Who’s a Quack?

I have heard many people refer to Dr Andrew Wakefield as if his case study published in the Lancet and work in discovering a connection with autistic children and the measles virus present in their gut, which he postulated could be attributed to the MMR vaccine, had been “debunked’.

This is incorrect. He was viciously attacked and forced out of his vocation in his home country (UK). That does not make his science invalid or his questions unimportant. All he did was raise questions – to which the authorities did not want to find answers. He continues to work to help heal children’s guts – and there is a corresponding improvement in their brain function. He might be called a “quack”, but who is giving him that label?

There are many medical experts who have taken time to carefully research all the information, all the papers, all the studies and who conclude that there is a problem with the safety of vaccines. Vaccines are touted to be safe & effective, yet the “vaccine court” exists in the USA because vaccines were confirmed to be unavoidably unsafe, so they needed a method to pay out for those who were injured, while protecting the manufacturers and doctors from ALL liability.

Vaccines are pushed on us with a message of fear. Get this shot or your baby could get desperately ill, or your baby could make someone else ill, or your child won’t be allowed into school, or you can’t bring you baby to this medical practice.

Get ALL the facts. Not just the ones presented in main stream media. There are huge corporate interests involved in this discussion.

If you are a parent, a grandparent, or care about babies, please take the time to fully investigate this subject. Your precious baby will thank you.

This 25 minute video will answer a lot of questions you might have had about vaccines. Dr Suzanne Humphries might be described as a “quack” if you search her on-line, but the interesting thing is that now she is more effective in treating her patients and helping them  get WELL than before she was given that label. Who assigns the “quack” label and why?

Dr Humphries has spent an intensive 3 years of her life thoroughly investigating the science of vaccines and of health. She has found answers. Her answers will help anyone make a more informed decision. She is not insisting that you not vaccinate. She is not pushing her agenda. Her purpose, and mine, is to help you make a fully informed choice.

Dr Suzanne Humphries said something very interesting, “since I’ve been labeled as a quack, I’ve noticed that my patients have been getting so much healthier.” Holding onto old ideas is not the same thing as holding on to health.
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