My Dear Friend – it’s about vaccines

Baby napI sent this letter to a friend after she told me she would be taking her 8-week-old baby for his doctor’s visit in two days time. My first thought was about the vaccines they would want to give. I was able to pray for her just before her baby was born after sharing some information on the critical role of a woman’s brain function during labor. She decided to decline the epidural and managed to deliver her 9 lb 7 oz (4.28 kg) baby in less than 5 hours completely naturally!! She is very tiny herself, so was still deservedly thrilled and feeling empowered 8 weeks later. She thanked me profusely for our chat before her labor and felt it was providential. Me too. 😉

I decided I could not stay silent on the topic of vaccines and needed to share my concerns with her, trying my best not to be overbearing or offensive. This is what I sent to her, and  Her response to my bold letter is at the end.

Dear friend,

I’m so glad you shared your birth story with me. It encouraged me a lot. I wish every woman could have a similarly positive birth experience. Unfortunately, in my experience it seems far too rare. I would love to be a champion of natural births and would appreciate any opportunity to pray with other pregnant moms.

I’m also passionate about healthy babies and I’ve been researching routine medical procedures for babies for about 33 years. I’ve watched the number of vaccines recommended for babies jump from around 3 when I was a kid to over 30 shots now recommended for ALL babies by 18 months, 49 by preschool, and a total of 69 doses by the time they are 18 years.

This is crazy and could be causing a lot of harm both immediate (SIDS) and long-term. And it’s not just autism or neurological damage, there are a host of auto-immune and health issues that this practice has created in children (from diabetes, allergies, skin conditions, etc.).

You may think I’m crazy, and your doctor may say that people like me are crazy, but I’ve encountered thousands upon thousands of parents who followed the CDC and their doctors’ recommendations regarding vaccines, only to witness first hand their child experience a devastating vaccine injury.

My strong encouragement to you as you approach your precious baby’s 2 month visit is to decline all shots until you have a chance to research this topic further. I have no idea how your doctor views vaccines. Many doctors have started personal research into the dangers, and are surprised by the lack of safety studies. This pushes them to find out the facts and science. The entire vaccine schedule has never been tested for safety in a true evidence-based manner. If your doctor says there are studies to show the schedule of giving 30+ doses of 14 vaccines to babies by the age of 18 months has been tested – ask him for the reference, I’d love to read it.

The problem is that most doctors receive very little training in the science behind vaccines in medical school or on an ongoing basis. They are told over and over again “Vaccines are safe and effective and if we didn’t have them we would see massive infectious disease epidemics. So you MUST tell your patients to get their babies vaccinated.” Most of their training comes directly from the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture and promote the vaccines. The training is often specifically focussed on “persuading” parents to give vaccines – not to provide information on the science supporting vaccines. These companies are making a lot of money (it’s a $30B+ per year business) and have a spotty track record in terms of safety. The CDC has become “captive” to these companies and has done a lot of unethical maneuvers to maintain their stance in support of high vaccine rates (see further #CDCWhistleblower). Doctors and scientists supporting vaccines are often so enmeshed in the premise that “vaccines are good and have saved the world” that they are not able to critically look at the science and ask hard questions. Their careers and livelihood depend on their unwavering commitment to their vaccine agenda.

But the science does not support their claims.

In the end you, as the parents, will be solely responsible for your baby’s health. If your baby is injured in any way through a vaccine (which may only become apparent later) the vaccine manufacturer, the CDC, and your doctor all have 100% protection from liability. The parent is the one who will bear the burden of all medical costs and trauma from such an injury. And the costs can be ENORMOUS. Mostly the doctors and others will deny even very obvious vaccine injury so the parents receive a double blow – first the injury, then victimization from a system that refuses to acknowledge the harm it is causing.

There is good news in that thousands of families are finding healing from vaccine injury through biomedical interventions, but this process is expensive, long, and difficult. It does, however, prove that there is indeed a physical link between the child’s injury symptoms and the vaccine, and that when the physical impact is appropriately addressed with understanding the toxic damage caused by vaccines, some healing can occur.

