EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or Tapping

I have been learning a lot about EFT and want to explore it from a wholehearted Christ follower’s point of view.  I have prepared these points and would love to discuss them with other thoughtful Christ followers.

I suggest you read this prayer out loud before your begin your tapping. You can tap through the tapping points while reading this prayer.

My personal EFT Principles

  • I have faith in the name of Jesus, my Creative designer.
  • I seek only healing that comes through His name.
  • I seek to understand, respect and work in harmony with His creative design for my body;
  • I recognize He is the ultimate power and authority – there is no greater power or wisdom;
  • Jesus, the Author of life, whom God raised from dead, is able to perform miracles;
  • I recognize He can heal all things as I surrender and submit to Him; I seek His power alone to heal and perform miracles in my life;
  • I have faith in the name of Jesus;
  • It is faith in Jesus that can bring complete health and wholeness;
  • Jesus’ ministry on earth was healing. Everyone who touched Him in faith was healed. He sent the disciples to heal. The early followers experienced healing.
  • I give all glory to Jesus Christ for all healing accomplished in or through me.
  • Jesus can make me completely new through the Holy Spirit.
  • I am fully and completely loved and accepted in Jesus, therefore I can fully love and accept myself.

Oh how great are God’s riches & wisdom & knowledge! How impossible it is for us to fully understand His ways. For everything comes from Him exists by His power is intended for His glory. All glory to Jesus forever!

Paul, Romans 11

After starting with this prayer, the next step is to identify our biggest concern right now, and seek to frame it in words, and use the technique of tapping on the specific points in the diagram.

Author: Becky Hastings, a forgiven, cleansed sinner who seeks to walk closely with Jesus Christ every day.

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