The Shocking Truth about aborted human fetal cells in vaccines

Aborted Fetal Cells

Vaccines have been hailed as ‘one of the modern wonders of the world.’ Many staunch pro-life supporters do not realize that the vaccines they have grown up thinking normal and essential for health and well-being, have a darker side. I am writing this primarily for my Christian friends to explain my views on this controversial topic.

Aborted baby for vaccinesMany vaccines are derived using cell lines which were established by using aborted human fetal tissue a.k.a. human diploid cells (HDC). These cells were intentionally harvested from abortions in order to do scientific research. It was not a matter of randomly collecting the “wastes”. There was a scientist alerted and on standby to collect and properly  preserve the human embryo extracted from its mother. The scientific journal, Nature, explains the history and gives a detailed inside look into the background of this less known side of science.[1]

As a Christian I am strongly opposed to any product which relies on an abortion. Other Christian authors have come to opposing conclusions. One particularly well-known author is not satisfied with having a different conclusion than I do, he also attacks Christians like me who disagree with him as being naive and promoting bald face lies, of a particularly evil nature. I am confident that I am not naive, am not repeating lies and I have no evil agenda. My sole aim is to help parents understand the science behind our amazing immune system – a system that was perfectly designed by our Creator. If someone has a different view, and even if they claim to be a Christian, that is fine for them. We will all answer to God for the choices we make and the influence we exert in the world.

Swedish abortionsIt has been stated that there was only one abortion involved, so people like me are promoting lies. For the WI-38 cell line there were 38 abortions performed before the cell line was successfully cultured – thus the number, ’38’. {edit: while the number 38 may not indicate 38 abortions, from Hayflick’s paper we know at least 20 abortions were performed[8].} Other cell lines derived from aborted human fetal tissue are MRC-5, HEK-293, RA27/3 (’27/3′ refers to the 27th abortion, 3rd attempt before the cell line grew). This tissue has been used in developing vaccines for chickenpox, Hepatitis A, MMR, MR, Rubella, Polio, Shingles and Smallpox (Acambis 1000) which are currently in use today and injected into babies and children (and now more frequently recommended for adults).[2]

Is there an impact on health?

Another very profoundly disturbing aspect of using human fetal cells to culture viruses which are injected into human babies has to do with the DNA fragments. The aforementioned Christian author insists that there is no DNA contained in the vaccines, but the FDA has a legal limit for the amount of DNA, which is routinely exceeded.

In 1986: WHO established a DNA limit for vaccines manufactured in cell lines at ≤ 100 pg per dose. At the very least, that means since 1986 there has been an ‘acceptable limit’ and an acknowledgement that DNA fragments are injected into babies.[3]

But what is the impact of the human DNA when injected into babies? and others?

Fetal cells Vaccines

The implication and health impact of injecting foreign DNA (including DNA from other animals, which is also used in vaccine production) is not completely understood and those wishing to explore the science are often discouraged from doing so.[4] DNA cells present in vaccines has been debated for over 40 years and those promoting vaccines claim the amounts to be “in such infinitesimal amounts” that they are GRAS (generally regarded as safe) yet they resist further study.[5] At the very least there should be more urgent honest investigation. In the meantime all children are victims of this experiment.

I find it incomprehensible that any Christian organization would encourage parents to knowingly put their children at risk of great harm based on a tightly controlled system of lies, spin and marketing.

I find it perplexing how many peer-reviewed scientific publications, old and recent, clearly indicate the multiple dangers that are associated with vaccines yet the public is often bombarded and heavily marketed with how safe vaccines are.

Just as there is data suggesting vaccines are safe, there is also data suggesting that they aren’t. This is why it’s so important to do your own research, and not just accept what you are told blindly without investigation.[6]

Paul warned us in 2 Thessalonians 2 that there are evil forces on earth which are secretly at work. Could the pharmaceutical industry be a key player in the deceptive tactics Jesus, Paul, Peter and John all warned us about?[7]

Baby funny croppedOur babies are precious. We have been given the task as parents to protect them from harm. We have an enemy in this world who is seeking to steel, kill and devour (John 10:10). Jesus wants to give us life and protect us from evil. I urge all parents to diligently do the research necessary for themselves. You need to know which shot your doctor is recommending. You need to evaluate the full risk of the shot compared to the risk of the illness with appropriate treatment.

