8 Questions to handle a Pro Vax Assault

Conversation PramIt might be a neighbor, a relative, or a casual acquaintance. It might even be your pediatrician or other health care provider. They make some outrageous or attacking comment about how the non-vaccinated (they usually say Unvaccinated, but it’s not possible to “un” vaccinate a person, so I prefer the term “non” vaccinated) are putting everyone at risk, are harming their own kids and others, etc.

The interesting thing is most of these people have no idea about the science behind the vaccination debate nor the forces promoting the oft repeated mantras “vaccines are safe and effective; they’ve saved the world; you’re stupid if you don’t get one; if there are risks they are very very rare.”

What is a thinking person to do? If you care about this person, or if you are going to have to bump up against this person at some future points in life and really don’t want the whole litany to come out again, you might like this plan.

Learn a couple of key questions to ask your staunch vaccine proponent and tell them, “If you can answer a couple of questions, I’d be happy to discuss this topic further with you.”

Here is a sample of some of the questions that might be helpful, complete with the answers, or you may like to think up your own questions.

#1 What is MRC-5 and WI-38 and what vaccines are they in?

Aborted Fetal CellsAnswer – MRC-5 and WI-38 are the names of two fetal cell lines derived from aborted human fetal tissue (aka human diploid cells or HDC) and used in the production of the mumps, rubella, measles, MMR, smallpox, polio, hepatitis A, chicken pox and shingles vaccines. RA-273 is another fetal cell line.

#2 Name three ingredients in vaccines

SH Truth on AluminumAnswer – Aluminum, Polysorbate 80, and Glutaraldehyde. Aluminum is a known neurotoxin and the FDA only allows 25 mcg in an IV for an adult. Polysorbate 80 is a surfactant known to facilitate access through the blood brain barrier and has been linked to sterility and other issues. Glutaraldehyde is used as a cleaner for oil and gas pipelines and medical equipment, and is currently in the DTaP and TDaP. Formaldehyde is another concerning ingredient in many vaccines and I’ve written a lot more about formaldehyde in this blog post.

#3 What are hexavalent and pentavalent vaccines and at what age are they recommended?

Answer – Hexavalent and Pentavalent vaccines deliver either five or six different vaccines in one injection. Popular variations include diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis B, HIB and polio. Babies are recommended to receive the initial dose at two months of age, followed by three boosters of most of the vaccines. See the complete CDC schedule in a chart below.

#4 What is a commonly used hexavalent vaccine that includes the DTaP and what is the total aluminum content as well as the EPA safe limit of aluminum for an adult IV?

Answer – PEDIARIX is a hexavalent vaccine targeting diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis B virus, and poliomyelitis and is currently recommended in three doses for babies at  2, 4, and 6-months.[1] It is commonly given without parental knowledge or sometimes parents are told “It’s easier now, because there is only one needle.” This vaccine contains 850 mcg of aluminum, which is 825 mcg over what the EPA mandates as safe in an IV for an adult, and does not take into account the aluminum contained in other vaccines given at the same time.

Related question: What are the contraindications for PEDIARIX? or, should anyone NOT receive this vaccine?

YES. This information is provided in the full vaccine package insert, which ALL doctors should read, but rarely will you find a doctor who is familiar with this content. For one thing, a previous vaccine reaction is a reason NOT to give future shots. This is part of the contraindications as listed in both the PEDIARIX and INFANRIX vaccine package inserts:

“4.2 Encephalopathy (e.g., coma, decreased level of consciousness, prolonged seizures) within 7 days of administration of a previous dose of a pertussis-containing vaccine that is not attributable to another identifiable cause is a contraindication to administration of any pertussis-containing vaccine, including PEDIARIX.

4.3 Progressive Neurologic Disorder progressive encephalopathy is a contraindication to administration of any pertussis-containing vaccine, including PEDIARIX. Pertussis vaccine should not be administered to individuals with these conditions until a treatment regimen has been established and the condition has stabilized.”[2]

Recomended Vaccines 83-2015#5 How many vaccines are recommended for a baby by 18 months?

Answer – 42 vaccines are recommended by the CDC for all babies by the time they are 18 months old.[2] Each containing toxic chemicals including Aluminum, formaldehyde, Glutaraldehyde, Polysorbate 80, Propylene Glycol, and foreign DNA fragments from human foetuses, monkeys, pigs, guinea pigs, dogs and insects.[3] Additional vaccines are recommended from 4-6 years old and more vaccines are recommend to be given to adolescents.

Related question – How many vaccines are currently in production?

Answer – ±270 new vaccines at this time.

#6 Explain the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. When was it passed and what did it accomplish?

Answer – The US Congress passed the NCVIA in 1986 when the pharmaceutical companies came to them and threatened not to make any more vaccines unless they would be protected from any liability of lawsuits for damages or deaths resulting from vaccines. Doctors and pediatricians are also protected from liability. No drug company or doctor can be sued if a baby, child or adult dies or suffers from permanent damage from any vaccine.

