Don’t Accept Sickness

so cute!How do we stay healthy in our sin sick world?

Christians understand the cause of sin in the world. What we don’t often connect is the role of sickness. It seems every day I hear about some Christian who is sick, or their kids are sick, so they can’t attend something or they are asking for prayer. Everyone knows someone recently diagnosed with a life-threatening condition like cancer, diabetes, etc. And we commonly hear people describing everything from ulcers to rare and serious auto-immune disorders.

I would like to boldly propose that sickness does not have to be your normal experience. We will all die one day – we know that. But we don’t have to live out our life in sickness until that day comes. We don’t have to expect a complete decline of health as part and parcel of the aging process. While there may be a few things outside of our ability to control, like our parents and where and how we spent our childhood, there are many ways we influence our health, or lack of it, every day.

God wants His people to be robustly strong and healthy. We are fighting a spiritual battle and we need to be armed, strong and ready. Our enemy is real and is trying to deceive us in every sphere of life.

As Christians we need to keep in mind two principles which provide the means to conquer sickness.

Firstly, we need to understand the power of the resurrected Jesus Christ to heal our bodies. Many Christians today have trouble believing in Jesus’ healing power for today and will give many explanations on why we don’t see healing happening around us. I choose to believe in the power of God vibrantly alive and well today just as it was when Jesus walked on earth and when the early disciples travelled around sharing the news of Jesus’ resurrection and the hope of eternal life accompanied by the power to heal the sick. Today, Jesus uses many means to bring healing, light and life in the midst of our dark world.

Secondly, we need common sense. If we see animals drinking from a dirty water hole and we know it is being fed from a toxic source up-stream, then we notice the same animals getting sick, we conclude the water is causing the problem and we figure out a way to give the animals better water and prevent the animals from drinking the polluted water.

Cows waterOur country, and world, is filled with sick people, who continue to drink from polluted water and wonder why there is so much sickness and disease among them. This is true in the most wealthy populations as well as among the poor – it crosses all socio-economic classifications.

We are doing something wrong. The source of our food, water and medical treatment is making us sick.

My heart is grieved every time I hear about a new diagnosis of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis or other chronic debilitating condition. It is especially troubling to hear of these illnesses in children. So many Christians think a yearly bout with flu is normal, aging brings dementia and ill-health, and having several colds or ‘tummy bugs’  per year is normal. Basically, we are all just victims in this sin sick world.

Not true. I believe our life-style, habits, and our go-to medical care choices are causing our illness. It is not our portion to be sick. We are choosing sickness when we ignore God’s natural laws and pollute our body with toxic food, water and drugs. When we get symptoms, we pollute our body even more with more drugs or over-the-counter medications because we want a simple quick fix. We don’t want to have to change anything or do a serious analysis and assessment of the polluted water we are daily drinking from. We want to continue everything we’ve always done – we don’t want to change water holes. It is too much work; too much trouble.

I want to encourage you that it doesn’t have to be that hard, and that the wellness that results is MORE than worth any effort it may take to choose the ‘clean water source’ and shut down the ‘toxic watering hole.’

Pray for wisdom. Your heavenly Father knows exactly what you need and He desires for you to take some time to seek His answers. He can guide you to sources of wisdom as you begin to apply common sense.

Many wise people have been on the road before you. They are eager to share the natural ways God has used to cure them from many serious illnesses.

Don’t settle for the sickness system. Don’t reach for the quick fix or take the course chosen by other sick people.

Begin a journey to a healthier future. It is never too late to stop drinking from the poisoned watering hole. You will feel much better when you seek the life-giving water Jesus guides you to.


Have we made an idol of Western Medicine?

Do we seek God’s solution to our sickness or rush to our doctor for his diagnosis of our symptoms and embrace the usual drug oriented treatment?


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2 thoughts on “Don’t Accept Sickness

  1. After my diagnosis of hep C 12 years ago, and going through 3 unsuccessful treatments that left my immune system bottomed out, we decided to completely change our lifestyle in the way of eating, sleeping, products used, water we drank, supplements – and on and on. We have been on this course for 5-6 years now. I was suppose to need a transplant 7 years ago, and I’m not even close to being offered a liver as my counts are too good. Now, in order to be considered I’m being told that I have to be fully vaccinated. Not happening! To me, that’s beyond crazy!

    Maybe I’ll get sick again, but I’m counting on getting better and better. No one would look at me and know I’m sick.

    No GMO’s, no pesticides, no added hormones or antibiotics. Nothing bleached or processed. Just whole and nutritious foods go into my body.

    Many friends and family think I’m crazy, but they really can’t argue because of what they see. I’m ok with that.

    I think God knew what he was doing when he formed our bodies….

    • Felicia,
      Thanks for sharing your story. Sometimes is takes a huge crisis before we evaluate our common everyday practices. I am so thrilled to hear about how you have found healing and pray your story will inspire many others to find healthy choices so they never have to have a huge health crisis! I pray God will continue to heal and restore your body so you can be an effective spokesperson for Him!

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