It wasn’t the Truck

Truck accidentDoc: Your child can’t walk?

Mom: That’s right, he can’t walk. He was hit by a truck a couple of days ago. Could that be the cause?

Doc: Hmm, correlation does not mean causation so don’t jump to conclusions.

Mom: He was absolutely normal in every way before he got hit by the truck. He was walking, talking, learning new words everyday. He was such a happy delightful baby. Now he can’t walk.

Doc: Sometimes babies do that.

Truck warningMom: You don’t think getting hit by the truck was the cause? I did some research and I found out that getting hit by a truck has adversely affected many children.

Doc: Woman where did you get your info? From Google? That is ridiculous! A great source for all kinds of lies.

Mom: Well sir I checked on pub truck sites and they are reputable.

Doc: Nonsense, the peer reviewed literature is trustworthy and there is no evidence that trucks affect a child’s ability to walk.

Mom: Well my child can’t walk. What are you going to do?

Doc: Well he probably could walk if he tried. Has he walked before?

Mom: Oh yes he walked before he was hit by a truck.

Doc: Well the best thing I can do is run some tests. Sometimes these things are genetic and only appear to be caused by trucks. A truck could not cause this. Parents make unreasonable connections but we know.

Mom: What do you mean?

Doc: Trucks are one of the amazing inventions of all times… They do a lot of good. Children in Africa suffer for lack of trucks.

Mom: Do something. My child can’t walk.

Doc: We will have to wait for the blood work. I will let you know.

One week later

Doc: The tests came back. They were all clear.

Mom: But my baby can’t walk.

Doc: It looks like he has a bruise… Kind of purple.

Mom: Could that be caused by the truck?

Doc: Well I will call social services to investigate.

Mom: Why? Don’t you think the truck might be responsible?

Doc: I tell you I have spent thousands on medical school and you still don’t believe me. Why do you question me when you are uneducated?

Mom: Well I know he was hit by a truck driven by your partner down the hall.

Doc: This child has a bruise. The bruise is darker than last week. Research tells us a bruise occurs when blood vessels are broken.

Mom: Could it have been the truck?

Doc: It appears you may be responsible. Bruises can occur from striking or hitting. An investigation is warranted.

Mom: You are blaming me?

Doc: We need to look into this more. We know trucks do not cause bruises. There is nothing in all the literature that connects trucks and bruises. The blood tests showed nothing.

Mom: But I remember clearly he was hit by a truck and you keep telling me it’s got nothing to do with his condition. You are clueless. Regardless of your fancy education you cannot help me. I came to you for help and nothing has been accomplished. You are defending trucks! I think the truck industry can defend itself. What about my son who can’t walk?

Doc: How dare you challenge me? Your pompous demeanor betrays your possible guilt. I am reporting this.

Mom: I am furious.  I am getting out of here. I came for help and now I have to hire a lawyer.

by Connie Newcome

_DSC1724Please investigate every medical procedure recommended for your child. Vaccines have caused many children to have permanent injury, a lifetime of auto-immune disease, disability and sometimes even death. Denial of vaccine injury and damage by a medical professional does not change the facts. Vaccines have been legally classified as “unavoidably unsafe” and all vaccine manufacturers are legally shielded from any and all liability if their products cause harm. Learn more about vaccine safety.

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  2. My son received the mmr/diap vaccine at 18 months he broke out in a rash while still in the doctor’s office. The rash covered his entire body and he started running a fever almost immediately. After that he started having regression issues and would not longer speak, walk, or self feed. At two he was diagnosed with Autism and the doctors refuse to say there might be a link between vaccines and autism! I call BS! There has to be a link!

    • Allison
      Thanks for sharing your experience. Mothers are doing direct clinical observations of their children. How old is your son now? Have you explored biomedical healing modalities? Did you report to VAERS?
      I don’t believe vaccines are the only cause of autism, nor is autism the only problem with vaccines, but there is specific correlations that the CDC has been hiding from the public for over 14 years. If you watch VaxXed: From Coverup to Catastrophe, you will be encouraged and acknowledged to be correct.
      I pray you will find ways to help improve you sons health. The Thinking Mother’s Revolution offers great resources.

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  5. Regarding several comments: No one wants to put their kid through having to breathe with inhalers, the fear that if they eat one peanut they could die, having juvenile diabetes, cancer as a child or later in life, labeled special needs or behavior disordered, or pass on inherited vaccine damage to their children and on and on? Measles and mumps last for a few days. The above issues are life long, very serious and difficult to heal. If your child has cancer and you refuse medical treatment you risk losing custody of your child, possibly all your children. I see children now who have not been vaccinated and they have vaccine issues from their parents. Compromised immune systems, heavy metals passed on…normal and healthy immunity cannot be passed on by bypassing the rite of passage illnesses children need to have. Illness in children, appropriately cared for, makes for robust health as they grow, become adults and have their own children.