#7 Who is Dr Paul Offit?

Answer – Dr Paul Offit is one of the most vocal proponents for the vaccine industry and is from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. He put together patents on the RotaTeq vaccine that earned him multi millions of dollars and has written several books targeting those who seek to expose the risks of vaccines.

SH Aluminum in shots#8 How many vaccines has Dr Offit said a child can receive at one time?

Answer – Dr Offit was quoted in the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Addressing Parents’ Concerns: Do Multiple Vaccines Overwhelm or Weaken the Infant’s Immune System? “A baby could respond safely and effectively to around 10,000 vaccines at any one time.”

SH Paul Offit on AluminumFurther, Dr Offit maintains that since aluminum is found in all tissues of the body it plays an important role in the development of a healthy fetus, despite the fact that researchers in the field of aluminum have determined that “aluminum has no healthful function in the body. It is a toxin and a toxin only.”  http://vaccinepapers.org/dr-paul-offits-aluminum-deceptions-academic-misconduct/

If you would like to learn more about aluminum in vaccines, this 30 minute video by Dr Suzanne Humphries is extremely well researched and provides vital clarity.

If you would like a printable version of these questions, a print version (pdf) is available here: 8 Questions to handle a Pro Vax Assault

Happy Grandparents June 13Compiler and editor: Becky Hastings, wife, mother, grandmother, passionate follower of Jesus Christ and truth seeker, especially in the areas of health and children. Facing a world quite different from the one in which I grew up, I seek to research and understand the true route to health, freedom and joyful family living!

[1] Vaccine Package Insert for PEDIARIX http://www.fda.gov/downloads/BiologicsBloodVaccines/Vaccines/ApprovedProducts/UCM241874.pdf

[2] Vaccine Package Insert for INFANRIX http://www.fda.gov/downloads/BiologicsBloodVaccines/Vaccines/ApprovedProducts/UCM124514.pdf

[2] CDC recommended immunization schedule for persons aged 0 through 18 years – United States, 2014. See further.


76 thoughts on “8 Questions to handle a Pro Vax Assault

  1. I couldn’t even get past the beginning of the article. Based on the piss poor way it began, I can only imagine how poorly written the rest of it was. As an author of any sort, I would think you would know that the prefix ‘un’ means not. It is not only to be used as a means to ‘undo’ something. If one is unable to do something, does that have to mean they were at one time able to do it? If something is unbelievable, was it believable before? I can give many more examples, but I feel that is unnecessary. Just because you prefer to use ‘non’ as opposed to ‘un’ vaccinated, it doesn’t make you right and them wrong.

    And the way you came out immediately attacking those who vaccinate their children…holy hell. Do you really expect to do any good? Do you think acting like that will do any good as far as getting people with different views to maybe have a civilized conversation about something such as this? Instead of immediately bashing the intelligence of those people (if they are unintelligent, does that mean they were once intelligent? See what I did there?), stick to things like facts and research. While I am sure there are people who judge others that dont vaccinate their children without being able to back their argument with science, I also know people who don’t vaccinate their children who are unable to do the same. ‘A friend of a friend whose child got sick after x shot and that’s why I don’t vaccinate my children’ is not a strong argument backed by science.

    Based on the title of this article, I can surmise your target audience was not those who are ‘pro vax’. However, I do hope those who do read this article are able to approach the subject with a little more tact and finesse, or their statements and opinions are likely to fall on deaf ears.

    • Hey Ray
      Thanks for your comment, but I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree. I’m most surprised that you are not outraged at the amount of aluminum we are injecting into babies and children – and the complete lack of safety studies about how this might be impacting their health (research ASIA – auto-immune/anti-inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants). I’m surprised you are not enraged about the fact that babies receive 42 different vaccines by the time they are 18 months – with not even ONE study demonstrating that number of vaccines given concomitantly is safe. Wow, instead you choose to bash me about my personal thoughts on the word UN vs Non vaccinated. REALLY? Is that all you’ve got? I’m guessing you didn’t read the rest of the piece since you admitted you couldn’t get past the beginning. I thought the tone of my piece was actually quite gracious considering the great holocaust that is being committed against babies, children and the unsuspecting public in general. It seems like you might be an intelligent person. Perhaps you can look into the facts and scientific reality that I am trying to point out so that you can find out the truth for yourself. Unless, of course, you are paid or derive your income from supporting this pharmaceutical cartel madness, and choose to bask those of us who are trying – BY ALL MEANS POSSIBLE – to help parents make informed choices.

    • ” I can only imagine how poorly written the rest of it was.”

      that’s how it begins, preferring what one could have imagined, versus what something actually is. A choice to hold to imagined things instead of real. So, it demonstrates that ones IMAGINATION is held to b more important than reality. The irony is that these people are often heard accusing others of substitution imagination for reality (cognitive dissonance, and confirmation bias) — truly bizarre.