I’m sorry to be so long. I get really passionate about this. Please pray and research. I can give you many resources to help you in your discovery. I know you only want the best for your precious baby. Sometimes it is hard to discern what the best is because there are powerful deceptive forces pushing the acceptance of vaccines. Hanging in the balance is a HUGE amount of money, many careers, medical reputations, and the health of the individual child. The media does not give a balanced representation and often portrays those who speak of the dangers of the vaccine policy as crazy, quacks, etc. The media derives approximately 75% of its advertising revenue from pharmaceutical interests.

I’m boldly sharing this with you because I care and my heart would break if your baby suffered any damage from vaccines purported to “protect”, when in reality, they hurt far too many babies. The rate of injury is not “very rare”, as many doctors like to tell their patients. I’ve connected with thousands of parents who personally witnessed injuries. They believed the recommendations that vaccines were in the best interests of their baby, they trusted the doctor’s advice, and they dutifully took their babies for their shots. There are many many dangerous ingredients in vaccines and not enough science to discover how they impact such tiny vulnerable bodies. Parents deserve to know the true risk of ALL medical procedures – including routine vaccines.

Breastmilk is truly the absolute best vaccine any baby ever needs. Your milk is a living substance, which is perfectly designed by God to offer protection from illness, epigenetic enhancement of your baby’s immune system, and nutrition in exactly the form he needs.

Blessings and love to you!


Hallelujah, this was her response:

Dear Becky,

You sent this at the perfect time. I’ve been praying for wisdom and discernment in how to handle the issue of vaccinations for baby as his 2 month appointment is approaching quickly. I haven’t felt a peace about vaccines, but to be honest, I haven’t fully researched the topic. I’ve read enough to be alarmed and feel unsettled about the whole thing.

I really feel like God used you today in sending this message when you did. It really served as the encouragement we needed and hubby and I have decided to hold off on any shots to give ourselves more time to research further. Baby’s wellness is too important to make a flippant decision that we don’t feel at peace about.

I would love any resources you can send my way about this topic.

Thanks so much for reaching out! It came at the perfect time!

Thanksgiving 2015Written by Becky Hastings, wife, mother, grandmother, passionate Jesus follower, breastfeeding counselor, crazy about health.

Please let me know how you feel about vaccines in the comments below!


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  5. Hi it would be interesting to see stats on those children who did not get vaccinated but contracted the illnesses the vaccines protect from. Parents have to be responsible either way for making the decision whether they vaccinate or not. Those children that had adverse reactions to being vaccinated are a very small percentage of those who have been vaccinated. I have never read stats showing vaccination is a contributing factor or cause of SIDS. In Australia it is mandatory for children to receive all vaccinations prior to entering the school system. I have 4 children myself and over 100 niecesm nephews, great and great great nieces and nephews and all vaccinated without any problems. Its a hard decision either way. My mum had polio and bet she wished they had the vaccine back in her day when she contracted it at 11. I have no regrets immunising my children l wish you all luck in making yr decision.

    • Hi Vikki
      I am so glad none of your children, nieces, nephews, etc. have any obvious vaccine injury. With allergy rates, auto-immune diseases, and neurological challenges all rising drastically, it is hard to know if there is an association with these conditions and childhood vaccinations. Many doctors claim there is a link. I am sorry your mom had polio. It is an interesting disease when you read the history in detail. Dr Suzanne Humphries has written an excellent book and has given many talks on the subject of polio and vaccines. Today the majority (if not the only) cases of polio are among vaccinated – caused by the vaccine. I pray you will continue to gather information and help others in your country. Mandating a potential harmful treatment for all healthy children seems dangerous. There will be adverse events. Babies have died from vaccines and parents have received compensation by the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program for the deaths. When it is due to vaccine injury it is not ruled as SIDS. The problem is, too many causes of death are ruled as SIDS when a possible vaccine correlation is ignored. But every year babies continue to die.

