Myths & Physics of Marriage

Happy Grandparents June 13 croppedJohn and I were privileged to present a 3 part series called The Myths & Physics of Marriage at Longleaf Church. We used our real life struggles over our thirty-three years of marriage to talk about common myths about marriage that can often bring unexpected challenges. You can listen to three 40 minute audios below.

Everyone entering a meaningful relationship wants it to endure and be happy, but it seems like only a few are finding success. Perhaps the secret is found when you discover the “myths and physics” of it. Myths are things that many people understand but are not true, and Physics is all true but few people understand it! Join us at Longleaf for the 3 part message series, Myths & Physics!

Part One: It’s all in the MIND

Part Two: He Wants, She Wants 

Part Three: For Better or For Worse

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