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  6. Thank you Becky for fighting the good fight and saving lives. I was fortunate enough to find out how toxic vaccines are before giving birth to my son. My mothers intuition told me to read the vaccine ingredients from the CDC website (which are dreadful), and I also read the vaccine package inserts that state death is a possible adverse reaction. It clearly sounded alarms throughout my body. I was not going to play Russian roulette with my child. My mother’s instinct was to stand my ground and trust his immune system to work as intended. I have no fear because I believe and trust in a higher power and it’s not the pharmaceutical industry (that just wants to create life long patients) or the CDC. My child is 2.5 years old and has never been ill. Not a cold, cough, ear infection, rash, nothing. As healthy as can be. Puts everything in his mouth and goes to the park everyday. Food is medicine and eating clean (no GMO and organic whenever possible) is what keeps my family healthy. Staying away from vaccines is what keeps my family’s immune system solid. Pro-Vax people often say the science is clear… I show them this new discovery that will change the text books and hopefully shed more light on the dangers of vaccines.
    Thank you for all you do!

    • Joan
      Thanks so much for sharing. It is so refreshing to know more and more people are understanding the route to health is to stay clear of most medical advice! Truly a mother’s instinct, and being in-tune with our Creator, will lead us to truth.

  7. The thing that got me to look into the whole non vax concept was simple, my mother’s instinct. Not peer reviewed, not CDC, WHO, or FDA approved. My gut feeling. I’ll tell u why. My older 3 boys were fully vaxed. Never missed a shot actually I panicked if my boys were sick during their checks, thinking they missed that shot, now they are gonna die because surly they will get what ever disease they were suppose to be protected from. Getting their shots were 1 on my priority list. I was keeping my kids healthy, right??? I mean that’s what science said. Well let me tell u, I’m beyond upset that my 3 babies were used as lab rats. My oldest, 22 has serious digestive issues. My 18 year old I’m positive he’s on the spectrum. I honestly didn’t realize this until several months ago. Watching a video of dr Wakefield aka HERO, his slide show knocked me down. I know I’ll never get a diagnosis for my 18 year old child now, but in my heart, I know. He began saying our family dogs name (dukie) clear as a bell at 10 months. Crawling at 8 months. At one year and a couple months old, all words stopped. He quit crawling. Didn’t walk until he was 16 months. Still wouldn’t talk. I never heard ‘I love u’ until he was 3.5 in school he received speach therapy. I addressed all of this with our dr, he just said all kids develop differently, there’s no indicators there signling there’s an issue. So I stayed asleep. My now 10 year old son has ADHD.
    My youngest and only daughter is a preemie. Thank god she’s been terribly healthy since her first breath. But at her very first well child check I had such a sick feeling. I thought ok, I’ve been thru more with her than my other kids and I’ve already seen her suffer in pain so that’s why I’m dreading the shots. No one wants to see their kids in pain, I’m no different! I asked my dr about a delayed schedule. His reply CAN BE FOUND ON THE CDC WEB SITE! He said it’s better to stick to her actual age rather than adjusted age incase she’s exposed to something she should have otherwise been immune to. That hit my core as wrong. Somehow I KNEW that was wrong. I knew nothing else about the subject, except that what my dr just said to me was dead wrong. So I began looking on FB for vaccine education groups. Late one night a poster posted about this guideline thing from the cdc that in a nut shell tells doctors how to handle questions on vaccines to concerned parents. I scrolled down, found the question I asked mine, low and behold, I found the answer my dr gave me. I was heart broken and LIVID. Right then I knew no more vaccines will be given. Still didn’t know a single thing other than my gut feeling and my dr wasn’t treating us as people. That was almost 2 years ago, my daughter has been vax free for 1.5 years. I REFUSED to go to our dr for anything for over a year. During that year my daughter never got even a simple cold. I was so mad at my dr. Finally a few months ago I got a kidney infection and had to go to the dr. I was sick, exhausted, in pain, running a fever and NOT in the mood for a debate. Before my dr even touched me, I made it a point to let him know I do NOT appreciate him treating my children based off of a pre written script. If he wanted to recite scripts he should have became an actor, not a dr (yes, I actually said that) I pointed out I had been with him for over 20 years so obviously I trusted him. Being with a dr for that long u expect individualized care! I made it very clear that he’s got one chance to redeem himself or I’m walking and taking my family’s medical records with me. I can’t read minds but if I had to guess what he was thinking staring at the floor when I was chewing him up and spitting him out, I’d guess he wished the floor would open up and swallow him or me…. Anything to get him away from me lol. I feel I made my point. I let him know the level of care I expect for my family. And now he knows I’m awake, I WILL cross check anything he says to me and I’m not intimidated or afraid to put him in his place.
    If the medical intimidation wasn’t there more people would be inclined to stand up and demand a higher quality of medical care. But as long as Dr PRoffit and his minions are out there, the CDC will never let that happen.