      Also, giving vaccines is no guarantee of immunization. Most cases of WC are among vaccinated. Roughly 15% of those who receive vaccines do not have protection. There is no guarantee.

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  7. Goodness! I don’t often post things and had just written my couple of paragraphs and was filling in the details when I happened to glance above and see the last post was written by a person with the same name! Fancy that! So I will add NZ in front of mine.:-)

    Great advice about vaccines – they do more harm than good! There is a 12 year gap between my youngest son and his big brothers. The big brothers have been vaccinated as I was so led by ‘this is what you MUST do! After finally waking up I researched into the ingredients etc as was ashamed I had let my older two boys be exposed to all those nasties! I decided I would not allow this to happen to my third child. They boys are now 30, 26 and 14. My youngest child is fit, bright and healthy and has never been vaccinated. My two older ones have had health issues (and still do now) such as asthma, psoriasis, epilepsy, poor vision and seemed to catch every cold and virus that was ever going about – they still do now! My youngest son has only ever been to doctors/hospital when he has had a fall/accident and required a stitch and check for broken bones. And of course a tetanus jab is always offered, (and refused) my son has researched the ingredients too! There is another side to this too….
    Unfortunately, if there ever is a ‘mandatory’ Schedule/agenda to use your child as a Guinea pig, pin cushion, then I’m afraid you just might have to surrender – why, you may ask? Because when you gave your baby their name and registered that name and attached it to your child, you essentially sold your precious bundle of joy to the ‘government’.
    I suggest further research on the live birth record and birth certificate. is a good start. Peace

    • Angelica Rose
      Thank you so much for sharing your observations of your vaccinated versus non vaccinated sons. This is powerful information that every parent would do well to pay attentions to, it is truly directly observed ‘science.’
      I appreciate you taking the time to make a contribution here!

  8. Right On! I say, bless you for courageously reaching out and sharing your wisdom and experience, and I’m so glad the mother received your letter with gratitude. I’m a mother and my 15 year old daughter had ZERO vaccinations until she was 13 years old, and when we did begin to get her vaccinated, we took it slowly to ensure her safety. We’ve traveled extensively to several foreign countries in Europe, north Africa, and Central America since she was not quite 2 1/2 years old, with nary a problem with her health. I breast fed her until she was 22 months old, and she’s always eaten organic food as well. When she had teething fevers I used water evaporation on her head to manage the fever rather than giving her pharmaceutical drugs to lower the fever, and I stayed closely present with her to ensure her comfort, even though it meant that I lost sleep and let go of my own comfort for a while. I believe there are many ways we can keep our children healthy that are outside of the “mainstream” mode of child rearing; when we get out of fear mode we can more easily tap into natural wisdom and evaluate information from all angles with discernment and patience.

    • Cheryl
      Thank you for adding your insight. I wonder why you made the decision to give her vaccines as a young teen? It seems like she was past the most ‘infectious’ stages and had a well developed innate immune system. Sometimes it is very hard for us to completely shake the concept that maybe there is a little bit of good in vaccines. You were wise to with and do them slowly and watch for reactions. For anyone, for whatever reason, MUST give vaccines, I have written some guidelines to go over in preparation. Unfortunately not all adverse reactions to the chemicals/viruses/protein injected are seen immediately.
      You sound like a very wise and caring mother.

  9. I wish I knew somebody like you before I vaccinated my first son. Now, all I have is regret why I did not research before vaccinated him. My son diagnosed with autism, alopecia, eczema. Please pray for my son, Seth, that Jesus may restore him. Thank you and God bless you.