As far as the argument pushing parents to get the shot for the good of the community or of immuno compromised individuals – The best gift you can give to yourself or your community is a healthy child with a well-functioning immune system. Vaccines fail miserably in both safety and efficacy. Children who receive vaccines are probably a greater risk to the community. A healthy non vaccinated child poses no risk.

You need to study this topic BEFORE you agree to any vaccine, particularly in pregnancy and for newborns. Give more time to this decision than your choice of car seat, cell phone, or anything else. It is critically important.

Parents need to demonstrate discernment and seek truth. Acting out of fear, inspired through the media and marketing, is contrary to what Jesus called us to. There are  many peer-reviewed scientific publications, and many professionals speaking out on the unanswered questions regarding vaccine safety. There are known dangers  associated with vaccines, with a separate court system set up to provide compensation for victims of vaccine injury, yet the public is often bombarded with scary stories and marketing materials claiming how safe vaccines are.

Don’t take my word for it. Begin exploring the science behind vaccines. I am absolutely confident that Jesus Christ, the source of all wisdom and knowledge, can lead you to truth. I pray daily for the Christian community to wake up to the deception that is trying to engulf us and take us captive with serious physical consequences for ourselves, our children and our future. God needs us all to be awake, aware and ready for the soon return of Jesus our Lord.

If you have questions, please comment below. If you agree, please comment below. If you disagree, please leave a respectful comment. This is a discussion that needs to happen among Christians.

UPDATE: Children of God for Life examine the newest fetal cell line from China, WALVAX 2, and its implications in this discussion.

Further reading that may be of interest to Christians exploring this topic:

Further reading aimed at Christians regarding the vaccine debate, by the same author:

Post Script: It’s wonderful for me to read other Christian authors who have investigated the details of the science and ingredients in vaccines, ask some serious questions, and reach similar conclusions:

Do Vaccines Violate The Christian Faith? by Courtney Charles, A Holistic Health Practitioner and Instructor since 1997, pH Miracle Certified Nutritional Microscopist, and full time mom of 2 and wife dedicated to raising an alkaline family. Above all of that, my ultimate aim in life is to be a disciple of Christ.

God Does Not Support Vaccines, by Megan Heimer, blogger at who has personally experienced healing through natural treatments from: Crohn’s Disease, depression, Hashimoto’s, hypo function pituitary, severe adrenal exhaustion, gastroparesis, hypoglycemia, infertility, and more (and I have the medical documentation to prove it).

12Author: Becky Hastings, wife, mother, grandmother, passionate follower of Jesus, seeker of truth, health and joy. I seek answers to difficult questions, engaging in discussions some would rather avoid.




48 thoughts on “The Shocking Truth about aborted human fetal cells in vaccines

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  2. I am wondering if any of these fetal cells could have been taken from women having miscarriages? There seems to be a lot of miscarriages, although I suspect most happen at home. Any research on this? It would make me feel a little better about what is happening. We really are kept in the dark about all of this!

    • My blog specifically references how and where the fetal cells were collected as per the Natural article. Women were approached, agreed to have the ‘product of their abortion’ collected by a scientist who had to be present at the time to ensure correct safety and delivery. There is no chance these were just miscarriages. Planned Parenthood and other abortion agencies continue to provide fetal body parts to companies that sell them for use in scientific experiments. You can go on-line and “shop” for this tissue. It continues today, though the current abortions might not end up in your vaccines, it is still used every day for scientific experiments. Sad.

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  8. Hey there! Nice article! I TOTALLY am completely against abortion and the evil torturing of these precious little babies, but I have a question! No, vaccines are not perfect and sometimes cause more problems for people that react to them or actually get the disease from a vaccine, (not to mention that the road to researching/developing them using aborted babies is terrible), but I would like to know what you think should be done to protect those with intensely weak immune systems!! That’s the important thing to me! If people stop getting vaccinated altogether, what is there to protect someone who’s severely immunocomprimized (like a chemo patient) from all the diseases that would be floating around just in the air?

    • Anni,
      Thanks for your comment. The truth is vaccines do not protect the immunocompromised. It is often cited as a reason to push for mass vaccination, but it is erroneous. There is also a lot of science which points towards the fact that vaccination programs are the REASON for so much cancer and thus all these people being coerced into toxic chemotherapy treatment.