  8. I’m trying to figure out how someone reads this article in its entirety and could still comment of the safety of vaccines? If you are going to post blanket statements, couldn’t you back it up with logic? What studies are you referring to? How can you refute the information given? Aluminum, polysorbate-80, formaldehyde? Are you joking? “Safe”? Where do you get this info? From the CDC who is well known for fraud and collusion with big pharma. Good God, stop with the sound bites.

  9. I appreciate this thread so much! What wonderful, POWERFUL information it provides! Thank you!!!

    I admit, it was a VERY sad, not to mention terrifying, day for me when California’s governor, Jerry Brown, signed into law that all children must be vaccinated (to attend school) and that our choice, as parents, to decline vaccines was taken from us. We no longer have religious or even personal exemptions and it’s nearly impossible to get a medical exemption from a doctor because most of them are in the pharmaceutical industry’s pockets.

    I cannot, for the life of me, understand how these people (gov’t officials/dr’s, etc) could possibly think that this is okay, considering how many vaccine injuries are reported each year and the fact that so many are allergic to ingredients in these vaccines (my son is highly allergic to eggs… and since chicken embryo cells are in so many vaccines, he would have a terrible reaction if injected). How can this not have been taken into account!?

    I’m terrified for my grandchildren, as well. One of my sons vaccinates his children and their behavior is so erratic and just “off”. His little boy is hyper; he cannot sit still or look you in the eye or focus on anything for any given time. He’s everywhere yet nowhere at the same time. In other words, he cannot keep his hands off of objects around him and he cannot remain still enough to focus on a conversation. He’s always moving. He’s also gets sick a lot. He’s regularly disciplined at school for behavioral issues. One of my granddaughters, on the other hand, is un-vaxed and completely the opposite. She can sit and focus and is calm and listens when asked not to touch something. She’s never sick, always happy, etc. The difference is extreme.

    I cannot even imagine having to inject her with all of the poisons that are in vaccines and I worry when it comes time for her to start school! How can one detox from all these shots, if it’s even possible (is there even a way to reverse the effects)?

    • Catharine
      Thank you so much for sharing your insight and observations. Truly, injecting our children with poison can never yield good results. Mandating vaccines for school in CA is going to cause an avalanche of homeschooling which could actually be of great benefit to children, to take them out of the indoctrinating state system. I pray that you will have wisdom to navigate sharing information with your children, grandchildren, and friends. I believe we have been called to activism in order to protect the innocent and unsuspecting. We cannot stand idly by and watch a generation destroyed by wolves in sheep’s clothing.

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  12. Great article. I posted this on my page and someone made a statement that I need you to clarify please. She said the numbers were incorrect about how many vax’s a child gets before the age of 2. She said that should be before the age of 6, not 49 by age two. And come to think of it I thought I remembered that as well. Please let me know or send me the information that clarifies it is 49 by age 2? I’d appreciate it as I’m wanting to be accurate. Thank you!

    • Joy Lynn
      Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I LOVE when people help me with editing errors in my work! I have gone back to the CDC recommended vaccine chart and re-counted! I changed the age to 18 months and was shocked to see it is a minimum of 42 vaccines by that age! It is important to have accurate information. I have also added the CDC graphic of the vaccines to clarify further.
      Again, thank you. This post has been viewed nearly 30,000 times, but you are the first to point out my error! 🙂


  13. Just in here doing my research. I have 3 children ages 9, 6, and 3-1/2 months. My 2 oldest are fully vaccinated (according to age) because I did what I thought I was supposed to do-vaccinate. I am so thankful that after all my research they are doing ok. They both have “reactive airway disease” or pre-asthma but I have no clue if the vaccines could have led to this. My youngest is unvaccinated and my husband and I do not plan to vaccinate him. If I had known what I know now, my 2 oldest would be unvaccinated as well. Just last night I looked back at my middle child’s records and noticed she received a Hep B vaccine at 1 month old. 5 days later, she was admitted to the hospital for a fever, lethargy, and refusing to nurse. It NEVER crossed my mind then that it could have been a vaccine. However, I am so glad the Dr didn’t pass it off as a “normal reaction to the shot” and send us home. She was diagnosed as having a secondary infection due to a virus. But no true cause found. It wasn’t the flu, not RSV, not pneumonia, etc., However, now that I’ve seen the research, I have no doubt in my mind it was that shot. I broke into tears when I went back and looked at her records thanking God it wasn’t worse and glad it was only 1 shot received. Our current pediatrician recommends vaccines but has not been pushy, only telling me of a kid who got whooping cough and how bad it was. We have been gradually changing our diets for the better (which I also get criticized for) and I am doing research almost every day. Thank you all for your research!

    • Well done on all the research you have been doing. It is not an easy journey to discover that the procedures we were told would protect our children and help them to be healthy, could actually cause them harm. Your baby is benefiting from everything you are learning. Parents have been relying on their doctors who rely on the CDC. But the CDC seems more concerned to cover, hide, and destroy all knowledge of known safety risks of vaccines, so it is important for parents to do their own research on the risks versus the benefits on vaccines.