  6. Here’s an idea:
    Go find somebody who’s more than 70 years old and ask them if they remember Polio (they will). Then notice that polio has been eradicated in the united states and is continuing to decline. This happened when the polio vaccine was invented and mass administered. Correlation or causation?
    Now, you’re going to say something like “but the vaccine caused of [autism/polio/aids]”. And although that’s not even true, suppose that it is true. Before the invention of the polio vaccine the chance that your child would get polio was *higher* than the chance that the vaccine would give you [austism/polio/aids]. Since you care about your child you *should* give them the vaccine because it *lowers* their risk.
    Now, if you believe vaccines have absolutely no positive effect (polio eradication?), but you believe they have negative ones then you are suggesting that the doctors are going around giving people autism for no reason. If they really wanted to fake it to make money they could just inject saline solution without any negative effects (like a sugar placebo pill).

    • Hi Tyler
      Thanks for the question. I have spoken to many people over 70. There are also books written by people going back further than 70 years who opposed vaccines way back then. At the time of the height of polio DDT was widely used and played a significant role in the summer illness that was labeled polio. It was also a time just after the discovery and widespread introduction of the first antibiotics. Another interesting fact is that after the polio vaccine was introduced, the definition of polio was radically altered resulting in far fewer cases being reported. Did you know that the Salk polio vaccine released for public use between 1955 and 1963 was contaminated with SV40 monkey virus, which has been proven to cause cancer in animals. So millions of US children were seeded with a cancer virus through the “protection” of a vaccine. The history of the time is most interesting, you can learn all about it by a detailed book called Dissolving Illusions.

      Did you know that there are 47,500 cases of paralysis resulting from the distribution of the Bill Gates vaccine? So, they don’t get polio but they get lifetime paralysis. It’s called non polio flaccid paralysis. It destroys lives. I don’t think doctors are giving autism for no reason. I think doctors are involved in a huge medical complex that makes many billions of dollars every year through the sale of vaccines and then other drugs and treatments.

      There are so many careers built on the back of the “childhood vaccine program” providing strong motivation for many to deny the significance of vaccine injury. They allow there is a “very very small” percentage of injury, but they do no studies to try to accurately determine this percentage or carry out studies to compare overall health of a vaccinated versus a non-vaccinated population of children.

      Every child is an unsuspecting candidate for experimentation. Parents need to be fully informed on the risks of vaccines. The vaccine industry is in the multi billions of dollars. Most doctors have been sucked into this system without thoroughly investigating the facts, history and science. Their training comes straight from pharmaceutical enterprises.

    • “47,500 cases of paralysis resulting from the distribution of the Bill Gates vaccine?”

      Source and Evidence please.
      I smell bullshit.

    • I googled your claim and that was the first article to come up. However, it looks to be a biased source. From the summary page of that journal volume (vol 9, no 2): “The profits of industry are more important than the welfare of people. An editorial in this issue deals with a multi-pronged campaign by drug manufacturers of the West, backed by their governments, to expand the purview of intellectual property rights. ”

      This is a journal with the same agenda as you J’booster. Also, the quote doesn’t imply that the vaccine caused said cases.

      What’s super ironic, is that the authors of Dissolving Illusions are profiting off of your search for answers by telling you that the medical industry just wants to profit off of your children’s misfortune.

    • Interesting, because Dr Suzanne Humphries, author of Dissolving Illusions, offers the highest quality scientifically supported information FOR FREE to help parents make this critically important decision. This video series is probably equivalent to a post College level courses on Neonatal Immunity: The First Three Years. It contains a detailed explanation of the developing immune system, the latest scientific understanding of epigenetics, the role of the micro biome and much more. You can watch this 6 part Video series without contributing a cent and may receive a whole lot.

    • Another reason to be extremely skeptical of vaccine science, particularly polio is the fact that scientists discovered they accidentally infected many millions of people with known cancer virus. You can read a little about it in the British Medical Journal Polio eradication: a complex end game: which states “Polio vaccines are not only ineffective in preventing paralysis, they carry the risk of contamination with many harmful adventitious microorganisms, of which only some monkey viruses have been researched in more detail. Many other potentially dangerous microorganisms remain unaddressed.”

    • Hey Dominic

      I think it’s great that you would like to learn more. There is MUCH information available to show the risk of harm from vaccines. Which facts are you looking for citations for? I do have many citations and links in many of the blogs I have written about vaccines. I can also recommend some good discussion groups.

    • Tyler, I am 64… Not quite old enough perhaps but I can say that when I was in school we had no school nurses on the premises, we had no behavior or special ed classrooms.. Never saw an inhaler in use. We never heard of school shootings…only presidents.:) Unfortunarely, it was a time of yanking out tonsils….there is always a medical trend ….(today it seems to be stents). I did not know about allergies or autism until I became a young adult. Later I took classes from a woman who had five children who had had all kinds of serious illnesses including autism and polio. She figured out ways for their healing and they got completely well in a short period of time with very simple, safe remedies. When a person is sick generally the remedies should be safe, harmless, no risk. There are plenty of those around. I find it appalling how we think today that to prevent and treat sickness we are programmed to use unsafe and risky protocols. I am fascinated by the provisions God has given for our healing. I am saddened that some of my generation are still alive with the ravages of polio. There were answers but they didn’t know. The doctors didn’t know because their training was controlled by the interests of profiteers. That has not changed.