      Many hospitals state that recently vaccinated people are a danger to the immunocompromised due to live virus shedding and in the case of pertussis, latent infections.

      I believe the true route to health is to understand the immune system and to seek, from pregnancy and even prior to conception, to do all that we can to enhance the immune system of the developing person. Our society has taken a massive detour through vaccination that has resulted in a sicker population. We need a serious course correction. We need to learn how to build a robust immune system which was designed by our Creator. Dr Suzanne Humphries explains it from a scientific viewpoint. If every doctor would watch this series of lectures and seek to understand the true route to immune health, there would be a lot more truly healthy people, and a lot less cancer. Neonatal Immunity

    • Hi Becky! I’m just really concerned about thiose who are immunocomprimized because I’m one of them-I have leukemia and have been enduring treatment since November. I have no doubt that chemo is toxic-it’s literally poison coursing through me and I definitely don’t enjoy it, but I wouldn’t have lived more than a few weeks longer than the day I was diagnosed if I wasn’t treated. In the case of most leukemias, it’s too fast moving (it’s cancer of the blood) to have any option besides chemo because leukemia (like other cancers) KILLS and it kills as FAST as it can because it’s in the bone marrow/blood stream! And now that has left me severely immunocomprimized. I have to wear a mask, and it only partially protects me from viruses and bacteria everywhere.
      Now I know this is an online discussion where all words are generally assumed to be words of hate/anger, but I promise that’s not what I’m going for here! But it would seem that if over the next few years every single human followed your ideas and stopped vaccinations all together, it kind of appears that you’re willing to let a whole generation of cancer patients die! Me included!!
      I have the most awesome Christian oncologist (Praise God!) and I trust him completely with my life! And I don’t think there’s any way for me to convince you away from your opinion about vaccines, but I think you got something mixed up in one of your other comments- a reply to a comment that said praise God that the babies’ cells were put to good use and are in Heaven now-which I tend to agree with! But let me just say:
      God is GOOD-only good, which means all evil comes from Satan
      Abortion is an EVIL supported by the devil
      God no doubt takes those poor underdeveloped humans and welcomes them home when they are killed, but in no way rejoices in that they were brutally murdered, and although the fetuses were obtained in a cruel and inhumane way it’s okay for them to be used for scientific advances that are proven to help.

      So it appears that we have clearly opposite views on vaccinations and its been really interesting to read what you have to say! I’m only 19 and have a lot to learn about the world, and I just wanted to tell You how things are from my very personal perspective- even though you don’t agree and may not even respect what I have to say but I thought I’d throw it out there so you know! I’ve never ever commented on a blog or anything and it’s pretty uncomfortable (and honestly pointless for there to be disagreements online cause when does it really get anywhere or satisfy anyone?!) so you don’t have to respond cause I won’t be back! Thanks for your time!! 🙂

    • Dear Anni
      Thanks so much for explaining your situation. I pray with all my heart that you will be healed and restored to absolute vitality and strength through the power and work of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I really hope you will read my response. I never seek to spread fear, hate or anger through any social media channels.

      You are right in saying that you will probably not change my point of view regarding vaccines. I have been researching this topic since I was pregnant, by the grace of God, with my first child in 1982. I have been blessed to have five healthy children and so far four grandchildren. I truly believe God has guided me to the positions I hold on the toxic nature of vaccines and most drug treatments. However, I seek never to condemn or harm anyone and I love to share the grace God has visited on me in my life – despite the fact that I was once a sinner far from God and inflicting harm on my body. His grace was big enough to save me and I am thankful every single day for how He has blessed me.

      Thus, I have a great passion to help everyone understand the route to heath, including everyone currently suffering from cancer and the conventional Western model of cancer treatment. I am glad you love your oncologist, but also hopeful because you understand you are “only 19 and have a lot to learn about the world”. I would encourage you to check out the video series called Truth About Cancer, by Ty Bolinger, who lost both his parents prematurely to cancer. He is a wonderful father and truth seeker. He has learned a lot on his journey and interviews many highly distinguished cancer researchers. Every episode provides great understanding of the CAUSE of cancer, the role of the immune system, and effective non harmful ways of treating it. Many of these dedicated people will work alongside a patient who still wants to work with their oncologists. There are many people finding true health and healing as they seek the power that Jesus created in our body to heal itself – when we cooperate.