      Keep going on the diet – that is probably the single biggest thing you can do to ensure longterm health and wellness. It’s not easy with children, but very important for their brains and development! I enjoy trying to make healthy food fun for my grandchildren! Sometimes I succeed!


  14. Thanks Becky for another excellent and very helpful post . . . another one that I will be sharing! My compliments too on the wise and thoughtful manner in which you respond to comments. May God continue to bless you, your family and the work that you do!

  15. http://www.merck.com/product/usa/pi_circulars/m/mmr_ii/mmr_ii_pi.pdf Just check out that side effect list! Death, being one. Diabetes, being another. When I read that, I said no more! Both of my kids had almost all their vaccinations, but I put my foot down. Then I had to sign paperwork saying I understood that I was putting them at significant risk, etc etc. I wrote on the paper that the vaccine has more side effects and potential harm than some of these diseases.

  16. I have 4 fully vaccinated, completely healthy, grown children. No allergies, no autism, no medical issues at all.

    • Sam
      I am very happy that your children are so healthy. Are you familiar with the number of vaccines that babies today are recommended to receive? The number of vaccines recommended by the CDC and pushed by doctors and pharmaceutical companies has increased drastically since the implementation of The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986 (42 U.S.C. §§ 300aa-1 to 300aa-34) which resulted in 100% freedom from liability for all vaccine manufacturers, doctors who give vaccines, and government agencies which recommend them. How Many Shots?

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  19. Really grateful for this hard hitting, no bones about it list. Going to print it out and put it in my purse. The pro vaxer-sheeple can’t answer these questions without looking them up. Truly mind boggling unsuspecting parents swallow the horse$#!# that “doctors” serve up without actually questioning the doctors. These “C-” GPA average shills in labcoats read nothing but menus at restaurants that PHARMA reps induce them with. These so called “MD’s” don’t read the scientific literature, the EPA toxicity limits, the medical journals, the vaccine ingredient lists that informed parents research. They don’t want to know, they may not sleep at night. They willfully only read what big PHARMA wants them to, like good little drug pushers. Big PHARMA, owns the medical schools, the medical publishing companies, provide the scholarship money, pays the salaries to the professors, fund hospital and university endowments. PHARMA owns the message, even the media is compliant. Going against the gospel of PHARMA is like ripping up your medical license. But sheeple parents are clueless that if anything goes wrong whether at a “doctor’s” office, Costco or @ Walmart,
    NO ONE IS LIABLE FOR CHILD’S (or your) PAIN AND SUFFERING BUT YOU! Oh and BTW vaccine court constantly changes what constitutes a vaccine injury and you’ll need 2-10 years, an attorney and a retainer to collect for damages + any and all expense in caring for your permanently vaccine injured child. I’d rather have the measles thank you very much. It goes away in less than 3 weeks. Vaccine injuries are permanent!

    • Thank you for commenting Stefanie. You say some profoundly insightful words. I wish everyone were as aware.

      While there are many caring doctors, and some are “waking up” much of what you say is sadly true. I pray many more will realize the harm all those pharmaceuticals are causing and seek truth and health!

      Truly there is a great deception at work and people need their eyes opened. Too many parents have learned the hard way. The Bible warns us that deception is at work in our world “Now the Holy Spirit tells us clearly that in the last times some will turn away from the true faith; they will follow deceptive spirits and teachings that come from demons. These people are hypocrites and liars, and their consciences are dead.” 1 Tim 4:1. I urge people to seek Jesus. He will guide you to truth about health and future events. He said, “The their has come to steal, kill and destroy, but I have come to give you abundant life.”

      I pray many will come to know Jesus in the midst of this epic struggle for health and truth to dominate.

    • A week ago, a devoted mother took a video of her darling, healthy, perfect little boy, who was six months old. He was crawling around on the doctor’s exam table during his well-baby visit, giggling as his mother played peek-a-boo with him. In the background, you can hear a voice that might be the doctor’s. Within hours after this routine visit, with all the required shots, the baby was found dead in his crib. This video is horribly haunting because the baby was so healthy, with a full life ahead of him:

    • Thanks for sharing.

      Every infant death is a tragedy. Vaccine infant deaths are the worst kind of tragedy because we are injecting a healthy innocent baby with toxic chemicals with the notion that it will be “good and protective.” The reality is that far too many have died. Far too many others have experienced severe reactions and life-long impairment. Everyone involved in perpetuating this harmful policy is protected. The parents are the ones who bear the entire weight and responsibility for the damage caused by vaccines.

    • Yes, such a tragedy, and made worse by the fact that the official medical line is that this kind of sacrifice is necessary for “the greater good.” A parent does not go to the doctor with the intention of sacrificing her child’s life for “greater good.” A nation of sick and disabled children is certainly not in the interest of “the greater good.”