    • Tyler,
      If you are truly interested in scientific information I found a study you might learn from. This is the abstract:

      It was hoped that following polio eradication, immunisation could be stopped. However the synthesis of polio virus in 2002, made eradication impossible. It is argued that getting poor countries to expend their scarce resources on an impossible dream over the last 10 years was unethical. Furthermore, while India has been polio-free for a year, there has been a huge increase in non-polio acute flaccid paralysis (NPAFP). In 2011, there were an extra 47,500 new cases of NPAFP. Clinically indistinguishable from polio paralysis but twice as deadly, the incidence of NPAFP was directly proportional to doses of oral polio received. Though this data was collected within the polio surveillance system, it was not investigated. The principle of primum-non-nocere was violated. The authors suggest that the huge bill of US$ 8 billion spent on the program me, is a small sum to pay if the world learns to be wary of such vertical programmes in the future.

  7. My son started walking and his language exploded shortly after he got his first MMR. Maybe we should study that?

    Measles kills more kids worldwide than HIV! 1/4 gets hospitalized. It is one of the most contagious viruses known and it is preventable. Why would one want to put their kids through that?

    • If your son was not negatively impacted by vaccines I am thankful for you. Your experience does not negate the experience of millions of other children who have died or suffer with life-long illness which are beyond the average parent’s understanding. Your facts on measles are not correct. Measles had drastically reduced in incidence and impact before the introduction of the vaccine.

      Truly, honestly and sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, I hope that you NEVER find yourself, or a loved one, in a position of wishing you had listened more, read more, studied more on the risk of vaccine injury. The evidence is out there. If you choose to ignore it may come back and bite someone you love. Those who have experienced vaccine injury vaccinated their kids. Now they know.

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  9. I am skeptical of western medicine and its coldly calculated methods.

    ‘The [C.D.C.] reports nearly complete eradication – a 99% decrease in morbidity – between 1900 and 1998 for nine diseases that formerly killed hundreds of thousands of Americans: smallpox, diptheria, tetanus, measles, mumps, rubella, ‘Haemophilus infulenzae’, pertussis, and polio. Diptheria fell from nearly 170,000 cases to 1, measles from 500,000 to about 90.

    Don’t succumb to fear mongering and allow these ancient diseases to terrorize us again. Learn from history. That’s why we record things.

    Please. it is important for everyone’s well rounded and fully informed decisions to LOOK INTO BOTH SIDES OF AN ARGUMENT FOR YOURSELF. That’s what led me here. Please research the other side of this more fully, at least as equally as you have researched the anti vaccine side

    • So is it good that measles fell? I wish we all got measles…there is the thought out there that fevers and childhood illnesses jack up the immune system and prevent cancer and more serious illnesses later in life. Also, how were these illnesses addressed? If you had smallpox and went to the doctor you probably did not get the best treatment. Typhoid was treated by not giving children water to drink and with their fevers they were kept in a closed room. Many died. Ignorance played a part in the deaths of many. Sherry Tenpenny can give the CDC accounts a balanced view, as you know. Most people who are anti vaccines were at one time pro vaccine and did vaccinate. They have been on both sides. There is RISK TO ALL CHOICES!! The question is, where do you want to take that risk? Personally, as a health consultant I have listened to the mothers many times who have said their vaccinated children are unhealthier than their unvaccinated. That is all the research I need. Real life trumps data. Forget the data. Talk to the mothers, I say!! Do we really trust the CDC and all those scientists? Seriously, science has not discovered nearly everything. Gravity and friction existed many years before it was “discovered.” Everything God made is “infinite” in one sense…we will never know it all as there is more to learn. So let us learn from experience and listening to those who know…the mothers who weep over their damaged children. So much of this goes back to understanding how the body works, the value of illness and disease and basically learning how to take care of your health. I use muscle testing to determine what is wrong and what to do about it. I use a LOT of home remedies. It is crazy, but people love it. It is interesting how people basically don’t trust government but on this issue they believe and defend government. Obviously God gives us government and we are to respect it, but one has to know government is corrupt and is snuggling in bed tightly with industry and pharma. Read Medical Mafia.

    • I have a question for you, then, John Pinkerton. Why does the US have the highest mortality rate of any developed nation with regard to children under 1 day old, less than 1 year old and less than 5 years of age? So, the other illnesses are eradicated, but the US, who gives twice as many vaccinations than ANY other country actually fares much, much worse when it comes to mortality rate? And the rate of mortality has increased WITH the introduction of more and more vaccines?

  10. So here’s the problem with this…

    Let’s imagine if we were sure if being hit by a truck would cause injury. We could run a test where one group of children is hit by a truck, and another group is not. Obviously, the children who are hit by a truck will have a far greater number of injuries than those who do not. This experiment would prove that being hit by a truck can cause injury.