      I pray your life will be blessed in such a way that is exceeds your every expectation. I wish only good for you.

    • Hi Anni,

      My heart truly aches for you. Just out of curiosity…..have you ever been vaccinated before?

    • they can take the vaccine and catch every thing mother and child was carring in their bodies at the time of the abortion.

  9. I’ve read they use human fetal tissue in foods and drinks. Is it true? If yes how can you tell? What should I look for reading product labels? I complete believe the vaccine part and cosmetics but food.. realy? And why cosmetics brands using these fetuses are so pricey but the food and beverages brands like pepsi, Lipton, kraft, maggi and nestle are so cheap?

    • Hi Mary

      There is a history of companies using fetal cells for developing and discovering food products. Some of these companies, like Pepsi and Kraft, have stopped this research, based on pressure they received. This is an updated list from children of God website.
      This list was updated December 2014. It also lists the companies that use fetal cell tissue in cosmetics, drugs and vaccines.

  10. This is where aborted human babies go: they’re made into vaccines, cosmetics, biologic drugs, used in medical research, used in developing food flavorings.
    The following paper clearly explains the relationship between Congress, pharmaceutical companies, and Planned Parenthood. Lots of “creative accounting” in the abortion business in order to make a buck. Actually, a lot of bucks.

  11. Praise the Lord, those foetuses did not die in vain. From their deaths millions of others might be saved and kept healthy. Surely they are in the arms of Jesus now! See, this proves once and for all that God has a plan for everything and even abortions serve his higher purpose. Hallelujah!

    • Your response is bewildering to me. It’s like praising Molech or being happy about all the babies that were sacrificed to Molech. God thought sacrificing babies was ALWAYS abhorrent and detestable He made that very clear. I do not believe God wants healthy babies sacrificed and we KNOW for certain that vaccines WILL KILL far more babies than the manufacturers and government would like to admit. Also, you claim that millions of deaths have been prevented through vaccines, however that is pure speculation. There is no data that supports that claim. Please supply any studies to support such a broad claim. We do know vaccines kill, injury and cause life-long trauma to too many families. Please look more deeply into the topic before praising God for this great deception. We know God is not the author of lies and deception. Every study supporting vaccines has been altered or designed to give the desired data to support continued vaccine programs. The CDC has known since well before 1999 that there is a problem with their vaccine program. Check out #CDCwhistleblower if you truly care about health and children.

    • This has to be a fake comment. I can not fathom a Christian person would ever say such a thing. This comment is wrong for several reasons. But I am not going to go into them here because I think this has to be a joke or something. If this is a real person who really believes this, I can only pray that you blow the dust off your Bible and actually read it.

    • Oh this is so revolting! What is devastating is that so many people believe this and actually go along with it. Making people consumers of aborted baby cells to “save their life” is not a good from evil “miracle” that God brought about. He weeps at this and people like you who try and justify it.

      Tell me Dr Rotha? When Elijah was walking through the town and came across the woman who was upset because the woman she had agreed to eat her baby with was refusing to let her eat hers, what did he do? Did he fall down on his knees and say: “Praise God! Even in this evil time of famine He is still bringing good by allowing you women to stay alive by consuming your own babies. Come on! Lets find this woman and her baby so you can eat it and survive this famine”? No. He wept at the absolute depravity of it. Of people of valuing themselves over the lives of others so much that they were willing to consume their own babies.

      Cannibalism of murder victims, is not God bringing good from evil. Read your Bible more and stop trolling.

    • lol whoops..looks like I need to read my Bible more. It wasn’t Elijah it was the King of Samaria. But I think my point still stands

    • John 10:10 says that the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy but Jesus came to give us abundant life. Please refrain from dragging my Father’s name in the dirt by assuming that the destruction of a tiny baby serves His higher purpose. My Father God may take those babies in His arms after they depart this earth, but He didn’t cause their death. The thief does that part.