    • Thanks for your comment. I had to use Google Translate which told me:

      “Truly genuine statement. Appreciating the description”

      Because your English is far better than my Swedish. 🙂

  20. I have three kids: two fully vaccinated, chronically ill young adults (a 26-year-old son with autism, chronic inflammation, and multiple food allergies; and a 22-year-old daughter with multiple food and chemical allergies). My third child (age 13) has never had a shot or an antibiotic and is perfectly healthy with no allergies. I’m sorry if science sees them as anecdotes. I see them as human beings. Yet I am not afraid of new regulations limiting religious exemptions or even removing religious exemptions. As the mother of an autistic child, I have had to stand up against doctors, social workers, teachers, school administrators, and other authority figures since my son was 18 months old. If they make the exepmtion paperwork more complex, I will simply fill it out. If they require signatures from a doctor and a minister, I will get them. When my son was three, a parent told me that I would be socially rejected because of my son, so I should just do what I want and the result will be the same socially. (At the time, autism was so rare, affecting only 1 American in 2,500, that he was the only autistic kid in the school district.) That was good advice, and throughout his childhood, I did whatever I decided was necessary for his well-being. When my youngest child was born, it didn’t even occur to me to bend to the doctor’s pressure. When you’ve dealt with autism for years, social pressure means nothing.

    • So true….social pressure is nothing now. I have had to rage, cajole, beg, convince, cry, and plead for my child’s future. It will be that way til my last breath on this Earth.

  21. EXCELLENT WEBSITE. Absolutely excellent site for the sheople who have absolutely ZERO idea on how this world works and is run by PSYCHOPATHS…

  22. Oh Bravo Becky! Well done. This beats the heck out of my little list. I love it. You nailed it and almost everyone I know that has done the smallest amount of research can answer these questions without benefit of google. Still waiting for Dr Proffit to get the 10,000 vaccines that he says our tiny helpless babies could have. In fact still waiting for those nasty bullying adults to get the 17 boosters that are recommended for age 27-49. And please get them all at once like you do to your babies. Thanks for putting this in print with the photos. Love love love it.

  23. I don’t want the government in my personal life. I want the option to say no to vaccinations. I don’t trust that their best interest is for the kids. This vaccinations hype is a money making scam and in the interim our children are developing neurological and biological side effects that are everlasting.

    • The companies do not make a great deal of money from vaccines, they would probably make more from letting people go unvaccinated so that they required more drugs to treat them. The whole point about vaccines is that they prevent dangerous diseases at minimal risk.

    • There is no scientific support to show that vaccines prevent dangerous diseases. All infectious diseases were falling sharply before the introduction of vaccines. After the polio vaccine was introduced, the definition of polio was tightened to show a sharp decrease, when the truth was there were ±30,000 cases that no longer had the classification of polio, thus making the data seem that the vaccine had been a wonder drug. Please inform yourself with facts and scientific evidence.

    • Hi J’booster,

      Sorry, I know this post was a year ago but I’m only seeing it now. Just curious if you have a good legitimate source that shows how the classification of polio was changed. I am in the process of researching and have bee unable to find a source for this.

      Also, someone named Simon said that 40 people died in the Gardasil clinical study but same % also died in the saline placebo and includes death by non-vaccine reactions including car accidents, gun shots, suicide etc. Just thought I’d clarify so that this information isn’t used falsely in the future. http://www.fda.gov/downloads/BiologicsBloodVaccines/Vaccines/ApprovedProducts/UCM111263.pdf


    • I would recommend that you read Dr Suzanne Humphries’ detailed exposé of the history and science surrounding polio, called Dissolving Illusions. You can also go to her website to read portions from each chapter and see her detailed graphs which show the exact dates of the commencement of vaccines and the rates of each disease. http://www.dissolvingillusions.com

      There are many sources for further information on the damage caused by the HPV vaccines. From what I remember the placebos used in the Gardasil studies were not saline but aluminum, a common practice in vaccine science. I have collected information for further investigation of HPV vaccines here.

    • Vaccines really have not saved us in the end. The decline of many of these diseases is due to improved living conditions, and NOT the vaccine. So, most will not get ill anyway and no need for drugs!

    • Adrian,
      Until you have valid information to offer this vaccination thread, please stop interjecting while others educate themselves ? I’m sure we are all very thankful that your children have not suffered but that is not the case for everyone! Please respect the painful process other parents & their children are going through.

    • It is a list of answers rife with inaccuracy and misinformation.
      Vaccines are thoroughly tested for safety and efficacy before they are licensed for use. The companies are very risk adverse and actually drop many candidate products in the development process.
      Of course once licensed the vaccines are subject to after market surveillance and were any significant adverse reactions found, that had not been picked up in the stage three clinical trials then the vaccine would also be pulled.

    • I think your information is faulty Adrian. The companies have no risk with vaccines, so how does their being ‘risk adverse’ play any role? Since 1986 the manufacturers have 100% freedom from all liability. That is one factor which has motivated even more vaccines onto the market and onto the CDC recommended schedule for babies, children, and now ever adults.

