A Letter to My Adult Children About Vaccinations

DSC_0075There are many things I would like to share with you about many subjects, but I am going to limit myself in this short blog to the topic of vaccinations. I can’t share everything I’ve learned over my 31 years of research, but I will try to highlight the most important things. This advice might conflict with the mainstream.  My wish for you is that you would never fit comfortably into mainstream for anything!

You are an adult now and you have the privilege of making decisions for yourself.  You get to weigh up all the evidence and decide what course of action you want to take.  You know that I have very strong opinions about things and I haven’t exactly been shy to express some of them to you.  But now you have to figure out what you believe for yourself.  I want you to discover why I have such strong opinions and hope that my thoughts can give you clarity for what you want to do.

Because… along with the opportunity of deciding you will also carry the responsibility to live with the choices you make.

Firstly, decide on a basis for your exploration.  My personal foundation for every decision I make in my life stems from my relationship with Jesus and my understanding of His instructions.  Above all, seek the guidance of Jesus.  Paul tells us in Colossians 2 that in Jesus are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.  If you are feeling unsure, if you are feeling frightened, those aren’t good signs.  You can be frightened in either direction.  So seek the treasures of wisdom and knowledge that are found in Jesus and take whatever time it takes to do that. Don’t let anyone rush you out of fear.

Secondly, always carefully examine the source of any information and decide if there could be any conflict of interest. Someone who is deriving their entire living, or a huge part of it, based on the vaccine program, is possibly not going to be as objective as someone who receives no benefit from your choice. Now there are many parents telling you their stories and some of them have written books because they want to share their horrific journey of death, disability, or long term illness. They may sell their books and they may derive some money (i.e. Markus Heinze and many others). But the level of compensation pales in comparison to those who have interests in the pharmaceutical industry, medical system, or even in the government agencies that recommend these vaccine schedules. And, many of these parents (i.e. April Rene, Vera Duffy, etc.) have been offering this information for free or donate proceeds from book sales to further promote education to parents on vaccine realities. So, consider carefully the source of the information and all possible conflicts of interest.

Conflicts of interest are not always obvious and apparent.  Sometimes there are people in academic positions whose entire life, career, and livelihood depends on the acceptance and adherence to vaccine dogma. The entire basis of their scientific understanding is built on vaccine theory; their entire education – all their investment of their time through their entire life – rests on the foundation of one understanding: the way they were taught about how the immune system works. Their whole belief system rests on that.  And to actually discover anything that goes against their basic premise becomes too dangerous for them and they don’t want to know the truth. They can’t look objectively at the evidence. Thus, even if they don’t work directly for a pharmaceutical company, maybe for an academic or government institution, their investment is so high into that philosophy that they are unable to see clearly the actual evidence when it is presented to them.

Some people that I respect highly are those who understand that level of academic buy-in to the vaccine industry, and who have received the same training, and yet they began to question the system based on specific events that happened in their life, or in the life of their patients.

Doctor Suzanne Humphries is a nephrologist (kidney specialist) from Canada who saw the horrific impact of routine vaccinations on her adult patients who were suffering with kidney conditions. She questioned the changes to standard hospital practice and was amazed at the lack of support she received from the hospital administration when questioning possible vaccine reactions.

Dr Russell Blaylock, neurologist, has developed an incredible theory about how the brain works and what impact neurotoxins have on the brain and how it impacts our health.  He understands the ingredients in the vaccines and has seen the impact on brain tissue. He is a brilliant man; a nice, grandfatherly-like man. He is a man whose understanding could help enlighten the world, if, we weren’t blinded by our own bias and belief system. He explains the blood brain barrier and knows which ingredients can cross it, when and how and the devastating impact it has on the brain.  He has done countless brain scans and research and can clearly see the damage to brains from toxic substances.

There are hundreds of trained medical professionals who are speaking out strongly against vaccines and the ‘science’ that supposedly supports them.  Last of all, I just want to say that if you do decide to vaccinate yourself or your children for anything, please, please consider the following points carefully:

Your newborn infant was designed perfectly by God with a developing immune system that is amazing.  Keep in mind that the blood/brain barrier is not fully developed until around the age of two (some experts hypothesize much later, like eight years).  Any substance that is injected into a baby’s body can have direct access to the brain of an infant, who does not have the protection that naturally develops as the body and brain matures.  Take these two years (or more) to research the facts and science thoroughly.  Don’t feel any pressure.

