Why a Blog

Thoughts keep entering my mind and I need to share them.  They may or may not be helpful to you.  Take what is useful, leave what you aren’t interested in.  These are the incredible people I have been blessed to do life with…

Complete Family Cropped June 13

God has blessed me richly, not because of anything I deserved.  I desire to pass on what I have learned through the treasures of wisdom and knowledge I have found in Jesus Christ.

One thought on “Why a Blog

  1. Becky, I love this website. Your front page and description of life coaching are right on and you have beautifully organized and communicated your heart here. It is a privilege to know and work with you. What a great picture of your family. I can’t wait to get your latest posts in my inbox :-).
    You are well on your way Becky. Know you have my prayers.

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