    • Julie
      My heart breaks for every family that has experienced the agenda of what you are going through. I’ve write a little about that here. There are many thousands of parents who are finding healing through biomedical approaches to treating the vaccine damage. There are many Facebook groups that have open discussions on various methods the parents have found successful. There is not necessarily a ‘one size fits all’ solution, but it is encouraging that many children are making huge strides towards recovery.
      In the name and power of the resurrected Jesus Christ I pray for you to have strength wisdom and understanding on how best to help Seth. I pray also that Seth may experience complete and total healing, that every cell in his body will be re-calibrated and re-balanced with everything he needs to function at his peak. I pray that all pain will be removed and your family will find total freedom from pain and the bitterness of your experience. I pray most of all that many, including Seth, will find the salvation God offers us through Jesus. Amen.

    • there is hope for your son to recover. many parents are achieving great results through addressing the overload of pathogens in the gut. check out Lyndsy Karrie on Facebook who is curing her son’s autism with the help of her doctor and will release a documentary about this journey called Leaving The Spectrum. also Kirsty Wirth from did the same thing.

  10. We can’t depend on Research done by anyone anymore. Anyone can be bought and a lot the Researcher have been charged with false reports and changing the outcomes of some studies. Prominent Scientists have also bee charged for doctoring results. No one can be trusted to do the right thing anymore. It is a sad world we live in when it comes to this.

    • L. Kimmell
      Absolutely true. All scientists are motivated by a variety of factors. Even those with great character can be deceived or led astray by a false foundation of what they were taught was true.
      I personally have found hope through knowing that God is in control and one day he will bring full and complete justice and healing to the world. The world is lost and individuals need to come to know that Jesus said he was the way, the truth and the life. I believe that in Jesus are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge and if we humbly seek him, repenting of the lies and hardness of our hearts, he will guide our lives and use us to extend his kingdom and his love on earth.

  11. I am a grandmother to a 16 year autistic grandson and an 18 year old granddaughter who stopped talking and lost eye contact after her chicken pox vaccine. My granddaughter regains speech after years of therapy. She was socially delayed, too. My grandson was non verbal for 5 years, is not social, has allergies, OCD’s, phobias, asthma, and more. It is so sad what these vaccines did to them. They have not received any more vaccines, but the damage was done from the baby vaccines. We wished someone would have warned us of the dangers many years ago. When my next granddaughter was born 6 years ago, sister to my grandson, we were informed and she is unvaccinated. She is healthy and bright. It is so sad what is happening to children today. I have printed up a flyer to give to women with kids and pregnant women to educate them. It is up to all of us to spread the word to others.

    • Kathy
      My heart aches for your story. I am so glad to know that you are informed, aware, and helping to educate others. I pray your grandchildren will continue to make progress and find healing. We can educate at all levels of society because every generation needs to know.
      I’m guessing you are aware of the Thinking Moms Revolution and the many biomedical treatments parents are finding helpful to bring healing from vaccine induced developmental delays.
      Thanks for sharing your powerful firsthand eyewitness account of the difference between the health of vaccinated and non-vaccinated grandchildren. That is a powerful scientific observation many parents have seen.

  12. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story. I am a wife, mother and grandmother who has also been questioning for the past 25 + years and now researching for the past 8. I am also a nursing professor and it is my desire to help guide new nurses to research and questioning this practice. The evidence is very clear. We have the most vaccinated children on earth and also the most chronic illness. 30 years ago you did not hear of the chronic illnesses in children that we hear about today. It is not about better diagnosing either. Ask any teacher who has been teaching for at least 30 years and they will tell you that the children are different.

    It’s sort of like the old story about the frog in the pot of water. If you throw a frog in a pot of boiling water he will jump out but if you heat the pot up slowly he will die because he didn’t notice or know the difference. We, as a nation have been slowly conditioned to accept what the doctor says and not question. I want to know why our children are sicker and autism is now 1/44 boys. Children are the future and we are one generation at a time destroying their immune systems. Thank you for your voice. I will no longer be silent but will do my best to speak the truth in love.