    • This is a very saddening comment. I don’t believe God has EVER been ok with child sacrifice… many times, the statement is that it is an abomination. Vaccines are not saving people. Sadly, they are destroying lives and often killing infants. The state with the highest vaccination rate has the highest infant mortality rate. But back to the bible. These babies were sacrificed, in the womb, to the god of “science” or worse. There is nothing more evil in the eyes of God. Sadly, they died in vain and have only served the purpose of furthering a very sinister agenda. Please keep researching this issue.

    • Sue
      Thanks so much for adding your voice. I agree absolutely. The whole counsel of God is for justice and protection of the innocent, including the unborn. Many would argue that the “Roe vs Wade” case was motivated by scientists seeking easier and quicker access to human fetal tissue from aborted babies. Before the US legalized abortion it was much more difficult to obtain the tissue the researchers thought was indispensable to their scientific endeavors. Even today the body parts of aborted babies are traded in the hope of “furthering scientific discovery” and the most highly sought after are the older, more developed babies – as late as possible into the pregnancy. Surely our Father’s heart is broken with such evil practiced in our country.

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  15. Wow – I had no idea aborted babies were used for this AND that some of them were still living at the time they were harvested. Very sad! Thanks for your boldness to post this!

  16. Very well said! Thank you for this article! I have tried to talk with family and friends about this and just so surprised of have closed minded they are. God bless you!

  17. We are so grateful our child birth classes and our homeopath shared this truth with us even before we were pregnant!! We take our responsibility to raise our kids extremely serious!!

  18. Thank you for writing this. I think many parents aren’t aware of this. It’s very sad. With my first child I had no idea. With my second child is when my research began. I will never vaccinate knowing what I know now, regardless of what laws they try to enforce.
    Thanks again!

  19. Becky, I never though about what the coding of fetal cell lines represent..
    And I am honestly confused how Catholic Church does not condemn vaccines in the production of which aborted babies were used.
    Great article!

    • There is some controversy in the Catholic Church over the issue of vaccines using aborted fetal cell lines. I haven’t followed the whole debate, but they would like to see “ethical vaccines.” I personally don’t think any vaccine is going to achieve health.

      I didn’t find out how many abortions were used for MRC-5, but I guess we could assume 5. HEK 293 was more vague. It was his 293 experiment recorded which was successful, but I didn’t see any mention of the number of different fetal tissue samples used.

      I also read of a new fetal cell line PerC6 which was developed from aborted human fetal cells as recently as 2010.

    • Hey J’booster. Love your blog but just wanted to point out a few things.
      The PER C 6 is from an abortion in 1985 and turned into a cell line in the 90’s, not 2010 (

      WALVAX 2 is the new aborted cell line made in 2010. But we don’t know yet when the abortion actually took place as it is possible the cells were frozen. COG for life are investigating it now. WI-38 is not the 38th baby, but you are right in saying there were more than just the one

      I agree so much with what you are doing with this site but I’m sure you are aware that if we are not completely accurate the pro vaccine militants will write off everything we say.

    • Hi Sarah,

      Many thanks for sharing your information. I agree that we need to be as accurate as possible and I appreciate all helpful input and edits.

      From the COGforlife link of Hayflick’s 1961 paper it is stated that 19 different aborted babies (he uses fetus) were used for strains WI-1 – WI-25. Do you know of a reference which covers WI-26 – WI-38?

      I think it is important to point out to people who were alive in 1970s and 1980s that the rubella vaccine derived from human fetal cells (WI-38) “was licensed in the United States in 1979 and replaced the rubella vaccine component that had been previously been used for Merck’s MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) combination vaccine. Plotkin’s vaccine has been used in the country ever since.”

      I am looking for more information on the impact of injecting human DNA on health. One would think that scientists should be extremely concerned and eager to explore this, rather than just assuming it is safe. With the explosion of auto-immune disorders among all ages, that seems a likely area to investigate.


    • Hey Becky,
      No worries 🙂
      No unfortunately I don’t have a link for the other WI strains. COG for life is so helpful though. Send them an email and I’m sure they will be more than happy to send them to you.
      Majority of scientists don’t want to do any investigating into things that might cast vaccines in a negative light :/..
      Dr Deisher is though 🙂

  20. No Becky, it isn’t difficult to comment at all! Great post. I have shared this with some of my Facebook groups. If you are interested, please check them out:

    “I am a Person”
    “I am a Person ~ Maine”
    and “Abortion (killing persons on the womb) is not Legal”

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