinations were the cause of it, but possibly contributed to it. But I love your article. You don’t slam those of us who do see the benefit of vaccinations and want our child to have them, but do give ways to alleviate problems and be cautious about them. I have never thought about doing any of this, but it does make so much sense! If we have another child, I will definitely take your approach them! I am in the process of looking for something to detox my son, as I have heard that is does help with autism issues. Any recommendations? He just turned 3. Thank you!

    • De-toxing is a highly debated topic. For people with the MTHFR mutation detoxing can sometimes (if not always) make the situation worse, because toxins get dislodged from one place but end up in another. You can have yourself and your son tested to see if you have this. I would suggest joining a biomedical recovery group where you can discuss with other parents the different approaches taken. I personally do not have experience, as I was warned about the dangers of vaccines while pregnant with my first child in 1982 and choose to delay and do VERY LIMITED numbers of vaccines for my 5 children. This is one closed group on Facebook that you can ask to join.

    • Hi Tiffany, you might want to get the book “Fight Autism and Win” by Jan Martin and Tressie Taylor. It walks parents through the process of detoxing mercury and how to handle issues like yeast and adrenal fatigue in children. The success rate for this protocol is very good!

  12. The first of the MMR shots was given when my daughter was 7 months, (I had held off). She had a fever from then on for a week. I was in touch with a Holistic doctor, I knew his nurse practitioner who consulted me about what to do before the next one. It was the Vitamin C and D as well as …if I can remember, some sort of organic algae, for 2 weeks ahead of the date for the second and third injections. At age 12 she had Bells Palsy, unheard of in young children, and she has asthma. I feel both of these are due to the vaccinations. As a mid teen she got Lyme disease. If I knew then what I know now, I never would have had her vaccinated. We homeschooled her all her years and she went to UMD at age 14. She is now 29, married 3 years, brilliant, an IQ of well above genius, and is a wonderful, loving person. I AM so blessed as is she. She is in her 3rd yr of nursing, and just recently was forced to take a flu vaccine, or quit school, as she was told that nursing students are not allowed to wear masks. (She has never had a case of the flu herself and was around the public in everything she was involved with).

    • Hi Rev LizAnn
      In the USA the CDC recommends the MMR at 12 months with a 2nd MMR between ages 4 – 6 years. Do you think your daughter might have been given the DPT? The DPT is recommended for babies at 2, 4, 6 and 15 months with a booster at 4 – 6 years. I am so glad your daughter recovered. I’m wondering what she decided to do about the flu shot. Many nurses are winning legal battles and standing their ground about NOT receiving them. I know others have been kicked out of their courses or their jobs, but the tide seems to be turning as more and more are resisting this enforced medical tyranny.
      Thanks for sharing,

    • My daughter is in a nursing program right now and is being required to get her MMR shots again, as well as her Varicella vaccines, because her titers showed she had no immunity (even though she was fully vaccinated as a child). I’m SO upset about this. It’s enough that she had the first rounds, but now MORE? Ugh!! She also has to get a TDaP and a flu shot. I keep telling her to look into a religious exemption but she says when she asks the director of the nursing program she is told NO exemptions. Period. Since she is not yet a nurse, she needs to be in this nursing program and do her clinicals in a hospital. My daughter says she has no choice. I am heartbroken and so afraid for her health. I was so happy that she chose to be a nurse but now I wish she went with her second choice (a teacher) although soon I bet they will be requiring teachers to get more vaccines, too. Also, I am in CA where they just got rid of all exemptions for school admission. I am the mom of ten children. My last four children will be effected by this new law and will not be allowed to attend public or private school. I will be forced to homeschool them. I am so sad about that. I am actually a home schooling mom, but I like to send my kids to school starting in the 5th grade. I like having that freedom of choice. Right now, that choice has been taken away from me. I will NOT inject poisons into my healthy children just so they can attend school. My kids are all so healthy! Rarely do they even catch a cold. Only my first three children are vaccinated. The other seven are not (because I researched and educated myself after our third child).

    • Katrina
      Thank you for sharing your situation. I have heard of many nurses and nursing students in similar situations. Some have managed to continue with a religious exemption (don’t ask, just present it because it is a legal right), others have won legal actions taken. Allan Phillips is a known attorney who has helped many nurses. Alternatively, many are choosing to attend a more wholistic training program that truly supports health rather than participate in the Western Medical harm perpetuated through the allopathic system.

      I pray you will have wisdom and your daughter will have courage to stand for what she believes. God sometimes closes doors so that we can find a different, perhaps unexpected path. I homeschooled 5 children through high school and believe that while it is not easy, those years can be critical for establishing their world view.


    • I find this forced vaccination of medical professions very saddening. The worst part is when you finally come to terms that the elite are attempting to murder us with a soft kill program. Their goal is to have the professional class die off when they are finally able to retire. So this won’t likely impact folks right away but over the years people that took these shots will come down with cancer and other odd diseases that will disable and/or kill them.

  13. One mom, L.G., learned about vaccine injury personally: “I received the Hepatitis B series in my late teens because I ‘had’ to have it for college, which I later learned is a LIE.”

    Becky, what is your advice on dealing with colleges requiring freshmen to get vaccinated? Thank you.

    • All colleges may ask for proof of vaccination with the application for admission. That does not mean they are “required”. If you are in a state that allows for religious or philosophical exemptions for vaccines, just submit your own religious exemption form in lieu of the proof of vaccines, and don’t make a big deal out of it. In my experience it is just a check box needed by the admissions office. As long as you give them the exemption form, they can check off their box. You can also check with for information specific to your state.

  14. I don’t plan on ever vaccinating my children. They’re not safe, not effective, have never been proven to work—just say no and forget about the “back-up plan”.

    Now if you have already had your children vaccinated, then by all means, do everything you can to detoxify.

  15. A well-written, educational, “non-inflammatory” article filled with excellent suggestions and common sense; one which can be comfortably shared with others.

  16. This is so good! I’ve never seen such a well-thought-out and calm reply to those who must vaccinate! Thanks for it! I wonder if you might allow me to reblog it, giving a link, of course…

    • Katharine,
      Thanks for your kind words – and for the editing help! My guidelines for re-blogging are being formulated. 🙂 I’ve had a few blogs re-posted without asking permission and giving the impression that I was a writer on their page! Or sometimes like it was their information!

      I do want the message of vaccine truth to be widely shared, but would appreciate acknowledgement at the top of a “guest blog” by Becky Hastings of with a link to the original blog, so that the source is immediately apparent.

      Does that sound reasonable?

    • I’d be happy to do that, but what I meant was to post just a bit of your article–a teaser–with a link to read the rest, here. I would probably receive no comments, and all serious readers would land here to read the rest, hopefully boosting your stats…
      Let me know if you are okay with that or not. 🙂

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