    • Cindy
      I thank God for your wisdom and your voice! I would like to highlight your comments on a separate blog. I lived outside of the USA for 30+ years and since arriving back, I have often compared this society with the frog in the water! It is very apparent to me that people are being led astray and in an effort to achieve health and ‘protection’, they are actually harming their children.
      Thank you for your voice. I believe we are making a difference. As individuals we can speak and educate one family at a time, but in your position God can multiple your influence through the nurses you train. I pray the blessings of Jesus on all you do, and His protection!
      Thanks for sharing,

  13. Yes and yes and yes. Follower of Jesus. That’s me. Victimized and judged by people who call themselves Christians but are not, misled by well-meaning doctors and other professionals whose eyes are now being opened to the truth of medical abuse. And the reasons why are staggering. People misunderstand the roots and lack discernment when coerced into blindly treating their babies instead of looking at their family trees and discovering both environmental and medical atrocities that have interrupted our genetic code. Atrocities from all sides. May God protect and keep our little ones from such harm. We must all stand at once for them, and allow a Greater Love for all humanity reign supreme. It’s time.

  14. Cognitive dissonance is the default position that people generally take when they do not want to take on board new information which might upset the apple cart of existing preconceived notions and comfortable thought patterns. This happens within those parents who have already vaccinated their kids and chosen to think that they are “fine”, and the vaccines have not harmed in any way. This might very well be the case, and these babies/kids may be “fine”, they may just be lucky. But plenty are not “fine”, plenty are damaged, plenty live the legacy of life long illnesses created from vaccines and plenty still are sacrificed to the altar of the “vaccine Gods” and the deaths written off as “SIDS”. Also, “fine” might be fine now, but damage from vaccines often doesn’t show for years later, and damages to the nerves and brain sheaths from the assault of too many (genetically modified) viruses, heavy metals, chemicals, animal DNA and preservatives, often does not show up for many years later. Guillaine Barre Disease, for example, one of the most common adverse effects of vaccines, sometimes takes up to 35yrs to show, or, conversely, may happen the next day after vaccines. You just never know. Injecting vaccine contents, especially with the amount given today, is playing Russian Roulette. It’s like rolling a dice. You never know what you will end up with. It’s one thing to play Russian Roulette with an adult’s system, but playing it with a tiny infant is another. Take a look at what is happening with an Australian man called Ben Hammond and his wife Tanya, as just one example.The cover ups, propaganda and lies going on today regarding vaccines is absolutely shocking. The best way it can be described is as “Vaccine Fascism”. They are going to great lengths to keep the lie alive.

    • Angelica Rose
      Thank you for adding your informed insights. I have also written about the cognitive dissonance regarding this subject.

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  16. hi I was just wondering if it’s safe to vaccinate your kids at the age of 7 and up I also heard that you can get GBS from vaccinations and it can lie dormant up 35 years i know i living it I went from a 10 keep our walkerr to a wheelchair they say it has to be from childhood vaccinations so please people do your research before you vaccinate your kids and babies I know I wish I would have knowing what I know now

    • It sounds like you answered your own question. I am very sorry for your serious injury.

      It is possible to have a serious vaccine injury at any age. Most of the compensation by the NVICP is for adverse events after flu vaccines, including GBS. And many illnesses throughout life could possibly be attributed to vaccines. Since scientists generally don’t ask these questions, they don’t find the answers. I pray your experience will help many others make wise choices. When there is a risk, we need choice and parents needs to research for themselves. Doctors were wrong about many things in the past, including smoking.

    • Absolutely. Feel free to share and modify as you desire. I pray many will come to understand the possible harm of vaccines before they have to experience it personally.

    • Thank you. That is my prayer also. We are so blessed to have done our research before we had children…many don’t know or didn’t have that opportunity. Thank you again.

  17. Hi, I am not asking to be negative or argue. I am asking for information as this vaccinate/don’t vaccinate is everywhere and I have a 2 month old baby. You say you have done 33 years of research. Could you point us to any of that? Because most of what I see is blogs and that is not enough. Thanks.

    • I have a lot of links in my other blogs.