      Vaccines are damaging children at an unprecedented rate. I wish you would truly inform yourself. If you care about health and children you will dig much deeper. Unless, of course, you derive financial gain through the promotion and distribution of vaccines.

    • Your response is so well put. I wish I could remain as calm as you seem J’booster – lying, harming children, & the dull minded stupidity in the general public that sustains and pertuates that just makes me crazy!

    • Lianne

      Thanks! It also drives me crazy, but people don’t know what they don’t know. It is only through genuine care and concern that we will spread and share truth. I don’t have time for obvious trolls who primarily resort to ad hominem attacks, but I have hope that any sincere person who takes some time to research the facts will come to the same conclusion you and I have! We have to keep sharing to break down the walls of ignorance and indoctrination!


    • My child and all 6 of my nieces and nephews receive vaccines/ immunizations regularly, and they’re all healthy, well adjusted children. If you do your research and ask relevant questions, you can become well informed on vaccine ingredients and just what benefits/ side effects they can have. Without vaccines, my son could easily have died or gotten seriously ill from RSV as a newborn so if a vaccine will save my child from a health risk, I’m giving him every chance I can and that includes vaccinating him.

    • Solaria
      I am so glad you and your family do not notice any harm from all the vaccines you have received. During the last 10 years more is known about cellular structure and operation than ever before. Much of what the early vaccine scientists thought to be true, was in fact wrong. Science is showing the error of vaccines, but CDC is blocking the true information from reaching doctors and parents. Vaccines aren’t the wonder that most people believe. And, no matter how many people, like yourself, don’t have obvious adverse events following vaccines (or aren’t aware of them), vaccines have caused thousands of deaths and unimaginable suffering in far too many. These adverse events are routinely denied by those promoting vaccines, and there is a lot of money at stake. Perhaps true unbiased objective science, if it could be done, will bring understanding of how vaccines are impacting the epigenetic potential of our infants. Here is a great video that covers the latest science on infant immune development and cellular function. It is given by Suzanne Humphries MD who lectures MDs who has spent thousands of hours studying the history and reality of vaccines. https://youtu.be/ElI5q0BWKv0

      At one time all of these were considered safe: Smoking, Fluoride, Vioxx
 (Every recalled drug was once proven to be safe & effective and all FDA approved medications are approved with a built in acceptable death rate), Asbestos, BPA, DDT, Thalidomide, Diethylstibestrol DES, Leaded gasoline, a low fat diet! Glyphosate (Round up) was recently labeled a probable carcinogen after 2 decades of being sprayed on our food, forests and parks to the point it’s contaminated our waters.
 Saccharain, Radiation, X-Rays in pregnancy, Aspartame.

      Your personal experience does not make vaccines safe nor effective. The truth is, some healthy babies die after receiving vaccines. There is a risk. I would encourage you to read more of the published science before proceeding with any further vaccines. Too many parents, and grandparents have been convinced of the safety of vaccines – that is why they gave them to their babies – only to experience the life altering reality of vaccine injury. I pray you will never have to experience the shock and horror of that.

    • It’s wonderful that parents have the right to vaccinate their babies. We parents who see things differently should also have a choice. I personally believe that extended breastfeeding is a better form of vaccination, and I should have the right to choose that way—nature-tested, no side effects, no toxic ingredients. Breastfed newborns are immune to everything their mothers are immune to, but if pediatricians like Offit were truly interested in the public health, they would be promoting breastfeeding as a requirement, not as a “personal choice.”

    • Hi Elaine
      RSV or Respiratory Syncytial Virus, is a virus that originates with chimpanzees which was isolated in approximately 1959 and is believed to have been introduced to our population via vaccines. There is currently no vaccine for RSV, although scientists are furiously searching and trying to develop one. My guess is that they will get one into the recommended schedule as soon as they can.

      I am no expert on RSV, but it would be safe to guess that babies are contracting this illness more frequently for a variety of reasons, one of which is that the vaccines they receive is actually interfering with their natural immune response and making them more vulnerable.

      The best ‘vaccine’ protection any baby needs is mother’s milk delivered through breastfeeding. Other ways we can protect our babies from ALL ILLNESS is to give our body every nutrient it needs (90 known) before we ever get pregnant, and make sure our body has the capacity to absorb these nutrients. This is the best way to ensure the health and protection of our babies!

    • There’s no RSV vaccine. Just a series of injections called Synagis. Google it. My son was born over 3 months premature and was well nourished, healthy and happy once we took him home. Guess how many times he caught RSV? Not once. Oh, and he’s unvaccinated. Just some info to consider! 🙂

    • Thanks Erica
      Don’t they push the Synagis really hard for preemies in the hospital?
      Well done on your healthy baby. Informed parents informing parents is going to be the change we need to reach a tipping point in vaccine injury awareness!

