Who do you trust for information?

DSC_0075Well-meaning caring people can be wrong.

In our age of information we are inundated with facts. Many of the facts we encounter are opposing and opposite. In the end we must CHOOSE who we want to believe.

McDonalds tells us their food is healthy and spends monstrous amounts marketing their fare to children and others. Supersize Me explores the fast food industry’s corporate influence, including how it encourages poor nutrition for its own profit.

When it comes to something as important as injecting your child with a chemical concoction unknown to you, you owe it to yourself and the health of your baby to ask: who is telling me what? What could be their motive in sharing this information?

It might not always be financial gain. Many sincere health professionals routinely urge young parents to vaccinate. On social media recently a young mom described her baby’s vaccine reaction, looking for help and understanding. Her baby required hospitalization for a high fever, high pitched abnormal screaming and a severe abscess at the injection site which had to be surgically drained. One sincere responder had no idea the potential harm her advice could cause:

I would like to add another comment as a Professional nurse immunizing babies, children and adults on a daily basis. The abscess formation is NOT an adverse reaction to a vaccine, but rather to a unacceptable injection technique or unhygienic performance of the procedure!!! Please do not misinterpret this as a “bad reaction” to a certain vaccine. If you or your children had been free of any related infections, just be thankful!! You were lucky.

These women were strangers to each other and were communicating via social media so I am assuming the ‘Professional nurse’ had no financial interest in this young mother’s future actions. However, everything she is and stands for is wrapped up in her role as “Professional nurse [who] immunizes babies, children and adults on a daily basis.” Her entire world is shaped on the foundation that vaccines are safe and effective and absolutely essential for all babies – even if they have such reactions.

I don’t exactly understand her comment about being thankful and “you were lucky.” My perspective is that the young mom could possibly be thankful for this strong evidence of vaccine injury by her baby so that she won’t give her baby any future vaccines, and lucky if her baby never develops more serious long-term common vaccine injury from this exposure, such as an auto-immune disorder, autism or developmental delays because of brain damage, diabetes, severe allergies, etc.

The ‘Professional nurse’ had previously, to her credit, expressed sympathy to the mom,

I am so sorry about the pain and agony you and your baby had to endure! This is not a “normal” side-effect of vaccination, but vax is of the utmost importance, do not just avoid further vaccination, maybe just use another clinic???

She totally ignored the high fever and high pitched screaming. She is giving deplorable advice in telling this mom to keep vaccinating because it “is of the utmost importance.” The vaccine manufacturers actually list such reactions to vaccines as a contraindication to future vaccines. What recourse would the young mom have if she follows this sincere ‘Professional nurse’s’ suggestion and the next set of vaccines results in some permanent disability for which the mom and family alone will have to bear the entire weight?

I also wonder about all her other patients. How many of those babies, children and adults whom she has injected with vaccines (which are not “immunizations” – they just hope they lead to a level of immune response, but often fail) had a serious reaction? Just because she is well intentioned does not mean she is blameless. Before I inject you with a toxic chemical cocktail I will make certain I read ALL the research and EVERY WORD of the vaccine package insert. If I have any doubt I will keep researching.

A mom expects her health care providers to have done the basic research into the medical procedure they are recommending for her baby.

  • She assumes they have researched in detail the risk of the disease versus the risk of the shot.
  • She assumes they know every single ingredient and its potential for harm to her baby.
  • She assumes they are aware of what an adverse reaction might look like and are competent to quickly recognize and treat a vaccine injury.

Most of these expectations are pipe dreams. Most of what our professionals know is what they have been told by the CDC (whose own top scientist, William Thompson, recently admitted he has lied and has been encouraged to lie regarding scientific studies he published while employed by the CDC – see #CDCwhistleblower) the WHO and vaccine manufacturers. Even the training doctors and nurses receive is based on information, opinions, and beliefs perpetuated by the vaccine industry.

Some of those who give us information have obvious ties to industry and stand to gain from our choices. Other times the links are more difficult to discern. A parent is an advocate for the health of their own baby. That is their primary responsibility. Parents with vaccine injured children feel betrayed by all the authority figures who assured them that vaccinating is a harmless way to help their baby stay healthy (watch their stories #hearthiswell). Many of these authority figures are good people, but they have also been lied to and many have accepted the lies for so long they find it impossible to recognize the truth of the danger of vaccinations.

I feel a lot more confident in listening to moms who have agonized over their seriously vaccine injured child. They have spent countless hours researching the cause of their child’s abnormality and have woken up to the fact that the vaccine industry is based on lies, smoke and mirrors. They have nothing to gain from sharing their pain and waging an ongoing campaign to educate and inform new parents. In fact many of them are vilified, criticized and abused because of trying to warn others. Their goal is simply to help others avoid the same agony and suffering they have been through.

Not Anti VaxI don’t like to be “anti” anything. Sometimes I admit I am forced to be ‘anti’ greed, dishonesty, lies, and falsifying science to promote an agenda or support a position. I get angry when young parents are led astray and pressured to go against their hearts and intuitions because people in authority tell them to. I urge you to think carefully about the source of your information. Just because someone has good intentions does not mean they are well informed. The health of your baby and your future depends on understanding the information for yourself. We need to question everything. Just because people are nice does not mean they are right.

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