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Is marriage an outdated concept? We have countless songs about love in our culture. But real life doesn’t always look like our favorite love song. What do you do when your expectations of love and marriage don’t always get met? Can marriage work in our modern world? The statistics might tell us that divorce is a strong possibility, but is there anything we can do to improve our chances of success?

John CroppedLove Song is a series of four talks on relationships delivered at Longleaf Church, the first three by John & Becky Hastings and the last talk by Matthew and Rachel Hastings. John is the Senior Pastor of Longleaf Church. Matthew is Assistant Pastor at Next Level Church in Charlotte, NC. John and Becky have been married for 34 years, have five children, and four grandchildren. They share from their experience of working through the many challenges of marriage!

The topics discussed include

Toblerone Triangle cropped1. The Director’s Chair. John and Becky explore exactly who should be in charge of your relationship. In this talk Becky shares her personal experience of the grace and forgiveness of Jesus Christ.

2. Don’t Fight Fair. Do you have rules for fighting? In this talk John and Becky share some of their conflicts and growth through them.

3. Finishing Together. Is there a secret sauce for endurance? John and Becky share hope for creating a long lastings and satisfying relationship.

Matt & R cropped4. Becoming Marriageable. Matthew & Rachel Hastings share their experience of six years of marriage.



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  1. A fan comment:

    I just wanted to let you know that we are listening to your Love Song series with our son and his girlfriend. We’ve completed the first two and are really enjoying them! They are prompting some good conversation as they consider their relationship and the potential future they may have together. You guys really work well together! And topics like this are best when you hear from both perspectives and you do it in a very nice way. I’m sure it took quite a bit of planning to pull it off so smoothly. After seeing some of the pictures on FB it looks like every detail was thought through – it would have been cool if it had been video taped, we would have loved to watch it! Maybe you’ll get the opportunity to do it again.

    We appreciate your ministry and for being so transparent and real about your own lives and relationship. May God continue to bless you as you follow Him!

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