How many shots?

49 shots by age 2


This is the average child’s vaccine record. Luca’s mom shared this “immunization record” of all the shots her precious baby received from birth to 24 months. She trusted her doctor and the US Medical system 100%. She grew up in Eastern Europe and many of her dreams came true when she arrived as an adult in the USA. She never suspected that maybe the U.S. vaccine recommendations could actually harm her child.

Here is another way of looking at those vaccines:

How Many Shots

Born on 5 January 2010 baby Luca got his Hepatitis B shot in the hospital as standard procedure. No one ever asked or explained the risk or benefits of either Hepatitis or the Hep B injection.

At two months of age his mom dutifully took him back to the doctor where he received another Hepatitis B, DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis), HIB (Haemophilus influenza B) and IPV (polio); three needles and one oral dose for a total of six vaccine antigens. Luca’s mom said she hated the fact that Luca had to have shots. She couldn’t even hold him while they injected him, it was too traumatic for her. She cried at every doctor’s visit. But she continued to trust the doctor.

All those vaccines can take a toll on a two month old infant’s immune system. Of course the infant’s body must also deal with all the other vaccine ingredients like formaldehyde, aluminum, foreign protein cells, etc.

Warning TylenolHow could a two month old baby tell you if something about that combination wasn’t quite right for his body? He would cry of course, that is the only way a two month old baby can communicate – or he could possible go lethargic. But if baby cries – even inconsolably for hours – parents often call their doctor’s office and are told such crying is normal and to give Tylenol so baby will feel better. Many babies cry and are extremely fussy for days or weeks after vaccines. Some otherwise completely healthy babies, so overloaded by the toxins, simply don’t wake up. Their deaths are often labeled as SIDS.

Luca’s mom grew up in the politically volatile country of Serbia. She wanted a better life for her children. She had absolute trust in the U.S. because of such a stable government. She was extremely compliant with her doctor’s recommendations. She not only brought Luca for the 2, 4, and 6 month old vaccine visits, she also brought Luca in for the Pneumococcal vaccine at 3 months AND 5 months.

Luca’s next big round of vaccine assault was at four months: another DTaP, another HIB, and another IPV. Again, moms are told to expect crying and fussiness – after all, baby just had his shots. Sometimes moms, in anticipation of the normal reaction to vaccines (crying, miserable baby) give Tylenol BEFORE going to the doctor, trying to offset the reaction in advance. Luca’s mom  felt ‘lucky’ because Luca didn’t have really bad reactions after receiving his shots; he just got quiet.

At six months Luca again received shots: Pentacel which is a ‘5 in one’ vaccine containing: DTaP, IPV, and HIB. With Pentacel baby only gets one needle so it seems to be less traumatic – from the onlooker’s point of view. Mom is still not comfortable with shots, but continues to have faith in the medical system and her doctor.

At ten months Luca got his third dose of Hepatitis B. The CDC recommends giving the third dose between 6 – 18 months. I don’t know exactly why baby Luca had another appointment for just one shot at 10 months. Perhaps his mom took him to visit the doctor for some other reason and when they saw he was due for his last Hepatitis B series, they gave it to him despite his illness. Many moms think giving a vaccine to a sick child is an extremely bad idea, but doctors just take it in stride. A cold or other illness is no reason for them to avoid administering a vaccine. They know that if they miss the opportunity to give a vaccine when baby is in their office, mom may not bring him back when he is well.

Baby Luca had been injected in the hospital at birth, and was back to his doctor for more shots at two, three, four, five, six, ten, twelve, fifteen, eighteen and twenty-four months. That is a lot of traumatic doctor’s visits by a very dutiful mom. Of course, there is a significant financial implication to all those office visits. It costs the parents money and brings financial benefits to the doctor.

Luca Bugarin Christmas 2011 Luca Bugarin after shotsWhile this seems like an incredible number of toxic shots to inject into a baby, the CDC actually recommends that babies get EVEN MORE. Baby Luca did not get the Rotavirus series of vaccines because for some unknown reason, his doctor did not suggest it was needed. He also did not get any flu vaccines because his mom declined those.

Notice Luca’s eyes in these two photographs. The first was taken at eleven months – before he received the MMRV. The picture on the right was taken ten days after receiving the MMRV. Notice his eyes. There is a distinct droop which is evidence of the micro ‘strokes’ caused by the vaccines.

SH Aluminum in shotsMany times a baby’s body reacts to the cumulative impact of all the ingredients in the vaccines over time. The known neurotoxins, especially aluminum, impair brain function. Luca had received a lot of aluminum in all of those shots.

Here is a list of all the ingredients, provided by the CDC, that the vaccines injected into baby Luca contained. Remember that he was injected with multiple doses of many of the vaccines.