      As a minimal starting point I would recommend all parents read through the manufacturers package insert for every vaccine they are considering for their child.

      It is also incredibly valuable to understand how the immune system works and how it develops. Dr Suzanne Humprhies has done a brilliant job in explaining The Development of the Neonatal Immune System. I highly recommend watching all her talks on this topic. She is truly a pioneer in her field and is extremely familiar with all aspects of science with her background as a kidney specialist. She is an incredibly nice lady with a great presentation manner.

      Neonatal Immunity: The First Three Years Part 1 Part 2

      There are about 6 parts in this series. There are many other videos she has done. All of them are well worth your time to watch. If you want an education in how to keep your children healthy, this is what you are looking for.

    • Hi Danielle. It’s good that you are seeking out info and want real, “meaty” facts and not just what you read on blogs. I have MANY sources I could point you to that are full of facts, but one of the most impressive is a recent paper written by a Phd in the UK. It involves his analysis of their government and their presentation (or misrepresentation) of vaccines safety. It is a similar dynamic as in the US – big pharma lobbying politicians and buying votes. Also, in the news (you can google) the Indian supreme court is calling for a massive investigation into how the government was doing testing of Guardasil (and another vaccine I forgot the name) by LYING to the MINORS in order to get them to participate. Children died and have been harmed because of this. Also, recently in the news, google “Mexican children die from tainted vaccine”. I would attach all three of these if I could, but there is no option to attach here. All of these came out in just the last month. That’s what it is like in the news DAILY, if you follow it. The MAIN STREAM media will not report the truth on this because, like many others, they are in the pockets of the lobbyists. PHARMA is BIG BUSINESS…worth unimaginable amounts of money. My advice, and what has helped me immensely in getting truth, sign up for FB groups that watch this stuff – NVIC (just like them), Great Mothers Questioning Vaccines, etc…

    • Whenever it’s a science/health matter, I find the best sources of information are the actual studies published by scientists. If it’s a person talking,either via video or article it isn’t a study. It needs to have a hypothesis and an experiment, and raw data and preferably review by the scientific community. This means it’ll have a lot of science jargon in it. But at the top there is a synopsis that usual can be easily decoded.

    • Rose, in a perfect world you would find those things concerning vaccines. The problem is, they don’t do double blind studies with vaccines. Instead of double blind studies, they just compare them against each other.
      There are many articles online from a great many doctors sharing truth.

    • Dannielle, I’m am RN MS for about 25 yrs. here in NYC. Believe me when I tell you it’s poison to an innocent baby who u love and they don’t care about. Mind control, fascist corrupted running profits in Hegelian Dialogue. I suffered a Hep B vaccine injury in 1992. Boy have I learned what how and Agenda 21. DON’T VACCINATE UNTIL YOU READ THE ACTUAL INSERT FROM THE BOX AND DON’T SUCCUMB TO FEAR.

    • Check out a website called Experimental Vaccines.
      There are many videos, and they always include source links. The site also lists vaccine manufacturers, their insert sheets, vaccines and their ingredients, warnings and side effects.

      There is also a list of exemption forms by Country / Province and State.
      It’s a wealth of information for starters.

      If in doubt, at the very least follow the precautionary principle.

  18. So glad she was receptive and was willing to research further! It’s rare to find someone open to the idea that vaccines could be dangerous unless the person has dealt with a vaccine injury close to home. It’s sad that so many of us don’t find out the truth until damage has been done.

  19. “Sometimes it is hard to discern what the best is because there are powerful deceptive forces pushing the acceptance of vaccines.” this is what is happening to me, how am I supposed to make the right decisiwhewhen you have everyone aaround telling you that you are putting your baby on risk…. and that scares me… I think if doctor tells you to take a pill that may kill you or injured your health, what would you do? Do you Take it? I’m sure I’m sure you wouldn’t take it because you wouldn’t take something that can put your life in risk .. I was praying to God asking Him how can I make my decision to my child, he’s 10 months old and I’m concerned about what I’m going to do when he will be 12. we are from Dominican Republic and we are next to Haiti and there is a lot and Colera and tuberculosis cases, so how I know this is safe to not put the vacuum? How I treat the sickness, how dangerous is not to put more vacuum? I have my heart into pieces one with my instinct telling me that something is not OK and the scare of be mistaken …. I hope to see the research that you have so I can share it with my doctor and my family and my heart … thank you.