    • Agreed! They definitely remind you that Synagis exists.. Repeatedly. Lol There’s also a tremendous financial incentive for hospitals to get your consent for the injections. They’re a series of 4 shots and they’re astronomically priced! Forgive my fuzzy memory, it’s been a few years since; bit I believe each injection was either $1,000 or $4,000. Again, each. In a series of 4. I remember the neonatologist telling me how fortunate I was that our insurance covered the injections and that I’d be crazy not to take advantage of that opportunity. I chuckled and dismissed myself! X)

    • Thank you!!! I was waiting for someone to point out there’s no RSV vaccine!
      My youngest is a preemie too, at the time I was pro vax, I was very upset she didn’t qualify for the RSV ‘vaccine’ (I use that word because that’s what we were told by NICU staff, they used the V word)
      But now, I see why she didn’t get it. She didn’t NEED it. She doesn’t NEED any of those vaccines period!

    • Another tidbit to research is the origin of the RSV virus. It is a monkey virus introduced via the polio vaccine from the late 1950s when they grew virus using monkey kidney cells. The vaccine was unintentionally added to the human genome. Many aspects of vaccine science were based on faulty logic and science. The SV40 cancer virus was also given to thousands in the US in the 1950s and early 1960s. Even when they discovered the presence of SV40 in the vaccine they did not immediately recall all those batches. It continued to be injected into children who are now in their 60s. Many have already died from various cancers and SV40 cells have been found in the tumor tissue.

    • If you breastfed your baby, your baby would not have suffered from RSV.

      It is rare to see RSV in a breastfed baby.

      When you know better, you do better.

    • And my child had vaccines and now has seizures daily….. her doctor reported it as an adverse reaction to the MMR vaccine. In my opinion it’s like playing Russian roulette with a six shot revolver. Odds are in your favor that if you put the gun to their head and pull the trigger they will be fine but there’s a 16% chance they’ll get shot in the head.

    • My exclusively breastfed baby DID contract RSV at 4 1/2 months old…after receiving some, not all, of the recommended vaccinations at ages 2 and 4 months. We wisened up after that and she hasn’t had a shot since she was 7 months old (she is 13 now) Wish we had done our research sooner, because she has asthma to this day as a result.

    • That is great that your children got vaccinated and are well adjusted children and everything is going fine for them. That is what we ask for for every child but that isn’t reality. One thing I ask of you. Please do not support mandatory vaccinations because not all children react from vaccines as your children did/do. Every parent should have that right to make the decision for their own children. There are by ratio just as many children who go without vaccinations that are healthy and great and are thriving. The real center of things is choice and no forced vaccinations.

    • I’ve just read your comment Adrian, and the only conclusion i can come to is that you only read mainstream media on this issue.

      Have you ever heard of vaccine court?

      If you look at the Gardasil vaccine insert, you will learn that 40 people died in the clinical trial, yet the vaccine still went to market, how is this possible?

      If you look at Gates’s polio vaccine, 47,500 people who either killed or maimed as a result of it’s distribution.

      Paul Offit’s Rotovirus vaccine maimed a load of children, then was altered, rebranded and sold to Merck to further main children.
      Paul Offit was offered $1,000,000 to take the full vaccine schedule in one hit following his statement that a baby can safely take thousands of vaccines back to back, Paul declined the offer.

      A small amount of research shows vaccines are clearly NOT safe, and if you look at the disease charts showing the introduction of the vaccines and the effect they had on the target disease, it’s highly questionably how effective they are.

    • Thank you Simon. Do you have a reference for the offer to Offit with his refusal? I am not doubting you, but I would love to demonstrate to others the validity. I am also aware that Offit has been challenged many times to a fair debate on the topic of vaccines but always refuses to discuss the issue if anyone is going to present arguments counter to his opinions.

      Together, as we learn and educate others, the truth will reach more people and will win.

    • Adrian, I find your response to this article unconscionable. The deceit about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, perpetrated by many people in high positions, is self evident.

      How dare you speak of thorough safety testing when the CDC’s own Dr. Thompson has confessed before congress to scrubbing the data that was used in over 70 peer reviewed papers.

    • The safety testing of each vaccine is not done against a placebo, but rather another vaccine with the same preservatives and/or adjuvants. I was always under the impression vaccines were tested against saline solution. I was also under the impression vaccines were only the weakened virus and saline solution. Once I found this to be untrue, I started on my journey of fraud, disinformation and censorship. I recommend for all people to do their own investigative research. It took me an average of 4 hours a night for a year to reach the truth and now after over 1000 hours of reading, I’ve only scratched the surface.

    • Jeffrey
      Well said. Thanks for adding this insight. I, too, was quite amazed to learn how they ‘tested’ for safety. So many assumptions are made, such as ‘the old vaccine was safe, so let’s just compare how our new one measures against it.’ It’s as if no one, even from the beginning, wanted to do a true analysis of actual safety and actual risks versus benefits. The early scientists seemed all in a glow about how they were saving mankind from infectious illness, without fully understanding the long term impact they were making on the human genome. These details are now becoming apparent. The indoctrination is so deep, that it does take a long time of concentrated effort to get to the truth.

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