    Then it should follow that if one group of children are given vaccines and another is not, that the group given vaccines would have a great number of autism diagnosis than the group not given vaccines. Except this doesn’t happen; ever; study after study after study after study.

    Consider another causation vs colorization example:

    Doc: Your son is growing hair on his face?

    Mom: Yes. He recently started starting attending high school and suddenly hair was growing on his face.

    Doc: Did his face always grow hair?

    Mom: No. Not until he started attending high school. Do you think that could be the cause?

    Obviously, attending high school does not cause hair to grow on an adolescent boy’s face; puberty does. However, these event often occur at the same time and therefor could appear to be related.

    In short correlation and causation are not exactly the same. Sometimes they overlap, but usually they don’t.

    • “Then it should follow that if one group of children are given vaccines and another is not, that the group given vaccines would have a great number of autism diagnosis than the group not given vaccines.”

      Exactly. BUT, that is the study that the CDC refuses to do. You say it has been done, but Dr Coleen Boyle with the CDC confirmed at a Congressional hearing that it has NEVER been done. There have been some epidemiological studies of vaccinated versus non vaccinated in Germany and Holland. While an epidemiological study does not provide definitive conclusions, it will be very interesting for you to read the Dutch study which showed a drastic difference in the medications required, fevers, and hospitalization rates – the vaccinated kids were a LOT sicker overall. Regarding vaccines and autism, Dr William Thompson, senior scientist at CDC has admitted that in 2004 a group of scientists recognized an increased incidence of autism for African American boys who received the MMR vaccine on time. These boys had a 340% higher rate of autism. This information was acknowledged by the scientists who then proceeded to HIDE and falsify the data and published a paper with falsified information to hide the link between the MMR vaccine and autism.

      Additional support for understanding the role of vaccines in health and neurological disorders is seen among large populations of non vaccinated individuals such as the Amish community and Dr Meyer Eisenstein’s patients. In both population groups there is a near zero rate of vaccination with a significantly lower rate of autism (almost zero compared to 1:68 of the normal population) AND much higher rate of overall health among those children. Makes one think doesn’t it?

      If you are sincerely interested in pursuing truth, you will do a lot more research. If you are paid by the medical complex for your comments you will probably continue to believe the sound bites and talking points you have been given.

  11. I don’t know that this is a good example; there is _strong_ evidence that the trauma of vehicular impact can seriously harm a kid.

    • There is plenty of evidence of vaccine injury. Here is just a very small sampling:
      1. Go watch hundreds of firsthand clinical observations of vaccine injury collected at
      2. NVICP has paid $3 Billion dollars for vaccine injury. They acknowledge that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe”. That amount is only the tip of the iceberg as it takes years of persistence to have a claim paid out. Many parents do not even know of the existence of the compensation program and do not apply.
      3. Babies die and parents watch them. This is called clinical observation, a highly valued form of science in most topics. Here is one of thousands of similar stories:

    • The US government issuing “settlements” to people in VACCINE INJURY COURT is not evidence? Not even a little? Like $3,000,000,000 worth?

  12. I only found this link because it was shared as a satirical post. I was disappointed to see how much time seems to be dedicated to writing for this site though, as it indicates this might not be a Poe. How can this be a thing people ACTUALLY relate to?

    • Parents of vaccine injured children understand completely. They’ve had this experience. If you haven’t, you can be thankful. The evidence is available. You can close to ignore it, or investigate it.

  13. In my previous comment I failed to mention that when my grandson was admitted to the hospital one of the first questions was: is he up to date on his vaccines? His parents said this was likely a vaccine reaction. Of course such things don’t exist in hospitals….it wasn’t the truck! I mean his oxygen sats were low, it appeared he could die and they were concerned about his vaccine history! Kind of like I pinched my finger in the door and the doctor asks what I had for breakfast!

    • You’re upset because your grandson’s doctors were being thorough? What if it were influenza, bacterial pneumonia of which he could have been immunized but wasn’t? I’m happy for you that he is healthy now but don’t trash the healthcare system for trying to figure out the problem

    • I think you misunderstood. The grandmother was upset because the “preventative treatment” caused a life-threatening reaction requiring hospitalization and the medical personnel in charge of the care denied that the vaccine was the cause of the near death illness. This is written as a parody to help parents wake up and realize that MANY are harmed from the preventative childhood measure we have come to accept, vaccines. It is not trashing the whole healthcare system, but we call for every doctor to examine the science and history of vaccines and help their patients to have fully informed consent before this risky procedure. We would also urge every doctor who administers vaccines to be fully aware with the manufacturers vaccine inserts listing contraindications and possible adverse reactions so that when they happen they will be prepared and acknowledge that the vaccines were the cause for a perfectly healthy baby to have a violent physical reaction.

    • Domimic, the doctor and my sister, a pediatric nurse for many years, both said it was bullying to inquire about his shot history when he came in so sick. The doctor later said “that’s the medical world for you!” My sister said they would laugh in your face if you asked them to treat it as a vaccine reaction. No way….it does not exist to them…the vaccine pushers will not admit that vaccines can kill or harm. My daughter grew up doctor free and has had 2 very traumatic events in life which have pushed her into the medical world. She is not impressed.

