Hope in the midst of corruption

Hope StreetIt is amazing how relevant the words of a man who lived 2000 years ago can seem for today!

Wake up! See what you have become! Woe to you; you’re like a field full of unmarked graves. People walk on the field and have no idea of the corruption that is a few inches beneath their feet. (Jesus, Luke 11, The Voice)

These words of Jesus were addressed to the religious leaders of His day, who also happened to have a great deal of political power.  They remind me a lot of the medical authorities and the power they have over ordinary people. People view medical ‘experts’ as priests and many strictly follow their advice.

Sometimes Christians are offended by criticisms against a medical system or political system they esteem to be the best in the world.  Like the scholar who was sitting with Jesus who made this remark,

Rabbi, if You insult the Pharisees, then You insult us too.

Jesus answered with a rather harsh and game-changing response.  In fact, that was the last invitation he received to a dinner party by a Pharisee or religious leader! This is just part of His response found in Luke 11:

So, religious scholars, judgement will come on you! You’re supposed to be teachers, unlocking the door of knowledge and guiding people through it. But the fact is, you’ve never even passed through the doorway yourselves. You’ve taken the key, left the door locked tight, and stood in the way of everyone who sought entry.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen it comes to knowledge about health – true health – as in how to get healthy, stay healthy, feel good and live well until it is your time to die, the medical profession is not my first go-to source.  Their track record does not boast of the results I want for myself and my loved ones. I have learned a lot from many enlightened medical professionals and have received excellent care from many doctors over the years. However, I have the greatest respect for doctors who do not stay in the confines of their medical training, but through independent research, listening to their patients, and a pursuit of truth, have found keys to health they did not learn in their medical training.  However, there remain many strong voices in the medical and pharmaceutical professions who seem unconcerned about true health and, like the Pharisees Jesus harshly criticized, have not figured it out for themselves, and have wanted to take the key away from anyone else who wants to find the truth.

Be that as it may, I have hope.  Like Paul, and the early followers of Jesus, I have hope because that is exactly what Jesus came to give us.

The hope I have is rooted in the promises of God. It was predicted that Jesus would suffer, but He would rise from the dead, so that through Him everyone could have hope and light to live by.

So, in a crazy world that seems to keep going crazier, I continue to find my daily hope as I seek to grasp more of

God’s mysterious plan, which is Christ Himself. In Christ are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. (Paul, Colossians 2)

The rules and medical recommendations pushed on us by the world system/culture/government

are merely human teaching.  They may seem wise because they require strong devotion, pious self-denial [so-called ‘herd immunity’ proponents?] and severe bodily discipline [ask any parent with an autistic child what is required]

but [these rules] provide no help in conquering our basic problems. (Paul, Colossians 2)

The human condition is complex.  But one basic fact has been evident from the beginning of time – man’s desire for more (greed) and his desire for esteem (pride).  These desires are the root of much of the corruption in the current medical system and the ‘science’ that they like to say supports everything they do.  Of course, the patients have to share in the blame because we like quick easy fixes to solve our problems or alleviate our symptoms. The combination of our desire to avoid suffering, the machinery of greed, and a system of hierarchy and control by ‘experts’ has become the foundation of an enormous industry which brings extreme rewards to a few and great suffering to many.

Unfortunately the losers don’t really understand how many ways they are losing and how to get out of this win-lose situation.

sunriseI cling to Jesus and the hope He provides and seek to share truth and help the innocents who suffer.  Jesus said we need to petition God with brash persistence.  He loves us. He wants to open our eyes, reveal Himself to us and relieve us of our suffering so that we can help others.

What are you petitioning the God of the universe for?  Where is your hope? What do you know about Jesus?

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