Some Babies WILL Die

Angel BabyIt is an acknowledged fact.

Some healthy babies will die as a result of receiving vaccines.

The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) will even pay out up to $250,000 per infant death by vaccine.[1]

Every baby subjected to the CDC recommended vaccine schedule – actually any baby subjected to even just one dose of one vaccine – has the potential of death as one of the outcomes. The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 (Public Law 99-660) created the VICP, a fund based on a contribution of 75 cents from every vaccine sold, that will compensate families in the USA if they can prove that their baby’s death resulted from the vaccines.[2] So everyone who participates in the vaccine program, pays a ‘vaccine tax’ towards the inevitable injuries that WILL happen.

Vaccine injury happens.        How often?

No one really knows. Deaths related to vaccines are often denied by doctors, although some do admit vaccines as the cause. Sometimes there is an autopsy, but coroners are encouraged not to find evidence of vaccine involvement in the sudden unexplained death of a previously healthy infant in close proximity to receiving the standard recommended vaccines.[3]

While deaths have been compensated by the VICP, the medical establishment in general is taught that vaccine reactions are ‘very very rare.’ They are trained to view the reactions following a vaccine as some strange phenomenon – but probably in no way related to the vaccines the healthy baby was given. Thus most parents do not file a claim with the VICP after the death of their baby, but 1,164 claims for death and 14,874 claims for injury from vaccines have been filed.[4]

The process of receiving the $250,000 payout for a death from the fund is complex and challenging.[5] Parents who are struggling to come to terms with the sudden unexplained death of their otherwise healthy infant, with a strange correlation to the time of their shots, often do not possess the physical and emotional strength necessary to complete the cumbersome application process and a $400 payment is required up front, just to submit a claim.

Russian RoulletteSo the numbers don’t really reflect the reality.

The truth is, every vaccine given is somewhat like a game of Russian roulette. However, it is slightly different. In Russian roulette some of the barrels hold blanks. In the vaccine game, every shot holds poison. The only question is what will this dose of poison do to this baby?[6]

Leviticus 19:16 is clear,

“Do not stand idly by when your neighbor’s life is threatened. I am the Lord.”

I cannot stand idly by while vaccines are killing and harming babies. We must speak out for those who cannot speak and those who do not understand the harm inflicted by vaccines, especially the many shots recommended for babies today.

12Author: Becky Hastings, wife, mother, grandmother, passionate seeker of Jesus, truth and health. I pray that every family who has been a victim of vaccine injury and death will find hope and healing through Jesus Christ, our true hope. I further pray that all parents and doctors will wake up to the harm that vaccines have caused to far too many and that they will seek the TRUTH above all.

For more blogs on vaccine induced death:

[1] The age is not specified, but includes infant deaths: “Compensation varies, depending on the injury, and can include as much as $250,000 for pain and suffering, lost earnings, legal fees, and/or a reasonable amount for past and future care. For a death, you may receive as much as $250,000 for the estate and legal fees.” USDHHS, Health Resources and Services Administration, National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, How To File a Claim,

[2] USDHHS, Health Resources and Services Administration, National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program,

[3] In the tragic circumstance of you or anyone you know facing the death of a child after vaccine, a lot of helpful information has been compiled in A Parent’s Guide: What to do if Your Child Dies After VaccinationGuidelines to Autopsy Medical Tests, by Norma Erickson, President SANE Vax & Catherine J Frompovich, Consumer Health Researcher & Author.

[4] US Dept of HHS, HRSA, Data and Statistics, updated 07/01/2015.

[5] USDHHS, Health Resources and Services Administration, National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, How To File a Claim,

[6] There are known increased risks of harm from vaccines, but the government has avoided most attempts to identify the risk factors for specific individuals. Known risks include, but are not limited to: a genetic predisposition based on mutation of the MTHFR gene, family history of autoimmune disorders, premature birth with other risk factors, family history of adverse events following vaccines.

13 thoughts on “Some Babies WILL Die

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  2. Dear Nicola I just finished reading your post. I am so sorry for your loss. I truly am.
    I don’t know if you have had anymore information since your post, you can have genetic testing done to see if you carry the mutant gene and if you don’t carry it, then your baby boy most definitely had “secondary” HLH triggered by vaccinations just like my son..
    The Cincinnati website has a wealth of knowledge on HLH, I am sure you know as much if not more about HLH as I do.. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  3. My perfectly healthy son was diagnosed with “secondary” HLH after he had his 6 months vaccinations. He started projectile vomiting within 48 hours of his vaccines, went off his food. Within 9 days he had a fever that just wouldn’t go, red/purple dots on his hands and feet, diarrhea, very pale. I knew all along the vaccines had caused/triggered something deadly and I knew if we had stayed in the hospital ICU in the Bahamas we would of lost him without any doubt. Thankfully we were airlifted to Miami’s children’s hospital PICU, within an hour a male nurse came to me and asked when did this all start… I said he was perfect until he had his vaccinations 2 weeks prior and told him everything, he left and came back an hour later and said we suspect HLH but we will confirm in the morning… My son has gone to hell and back, he fought so hard to live and thankfully he won the battle with aggressive treatments such as chemotherapy, Cyclsporine, the worse kind of steroids, Platlets and many blood transfusions .. My son had/has “Secondary” HLH triggered by his vaccinations. My histio warrior is in remission now and the chances of secondary HLH coming back is slim 12-13 percent thankfully! I am still raw emotionally so forgive my rushed version of events. We are very thankful that we caught it in time and our baby responded very well to the treatments, but knowing vaccinations can trigger such a life threatening immune disorder/disease is heartbreaking. Please forgive me, I read just the beginning of your message and I started to shake. I will read your story fully afterwards, I just did not have the heart to read it before I responded.