  14. Julia, here is my sobby story. Last week my 14 month old grandson was non-responsive in ICU for 3 days. He did not get any shots until he was about nine months old. His mother is 100 percent against vaccines but cooperated for the sake of the mission board. He was a healthy child with no known pre existing conditions. His siblings were also healthy prior to the shots… All with only occasional minor issues which they overcame easily and without medical intervention. After the shots they really started getting sick. My daughter has nursed many ear infections and other illnesses in the ensuing months.

    So last week my little grandson had a vaccine reaction from which it appeared he would die. God answered the prayers of many and he did revive. He went home with apparent neurological damage. He is getting better.

    Healthy children can have permanent injury, side effects and even die. For some the side effects may not show up for years. Not all vaccine injuries are immediate.

    Fortunately the doctor who gave the shots has been totally sympathetic and agrees it was in all likelihood a vaccine reaction. He was very troubled by the information my daughter gave him concerning the adverse effects on all her children. God bless the kind and understanding doctors out there!

  15. This was an entertaining post – thank you! I’m not sure if the general population is aware of this, but doctors don’t really have autonomy in their practice. To keep their jobs, doctors need to follow protocols set forth by government/insurance agencies. It’s really sad – I’m currently a medical student and it saddens me to see what industry I will be entering soon as a doctor. What I believe will not matter much because whoever gives me a job is the one I listen to as my half-a-million dollar debt for education owns me. I will have to be complacent to keep my job and to keep my license.

    • Well, I’m a real, live doctor and I can tell you that this is 100% false. The government does not provide protocols for diagnosis and treatment. Neither do insurance companies.

    • Dear NH Primary Care Doc, I used “government/insurance agencies” term very loosely here. I refer to the fact that a doctor cannot just freely do what they please without consequences. Insurance companies indirectly facilitate development of specific protocols so doctors/hospitals/clinics can get reimbursed. Government is the “governing body of a nation, state, or community,” so even having medical board involved in physician’s license gets the government involved. Please shine light on subject, as I’m always eager to learn more. Thank you.

  16. This article saddens me as a health care professional. I totally get it, some doctors don’t listen to you, don’t want to hear the obvious statements you’re providing, etc. But they are not all like that. There are many doctors out there with many beliefs and practices, don’t bunch them all together and assume they’re all the same. And, yes vaccines have caused problems in this world, no doubt, but so have diseases like measles, hepatitis, HIB, flu, polio, rotavirus, and meningitis.

    • No one is saying that all health care professionals are like this. But the truth is most fall into the camp of unquestioningly accepting the dogma that they received in their training, and in their ongoing training from pharmaceutical companies. It is a very rare doctor that has even read all of the vaccine package inserts and has a good understanding of what true adverse events after a vaccine look like. Further, if they truly cared about the health (i.e. ‘health’ care professional) of their precious baby patients they could easily test for the MTHFR gene in advance to see if there was a strong potential of damage from the vaccines. Information has been suppressed that could aid doctors in helping their patients maintain health, so if they aren’t active about searching for it, they won’t have it.

      You mention the diseases. Giving a Hepatitis B shot to every single baby born makes no scientific sense in the context of USA when the mothers are known to be negative for Hepatitis B themselves.

      Measles is a mild illness which is greatly aided by high doses of vitamin A – well known by the scientific community. The flu shot is a joke as anyone who reads the Cochrane Study will be completely informed about its ineffectiveness in the population under 6 and in the elderly – the ones most targeted in marketing. Since the flu shot received a grade of 18% or so this year, anyone who recommends it to anyone for any reason has immediately lost my respect.

      Meningitis is often a result of the vaccine given to prevent it. Curious that it would cause the very thing that it is supposed to prevent.

      After doing a thorough risk/benefit analysis of every disease, its potential for harm and for recovery, compared to the vaccine and its potential for harm, I can happily and confidently refuse every one. As a Christian I would rather trust my innate natural immune system given to me by my Creator. I am not being selfish as I think every person would benefit from keeping poisons out of their body, and the sooner we educate parents on how to achieve health, the less fear of disease there will be.

      I pray you will examine the information carefully so that you can be part of the true health movement.

    • I would like to see the evidence behind your meningitis statement. Peer reviewed scientific evidence (if it even exists).

    • Common description of meningitis from Merck Manuals: Meningitis symptoms: Headache, Fever, Sore neck

      Meningitis can be classified by what causes it (bacteria, viruses, or something else) or by how quickly it develops (acute, subacute, or chronic). But it is usually classified as one of the following:
      • Acute bacterial meningitis (the most serious type)
      • Viral meningitis
      • Noninfectious meningitis
      • Recurrent meningitis
      • Chronic meningitis
      Aseptic meningitis, often used to refer to viral meningitis, actually refers to meningitis caused by anything other than the bacteria that usually cause acute bacterial meningitis. Thus, aseptic meningitis can include meningitis caused by viruses, disorders that are not infections, drugs, or other organisms (such as the bacteria that cause Lyme disease or syphilis).

