Tapping Points

These are the generally used points for Tapping, or EFT. It is not a ‘magic formula’ or magic sequence. There is evidence to show that all the points are beneficial. After starting with the set-up statement while tapping the side of the hand (karate point), you can tap in this order about 5 times at each location. You can tap on one or both sides. You can tap for about 2 full rounds. You can vary it in any manner you desire. When I start tapping I always pray and ask Jesus to guide me into all truth and insight for His glory.

Start by acknowledging the truth of your symptoms, pain or anxiety. As you tap on these stressors, your body may respond by bringing to your mind other experiences or aspects of your situation that did not immediately come to mind.

Tapping points

If you would like to try tapping, but aren’t exactly sure how to start, I am happy to lead you through the process via Skype or other technology. Please message or post and we can make an arrangement.

I’d love to hear about your experience with tapping!

Becky Hastings, a former sinner saved by the grace of Jesus Christ.

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