Take a look at all the ingredients in every single vaccination you are considering.  There are many toxins added for various reasons.  Some are preservatives, some are specifically added as an adjunct – or something to give an oomph to the immune system so that it will purposely respond to the offending disease cells.  These substances will cross the blood brain barrier and do cause damage to the developing brain. Read the vaccine package insert on any shot you are considering.

Absolutely don’t vaccinate before six months of age for anything for any reason.  Do not cave in to pressure from any source.  During those six months, wear your baby as often as you can: either you, your spouse, or a trusted family member.  Wear your baby.  The act of wearing your baby will enhance your baby’s brain development, immune system, and ensure optimal brain development. A parents most important role is to protect their baby’s brain.

Exclusively breastfeed your baby for those six months, slowly adding whole, healthy complimentary foods after that, while continuing to breastfeed .  Don’t worry about how often or how much. Just breastfeed them as often as they will suck and take the breast. If you need a break – take a QUICK break.  And remember, this is just six months and it will pass all too quickly and become a memory. Give your all during this six months and you will find the benefits pay off for life. If breastfeeding is painful, get help early. By the time you’ve made it to six months, you and your baby will have figured out a lot of things about this breastfeeding relationship and will have a lot of confidence to continue and design this vital life-giving relationship according to all of your needs.

If you have to vaccinate, never ever give any injections while your baby is sick – even just with a snotty nose.  Just wait.  The risk is not worth it.  Also, never give Tylenol for any reason before or after a vaccination reaction. It has been specifically shown to cause greater harm.  And, if you have to vaccinate, never ever give multiple injections on the same day.  Spread them out far and wide.

Imagine bombarding the immune system with multiple viral and toxic exposure.  Would you ever walk into a room where you knew people had active cases of measles, mumps, whooping cough, and polio all around you? And people were smoking at the same time and there was chlorine in the corner giving out its noxious gas?  Would you ever do that?  In the same way, it just can’t be wise to expose yourself to multiple toxins and multiple disease-causing substances at the same time. I cannot comprehend the rationale behind exposing our precious perfect children to this kind of toxic chemical mix all in the name of good health.

Finally, seek God, believe in yourself, and share truth.  There are so many in this world who have been deceived.  Some have been deceived so deeply and for so long that their first exposure to truth is not going to convince them.  Be patient with them.  But be set in your mind and be bold enough to care enough to continue to share truth with them.

All my love, forever and always,


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Author: Becky Hastings, wife, blessed mom of five, MIL to 2, and grandmother of four so far. I passionately follow Jesus Christ, seek to be healthy, read and understand relevant research, and share truth with others.

12 thoughts on “A Letter to My Adult Children About Vaccinations

  1. A wonderful letter! Thank-you for sharing it. I have tried so HARD to convince some of my family about the possible dangers of vaccines, but they cave in to peer pressure and “pseudo-science.” One of the things that troubles my heart the most…is the DAMAGE being done to the younger generation…through vaccines, GMO and processed foods, and other environmental toxins. Children are the most PRECIOUS beings that God has placed in our care! I will continue to pray and also to pass along articles (like yours)…to young parents. Thanks again.

  2. A wonderful letter full of wisdom! I hope your adult children realize what a treasure they have, in having you for their mother and a grandmother to their children.

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  4. For the love of money….

    In recent years, after a lot of research, I have come to similar conclusions about the ever increasing, widespread use of psychotropic pharmaceuticals. I am writing a book that will address this, not as the primary topic but as a pertinent adjunct to my main topic.

    I wish I had known these things about vaccines when my children were small. Now my children are grown, my grandchildren are grown, and I have a two year old great-grandson. But I will still tell my children and grandchildren about this, and share your information with my hairdresser, who is expecting her first child in November.

    • My grandchildren are grown, not giving… I am writing on a Kindle Fire tablet and the onscreen keyboard seems to have a mind of its own. 🙂

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  8. Hi Becky! What a wonderful place you have here!! I just had the chance to jump on and check out your website. This article really speaks to my heart and what I eventually discovered for myself as well. I totally agree with everything you have said here and only wish I had known about this BEFORE my children were vaccinated. We have escaped some of the more obvious dangers, but what we will never know is what hidden dangers they will struggle with for the rest of their lives.

    It was such a blessing that our paths crossed and I look forward to following you as your site grows!
    All the Best,

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