      See the complete vaccine package insert for Menactra, Menomune and Menveo which all list headache, fever among many other adverse post-vaccination occurrences, and possible occurrences, published in the manufacturer’s own documents. These symptoms are similar and would be hard to distinguish from meningitis.

    • I normally don’t even argue with the kind of statements people make in regard to this issue. However, you are not equating apples with apples. You have clearly never seen a person post Meningococcal vaccine vs. with meningitis. The headache with meningitis is severe, so severe they can’t stand light or stimulation. The headache listed on the package insert is possible in some people, and is a mild headache. They have to list every symptom that the test population listed whether it was caused by the vaccine, or not. Teens who are administered the immunization will not show the symptoms of meningitis. You are incorrect. In fact, all of your logic is not logical or informed.

    • Meningitis in any form is not anything someone would ever desire. The point is that sometimes we are giving illness, suffering and sometimes even death in the name of prevention. I agree not everyone will have an obvious immediate or even short term reaction to a vaccine, but that does not negate the fact that many babies, children and young adults are severely negatively impacted by vaccines. It is repeated over and over that “vaccines are safe and effective, and the risk of a reaction is very very rare.” Informed consent means clearly acknowledging the reality of vaccine injury. Parents who were compliant with the recommendations are now very vocal because they saw first hand the damage done by vaccines.

      You might be interested in watching this young woman’s story. She recounts her years-long struggle after being injured by the Menomune (Meningococcal Polysaccharide) Vaccine in college at the age of 21. Her story is particularly interesting because she was diagnosed with “adult onset autism”. She completely regressed and nearly died, but since her recovery she is able to describe what it felt like inside her body which was severely impacted by vaccines. Does everyone have this experience? Of course not. The reality of vaccine injury must be acknowledged. Vaccines are injuring far too many. Every parent who consents to any shot is taking a huge risk – and not informed about the risk.

      If you would like to learn more about how the infant’s immune system develops, this video is the best explanation available based on all the latest scientific discoveries in the area of epigenetics, micro biome, and cellular immunity. Every doctor and every nurse should watch this as part of their continuing education. Dr Suzanne Humprhies worked as a specialist Nephrologist and taught in Medical School. She has devoted the last several years of her life to understanding the infant immune system. She readily admits much of what she was taught in medical school was wrong. You might not like my logic, but doctors and nurses often don’t understand the logical fallacies that formed the foundation of how they view vaccines.

    • I seriously doubt that your doctor has done anything so stupid as to claim that a truck would NOT cause any injury as this ridiculous “parody” portrays…

    • Unfortunately something similar is played out far too often when parents observe sever vaccine reactions, take their baby back to the doctor, or to an emergency room and are told that their child’s conditions can have nothing to do with receiving the vaccines. Of course the parody is ridiculous, but what is more ridiculous is that the CDC continues to recommend a one size fits all vaccine schedule which results in all babies by 6 months have received a cumulative total of 16 needles with 60 antigens. The combined impact of this bombardment has never been studied – except if you visit the VAERS database or inspect the NVICP payouts. Every baby is part of the experiment.

    • If you go to VAERS website that supposedly reported many deaths due to MMR vaccine you will see that it’s just a database that is a collection of medically unverified reports. VAERS is also founded and co-managed by CDC. If you look through reports, you can quickly realize reporters have clearly no clear correlation between injury/death and vaccinations. For example, some parent submitted a report about her/his 5 year old son who died 1 day after MMR, however he had preexisting conditions: seizure disorder, microcephaly, & mental retardation. A reasonable person would have to ask before claiming it was vaccine-caused, “What this likely caused by vaccine versus something else?” A mother is obviously emotionally charged and will probably cling to the “vaccine-injury” forever, even without conclusive evidence. Most of the reported injuries and deaths of the precious children on VAERS have pre-existing conditions, which unfortunately cannot equate with 100% conclusion for vaccine-injury. Sometimes, vaccinations do make our immune systems work harder and make even result in a fever, that could have contributed to the injury/death; however, it’s unreasonable to say that if that child got sick on their own and had the fever, the outcome would not have been the same. The reason why that particular child probably received the vaccine because the doctor thought benefits outweighed the risks. Our immune system encounters numerous viruses, bacteria, parasites daily and has to make antibodies to them so many doses of vaccines does should not be any different (although there are exceptions). We, mothers, should not overreact to someone else’s emotional claim that __ caused this __. If that were the case for everything, I wouldn’t be letting my kids to do ANYTHING because of the stories I hear, somebody kidnapped a kid, hit them with a car, etc. Reasonably, I have to weigh benefits and the risks, and make the best choice for my kid’s life, including vaccinations. What is worse, taking the risk of vaccine reaction or its benefit? I’m not pushing towards either choice, but we parents have to be reasonable and not overreact to someone’s sobby story and then base all of our decisions on that.