Vaccine Ingredients LucaThe latest scientific information gleaned on the development of the immune system continues to shed light on how amazing it is. Anyone wanting to understand how to keep a baby healthy needs to understand the neonatal immune system development. Many of the facts of the immune system, especially the gut/brain/immune system connection coming to light, turn the foundation of vaccine science on its head.[1]

Dr Suzanne Humprhies describes the natural state of the infant’s body as “anti-inflammatory”. This anti-inflammatory state is purposeful. An infant is not born deficit of vaccines. The complex mechanisms of the immune system gradually identify foreign substances and ‘learn’ to mount an appropriate response, but it takes time. Injecting and bombarding infants with intramuscular injections of inflammatory substances contained in vaccines, causes the infant to mount an inappropriate inflammatory condition – often with detrimental long-term impact. Many people suggest that we need “safe” vaccines. However, aluminum and other harmful additions to vaccines are done purposefully – called adjuvants – in an attempt to “wake up” or cause a more inflammatory reaction in the infant.

As a parent, Luca’s mom wanted the absolute best for her baby. She trusted that her doctor also wanted the best for her baby. She assumed that the CDC recommendations were in the best interests of HER baby. Regretfully she saw her son regress. She saw him having neurological challenges which forced her to begin to look into the science and ingredients in vaccines.

Luca experienced sensory processing challenges, muscle tone weakness, and ADD symptoms. His mom learned that the vaccines contain ingredients that can harm the developing brain and she saw her son struggling every single day with obvious vaccine injury. She began incurring huge expense in occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, nutritional therapy and other therapies to help Luca detox and heal from his vaccine injuries. He has made progress, but his mom lives daily with the guilt any parent feels when they realize they have unknowingly contributed to severely harming their baby. Luca’s mom also feels betrayed by a system built on a false foundation of vaccine safety. She is also angry because she trusted doctors and government agencies who perversely refuse to admit the harm daily experienced by thousands, if not millions of children. Anger of that level can be very challenging to deal with. She also experiences emotional and physical exhaustion in seeking to understand the harm Luca’s body was subjected to and find solutions that will benefit him.

How does Luca’s mom know vaccines harmed her baby?

She has had the opportunity of having another baby who is completely vaccine free. At every stage of development the difference in the babies progress is overwhelmingly obvious. Luca’s mom rejoices in the blessing of her new precious baby, but every day is a reminder that her first baby was deprived of a natural normal healthy development.

Luca’s mom has decided she wants to use her anger and betrayal as a stimulus to educate and inform other parents. At first, she was eager to save every single child from vaccine harm. She is actively involved in encouraging and educating parents on the reality of vaccine injury.

Becky on stageAuthor: Becky Hastings, wife, mother, grandmother, passionate about Jesus, health and truth. If my writing can help even one baby avoid vaccine injury that will be a great victory. I pray it will effectively help many more.

More info on Vaccines: 30 Ways in 30 Days to Explore Vaccines

[1] Dr Suzanne Humphries provides a brilliant explanation of how exactly the infant immune system develops based on the latest scientific discoveries. Dr. Suzanne Humphries – Neonatal Immunity: The First Three Years Pt 1


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  8. Thank you so much Mrs. Becky❤️ for telling our story!
    I just want to comment on Lynda’s comment….you are right in Serbia he will get half vaccines then here….but over there they give 5 in 1 or 6 in 1 so people thinks their kids got 5 vaccines in first year of life and this is schedule they give to kids in Serbia, but it is in Serbian script so hard for English readers to interpret:

    And they are mandatory now!! And also sooner or later they will follow the “American” schedule!!!
    Also I want to share with you that by spreading my story among my friends I have “saved” one baby here and one more is coming this winter and three babies back in Serbia!

  9. Thank you for this beautifully written but heartbreaking post Becky; and thank you to Luca’s Mom for her willingness to share her story to help protect other children and families. A young mother who lives part time in Japan and part time in Pakistan told me that mothers in her countries often look to the United States to see what we are doing with regard to vaccines. Like Luca’s Mom once did, these mothers think that the U.S. knows best; and that perhaps they should follow our lead. As sad as stories like Luca’s are, we must continue to share them to educate parents in the U.S. and around the world that vaccines can and do cause devastating injury and death. May I share your post via the Vaccine Choice Prayer Community website?

  10. It is so true that parents start waking up after the damage is done. Serbia probably was a safer place for her infant than it has been here even with all the war going on. She came to America, the land of opportunity and got the opportunity to have the medical industrial complex damage her baby. Thanks America for that great opportunity.

  11. This is beyond heartbreaking. I have a two year old great grandson who often breaks out into uncontrollable sobbing — hysteria — he is so well loved and cared for, it never made any sense…. until I recently found your site. Dear Lord Jesus, please help us.

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