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  10. Hi I am from the UK, I feel like I am going mad, here’s why, my perfectly healthy 21 month old son died of a “blood disorder” back in 2010, Charlie was fine up until his vaccinations at 14 months old, and slowly developed a catastrophic immune break down… The blood disorder was called HLH and all through the next 5 months of treatment for this “disease” they found no infectious trigger, no autoimmune diseases, and no genetic markers.. I said at many meeting with consultations, I thought it was the vaccinations but they just closed their ears. Now we are facing a 1 in 4 chance for future children having HLH and they still can’t really say it was HLH for sure. I would just welcome any thoughts as I can’t work out after what I can see through research, why would they put our minds at ease and admit vaccines probably did cause this reaction, and not blame our genetics

    • Hi Nicola
      I’m so sorry to hear you your baby’s death. I think you know in your heart that it was the vaccines that were responsibly. It could be that there is a genetic factor (research MTHFR gene) which made your son more susceptible to this vaccine injury. It could be that future children, without vaccines will be 100% healthy. There are many families in your situation who have found concrete answers, but usually on their own, without the admission by the medical doctors who treated their children. There are specific Facebook Groups formed to help navigate the information and find real answers. I’m happy to direct you to some if you do not know of them.

      I pray you will find healing for the hurt and loss you experienced. I would also encourage you to have your rainbow baby. You and your husband might want to look into pre-conception detoxification to give your future children the best possible chance for health. Also, never vaccinate when pregnant, no matter how hard anyone pushes you. Of course I would strongly encourage you to research like crazy before any medical procedure you agree to for yourself or your baby. I’ve written a lot about pregnancy and healthy babies.

      My best for you and your family,

    • I am in contact with a woman on my email list who has a daughter with Autism. She had a vaccination while pregnant and she is convinced that it caused her child to be autistic. My heart aches every time I think about the heavy load she has to carry …all because of pharmaceutical companies only care about profits and use any excuse to get those profits ..even if it hurts people.

      Pharma spends millions, perhaps billions, on lobbying the government. Stupid politicians who know nothing help Pharma by making laws or allowing Pharma to produce these vaccines, among other drugs, while politicians think they are doing us a big favor. Is it because politicians are being bribed or offered sweet deals? Perhaps, but I think often the politician doesn’t know any better and trusts the “expert” …the expert in this case being the Pharma lobbyist.

      The Pharma’s lobbyists know that the politician knows nothing about vaccines, for example, and they know that, for the most part, the politician will depend on their expertise. So one vaccine after another is created whether we need it or not …MMR is not needed. We lived for centuries without vaccinating for measles, mumps and ruebella. Yes, in rare, VERY RARE, cases children died from these diseases but not near as many as those who now die from vaccinations …and that does not include the thousands and thousands who now live a horrific life with autism and other brain damage and other vaccine damage. It’s a money grab!
      Not only do they get your money via taxes, selling you more drugs after vaccinations for autistic children and other vaccine damage, they make more money every time another vaccine or drug is added.

      It is time we become lobbyists ourselves and educate our politicians on a regular basis, over and over again, until he gets the message. You don’t have to be in the government buildings to be a lobbyist. You can do it from home …from your computer! Start by sending your representative emails that educate him about vaccines. As much as is possible, keep the emails short. I think the short ones get read. (I should take my own advice on this post :)) Also highlight in yellow the important parts so that he/she will want to read more. Keep dripping information to him. Then for more entertainment, start sending them to all representatives, federal, state and local. Keep those email addresses and share them with people of like mind so they can write, too.

      I am convinced that most doctors don’t do research on vaccines; they have never even read the package inserts that come with vaccines …not even once. Think about it …do you read the Terms of Service or the Terms and Policies when asked if you agree with them? How many times have you even glanced at the Terms of Service when you clicked on “I agree with the terms of service” to get to the next page or complete the task you may be doing at the time.
      One guy once made the remark that there might be one person in million who reads the Terms of Service ..but, he added, “Nobody likes him very much” :)) (joke)

      Doctors don’t have time to read everything, for one thing. Time is money for the doctor and he makes no money while reading an 10 page document about just one vaccine …and there are how many different vaccines now …I think I read somewhere that 65 different vaccines are given children and probably more coming because every time a vaccine is added Pharma’s till goes “Ker Ching” AGAIN!!

      I think this is a vaccine insert from Merck…

      Doctors don’t have time to research either especially if they have a busy practice, so guess what …YOU are going to have to educate him. The best way might be to write him a note or a letter as often as you can and “drip” information to him. Write it by hand if you have good handwriting. Eventually, he might say to himself, “Maybe I should look into this”. If nothing else, send him emails …again keep it short, if possible.

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