    • Hi Julia

      I must admit I almost trashed your comment because your statements are so representative of the standard dogma promoted by those in favor of vaccines, and I don’t really want to give those views airtime on my website. There are enough places to find them.

      However, I went through your points and have decided to answer a number of them in the hopes that you are genuinely interested in seeking truth. If you are in the midst of your medical education you owe it to yourself and any future patients you serve to be fully informed, and not to rely on the information you receive via pharmaceutical based training.

      1. VAERS. Yes I agree it is unreliable, but the main reason it is unreliable is because it is under-reported. This is stated on the first page. There have been estimates and extrapolations that between 1 and 10% of adverse events after a vaccine are actually reported on VAERS, meaning that 90% + are not represented there. Doctors are not trained to recognize or admit vaccine injuries and most do not report them.

      2. Pre-existing conditions. If a child has known pre-existing conditions they should NEVER receive the vaccines, and certainly not multiple vaccines and never given a vaccine to which they have previous had a severe reactions. There is also a genetic test (MTHFR gene) easily available to determine if someone will be highly susceptible to a vaccine reaction, yet few doctors know about it or administer it.

      3. Mother’s are emotionally charged. Mothers are the key CLINICAL OBSERVERS. They see a healthy happy baby who is developing all their milestones, goes in for a round of vaccines and before their eyes gets extremely ill with fever, severe crying (indicating extreme pain and/or possible brain swelling i.e. encephalitis, which is listed on vaccine inserts as a possible adverse reaction) and then experiences developmental regression and long-term chronic illness like diarrhea and bowel pain. A child can have one or all of these, or maybe some of the other common side affects, and THE MOTHER DIRECTLY OBSERVES THEM. Why would you discount the mother’s direct observation? She is an eye-witness. Doctors who listen to the mothers learn things and figure out what has happened and try to find ways to help treat the physical issues that often cause the neurological issues.

      4. “Our body regularly encounters so many virus and bacteria so many doses of vaccines should not be any different.” This sounds like a direct quote from Paul Offit who has derived profit in the millions of dollars from the development and promotion of vaccines. There is a HUGE difference between being exposed to virus and bacteria in the air and injecting them directly into the muscle of an infant. Firstly the first line of defense is by-passed. Our immune system learns to respond based on natural exposure via the airways or digestive system. Secondly along with the virus and bacteria also come a whole host of other harmful substances: Aluminum (4925 mcg by 18 months), formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, hydrochloric acid, animal proteins, human fetal DNA fragments, an MANY more. An infant has an immature immune system, is not able to mount an immune response before 9-12 months, yet is directly poisoned by all the ingredients in the name of PROTECTION. Further injecting all those chemicals puts a heavy load on the kidneys and other detoxification systems of the very immature body. There has never been any study on the combined impact of all the recommended vaccines on an infant. Every single baby that gets their 60 antigens by 6 months – as recommended by CDC and most doctors, is part of the experiment.

      5. I agree with you 100% that mother’s don’t need to be over-reacting and shielding their children from any and all situations out of fear. Mothers need a great deal of common sense in parenting, often the most difficult and most important job we will ever be assigned. We need to have a thorough understanding of every medical procedure recommended for our children and seek their health above all. We should not give in to pressure or fear. We should not accept vaccines like a false protective blanket that will ensure our baby will never get sick. We need to have our eyes wide open to the possible dangers of vaccines and the reasons they are recommending so many and pushing them so hard. We need to know that the manufacturer is 100% shielded from any and all liability if our baby has an adverse reaction. We will be the sole bearers of liability for future health care costs, therapy costs, and any other burden that will be placed on us if our child suffers a severe or even moderate vaccine reaction. It is a physical, financial and emotional toll of unimaginable proportions.

      6. I agree again with you that we must reasonably weigh the risks versus the benefits. That is exactly what I urge all parents to do. Parents need to do the work and read every single vaccine package insert of any shot they are thinking of giving their children (most doctors have not done this much). Parents who are living with the daily anguish of permanent severe vaccine injury wish they could go back and research vaccines more than they researched car seats or baby monitors. The information is available to show you that the risk of vaccine injury is MUCH higher than the CDC, vaccine manufacturers, the doctors and the media is admitting. Information is freely available but might not be that easy to find since there has been an orchestrated campaign to hide and alter data, but parents need to have true INFORMED CONSENT. When doing a risk benefit analysis it is important to weigh “chances of getting the disease, treating it to mitigate symptoms and fully recovering” versus “chances of known vaccine injury.” It helps to also understand what life with vaccine injury might look like and there are thousands of parents who will share their story with you.

      7. Which brings me to the objection you had about “sobby stories.” That was a very demeaning comment to all my friends who obediently went and got their child the recommended vaccines only to experience an extreme reaction. Many hundreds died. Others have lifelong challenges of which we can only imagine. The fact that they take time to share their stories without any desire for personal gain, but only for the help of unsuspecting parents, is heroic and should never be disdained. We have much to learn from them. The medical community should be honoring them, caring for them and learning – not castigating and shaming them.