    • It is very difficult to make decisions when people we respect have been misinformed due to strong financial interests. There are some very good Facebook groups for sharing information with members from all over the world. These are a group of people dedicated to learning how to achieve health and how to avoid vaccine damage. This is one group that is open for anyone to join and you can learn a lot.

    • It is a hard decision when the doctors try to guilt you into it. I vaccinated my oldest (now 6) and had seizures following his 2 yr vaccines. The doctor refused to attribute it to vaccinations, but there was nothing else to attribute it too. We stopped vaccinations and his immune system is stronger than ever. My youngest has never had a vaccination. He attends daycare full time and experienced his first illness at 2yrs 10 months old. I firmly believe that the allergy and skin issues my oldest is having are from vaccinations. I researched like crazy and stood my ground with the peditrician. We ended up having to find another pediatrician because ours refused to see us because a didn’t vaccinate. I was a breastfeeding mama also. God bless and prayers for your decision!

    • hi, chemical vaccines aren’t the only way we can protect ourselves. one of the best ways is to raise your immunity!

      Unfortunately we don’t quarantine, eat fresh foods, drink our own milk, etc etc

      breastmilk for infants, fresh foods, with LOADS of berries….actually berries can be a natural vaccine to cancer, but we’d rather vaccine against things like chicken pox via chemicals…speaking of which I have never had, but have my own immunity….which is how its meant to work

      and dont be scared of germs all the time….im not saying stick your kid in filth, but please dont fret over germs….they are building immunity.

      lastly i just wanted to say that anyone that vaccinates should know that you have 3 chances, it may work, it may do nothing or it may injure/kill your child…..if you dont immunise but do everything you can to build immunity then your chances arent half as bad…..for starters you have no risk of being injured by the prevention itself.

    • Elizabeth,
      Great insight. Wisdom that may help a lot of people. I will be sharing your comments!
      Thanks for sharing,

    • I wish I would’ve found this. My baby girl had her vaccines today. 4 total but who knows how many combined into those 4 needles was…

      Do you know where I can find info on building immunity? I think I will not vaccinate her at 4 months. I see risks of vaccinations but what can happen if we don’t vaccinate? Nothing or are there also risks? Thank you

    • Hi Lauren. I think it is very wise for every parent to question whether their baby actually needs vaccines, what shots are given, and if they are safe. I have written quite a lot about the subject to try to help fill the education gap.

      These 2 posts discuss the typical vaccine schedule – what shots are given when, so you will know what the CDC recommends.
      Typical Vaccine Schedule
      Navigating the Information

      This post contains an excellent video by Dr Suzanne Humphries who is the highly knowledgeable on vaccine safety and history. She has also studied in depth the development of the infant immune system and teaches how to best support the immune system for lifelong health and vitality.

      Our Children, Our Future

      Best wishes,

    • You can listen to interviews of Dr. Suzanne Humphrey on YouTube. She gives lots of researched reasons why not to vaccinate and gives suggestions how to support healthy immune system with vitamin C. Listen to her ” brilliant lecture” on Vitamin C.

  20. WOW, that is amazing! I feel that The Lord also used someone to begin teach me about the dangers of vaccines, just as I was pregnant with my second baby. I believe bad things could have happened if I had followed the Drs’ recommendations. God is so good to lead us in the truth. We must keep sharing! Thank you!!

  21. Wow , that’s how God works ! Great story , we need to educate each other. Everything going way opposit God’s direction . Wake up people , stand up for your innocent bAbies, they depend on you! Help us , lord Jesus !

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