Detox for Beginners

drinking waterOne of the easiest things you can do to assist your body in the detox process is to drink a large glass of water immediately upon rising in the morning.  It is important to drink the best quality water available. I do not have the definitive answer about which water is best, as I have read about reverse osmosis, alkaline, various filters, spring water, etc.  One simple idea that might be the most effective and economical is treating your own water with lemon or wheat grass.

So, begin to make it a habit.  Every morning make it easy for yourself to access a large glass of water and drink it down – and then wait at least 20 minutes before eating anything!

Water and food.  This is a simple practice which most people are completely unaware of. It becomes critically important for anyone who struggles with chronic heartburn and takes antacids.  Try this practice for three weeks and see if you notice any difference.  Of course, the quality and quantity of food you ingest will also play a significant role, but this is something easy to start experimenting with.  You are a scientist and your body and your intake are your testing ground.

As we get older we need to facilitate our digestion and nutrient absorption in every way possible.  One important way to do this is to avoid drinking with meals.  Drink water 20 minutes before a meal and wait at least 20 minutes after your meal to quench any thirst you might have.

I realize this is quite counter cultural.  In restaurants the first thing they take is your drinks order.  When you are invited to a meal at a friend’s house, everyone shares drinks before the meal.  Every time I ask for nothing I receive at least two more questions and some strange looks: ‘you’re not going to have anything?’  Now in restaurants it is probably also about the size of the bill and the anticipated tip.  Every waitron knows that the drinks portion of the bill can push the total much higher and they look forward to a correspondingly higher tip!  For me it’s not about the money, it’s about how to facilitate my digestion and get the most out of my food.  My aim is to live vibrantly throughout my whole life!  I do not take for granted my current health, but seek to daily invest in my future health!

So sometimes I will ask for a glass of water and enjoy the pre-dinner conversation while my glass remains full!

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