      8. You state that we need to be reasonable. I agree 100%. I truly wish the doctors and CDC would have decided to be reasonable way back in 2001 at the Simpsonwood Meeting when they spent a few hours discussing the obvious “signal” seen in the data linking MMR to autism and then spent the next few days discussing how they were going to manage to hide it, or else their whole vaccine program might be in disrepute. Reasonable scientists follow the truth wherever it leads. Reasonable scientists don’t hide data, lie to doctors all over the country and deceive our nation and the entire world and keep repeating a mantra “vaccines are safe and effective do not challenge us.”

      9. Finally I would urge you to continue to educate yourself on this issue. But I must warn you that while there are many effective alternatives to vaccines to keep children healthy, and there are many effective natural therapies for treating the infectious illnesses for which there are vaccines, taking a stand against vaccines, in the medical community in which you are training, will cause you to be shunned or ridiculed. There are many doctors who do not support vaccines. Many have HUGE practices and the children are hardly ever sick and do not suffer from all the chronic illnesses and auto-immune disorders which now impact over 50% of US children giving them an official diagnosis. However, pursuing and sharing truth and helping families find health can be so much more richly rewarding than joining the medical force in their campaign to inject as many children as possible. I urge you to seek health. There are many outspoken doctors who clearly explain the harm of vaccines, how the immune system actually functions, and how to achieve health. I hope you choose to join their ranks and influence others positively.

    • Dear J,booster, I sincerely appreciate your response! I’m always eager to learn about people’s opinions, and I thank you for taking the time to respond to my post. I wanted to apologize for using the word “sobby,” which I should have replaced with heart-breaking or some adjective like that, I did not mean to offend anybody. My intention was to literally call stories I’ve heard about horrible things that can happen to precious kids as “sobby,” because that’s my response to them – to sob. As a future medical professional, I still would need to remain as objective as possible in any emotional situation, because it’s so easy to get judgement clouded in emotionally heightened situations. Many blessings to you!

  17. This illustrates so many parents’ frustrations when talking to their doctors about their child’s adverse vaccine reaction. I just hate how most doctors ignore what is blatantly obvious–that a child was perfectly healthy in every way until they got a certain vaccine and then everything went downhill after that. Are doctors really this blind or are purposely blind to admitting that the child suffered from their vaccine? Food for thought.

    • Doctors, like people, come in a great variety. Most are so indoctrinated that “vaccines are good, and adverse events, injuries and reactions are extremely rare” that they truly do not recognize vaccine injury when it is right in front of them. Those who might ask questions among their peers are ridiculed or shunned. There is HUGE money in marketing (pushing) vaccines and training of vaccine ‘benefits and overcoming parents who have objections’ to doctors. Most doctors just accept it all as fact without bothering to ask deeper questions – until it might hit their own family. Fortunately, there are many awake and aware doctors who have taken the time to become fully informed on ALL aspects of the vaccine debate. It is my opinion that anyone promoting vaccines is either ignorant, deceived or evil. It takes great courage to stand against the money and power in this debate.

    • If you are honest, but by the nature of your response, I doubt it, Dr Sherri Tenpenny takes one hour and gives a logical, reasonable, completely scientific answer using only CDC’s own information. “Vaccines, What the CDC Documents and Science Reveal by Dr Sherri Tenpenny 2003 part 1 of 2. Truly there is a wealth of information available on the dangers of vaccines for those who are interested in seeking truth – wherever it leads, rather than spouting pro vaccine rhetoric or dogma drilled into them during medical training and ongoing pharmaceutical propaganda. Dr Tenpenny has spent over 10,000 hours researching the scientific basis of vaccines. Most doctors are simply told where and how to inject, how to do a “catch up schedule”, how vaccines do not cause injury and how to coerce reluctant parents to give vaccines. They call that an education.

    • No vaccinations ? Sooo many people would die, people would live in fear.

      Everyone vaccinated ? A tiny percentage of the population has adverse affects.

      What is wrong with this common logic?

    • Knowingly harming even one person for the sake of prevention is not ethically acceptable, especially when there is no true “informed consent”. Parents who have vaccine injured children (which number in the millions) dutifully followed most of the vaccine recommendations and got their kids vaccinated. They have firsthand experience of the lies and the deception of which you speak.

      For any mom it is not ‘common logic’ to risk their child’s life in the hope of preventing an illness they may never get, or from which they may easily recover.

      Breastfeeding is the best form of protection and prevention from all illness.

      Injecting toxic chemical, viral and biological cocktails into a person in the name of health is a logical fallacy believed by many. Common – yes. Intelligent – no. I pray you will continue to research the reality of vaccine science and history so that you will be able to escape the common.

  18. Thank you for making this a blog post. I wish I could magically make it go viral. I also wish all doctors who favor vaccines would read this & ponder it carefully!

    • Thanks Jodie!

      It’s doing quite well! I appreciate everyone who is sharing! No parent should ever have to go through the horror of a vaccine injure. The nightmare of finding yourself accused of harming your baby when you know EXACTLY what caused their serious reaction or death is unimaginable, but has happened far too frequently.

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