Be Bold, Share Truth!

I overheard an expectant father mention that his first baby was due in September.  He was excited about picking up a large package — a gift in anticipation for the arrival of his new baby. We happened to be exiting the post office at about the same time.

I boldly started a conversation with this total stranger by asking his permission: “Would you mind if I shared some unsolicited information with you?”

He answered, “Sure.”

So I started, “Please research vaccines before you agree to give them to your new baby.”

And you know what – HE WANTED TO KNOW MORE! He asked questions. He was receptive. He was APPRECIATIVE. He wanted to get the name of my website. He wanted to take my card. He was 100% supportive of his wife breastfeeding and wanted to share information about our local breastfeeding support group with her.

He totally understood that fact that there are some irregularities between the pharmaceutical industry and our government which might not be in our best interests, and was not at all offended by my approaching him. He was THANKFUL.

So, GO FOR IT. Look out for new parents. Take the bold plunge. ASK them if you can share some important information with them. Get their permission and approach gently. Parents need to be warned about the risk and potential harm of the recommended vaccine schedule.

Every parent genuinely wants the very best for their children, but they don’t have all the facts.

Becky on stageBecky Hastings, a wife, mom, grandmother, passionate follower of Jesus, health promoter, breastfeeding counsellor helping moms for 22+ years, and someone who seeks to research, understand and share truth so people can make wise choices in our crazy mixed up, deceived world!

What to do if CPS Shows up at Your Door

Family HandsSometimes children are harmed in their homes. This does not make every parent a suspect. In our current hyper vigilant age, there are more parents being reported to CPS than ever before.

  • Loving parents who refuse a recommended medical treatment for their child can be reported by a doctor who might fear losing his license to practice medicine.
  • Neighbors or estranged family members may report a family despite the lack of grounds to support any allegations of abuse.
  • Parents with a sick child seeking a second opinion have been reported to CPS by hospital or medical authorities.

Family HeartSince more parents are experiencing a visit from CPS than ever before, and since sometimes those visits have resulted in the quick removal of children – despite no grounds to allegations of harm or abuse – it is critically important for every parent to have a good idea of how to respond to a CPS visit. Don’t think ‘it can’t happen to me.’ Take any visit by CPS seriously.

The most significant mistakes made by parents are usually in the very first encounter. If you can understand how to handle the very first encounter with CPS, you can increase your chances of maintaining your family’s rights and freedom. CPS will often seek to take a family by surprise. Be prepared.

holding the key1. THE KEY: Be polite & SAY AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE. You might be terrified inside. You might be absolutely angry if you feel there is injustice going on, but the number one thing you can do is stay calm and be polite. Anything you say can be twisted. Do NOT DEFEND YOURSELF. Do NOT volunteer information.

2. Do NOT let them in your house. Be nice but STAY FIRM. Have one statement ready and repeat it over and over “I know you are just doing your job, but my main obligation is to my children and to help them avoid unnecessary trauma.” If they do not have a warrant and there is no obvious emergency, they are not allowed access to your home. If a police officer is with them, they all know it is illegal to enter a home unless you CONSENT, or unless they have a warrant, or can hear an emergency situation going on. DO NOT CONSENT. 

3. Ask permission to ask THEM questions. “I realize you are just doing your job. Would it be ok if I asked you a couple of questions?” Then, ask if you can record the conversation. If you need to get your cell phone, close the door and say, “I need to get something.” These are the questions to ask them:

  • “Firstly, do you have some identification? After you get their ID, write down their name, then ask, “Can you give me the name and phone number of your supervisor?” Write it all down. Take your time.
  • Next “What are the exact allegations that have been made against me? Federal law requires that I should be informed of any allegations against me.”
  • Ask them if they have a warrant. Be direct. “Do you have a warrant to search my home or speak to my children?” If they produce a warrant make sure it is signed by a judge and dated.

Without a warrant they must gain your consent to enter your home or speak to your children. They are doing their job. Their supervisor has instructed them to make this visit and they will use whatever tactic they feel will be effective to GET MORE INFORMATION AGAINST YOU. They may alternate between: trying to be nice, being firm, threatening or trying to bargain with you. Stay immune to every tactic. Be Nice, but know your rights. Do not get caught up in their games. Don’t engage them in any discussion, except on the questions above.

4. Tell them you are going to contact your attorney and when you get them on the phone, you will allow them to speak to your attorney. Close the door. Phone your attorney so the attorney can speak to the CPS case worker and help them to leave. Your attorney will know the law and remind the case worker of your rights. It is always a good idea to have an advocate on your side.

What do I do if I don’t have an attorney?

If you are a Christian and Homeschooling, you might like to consider joining Heritage Defense.[1] If you are homeschooling you might like to join Home School Legal Defense Association who will defend you against allegations by social services as they pertain to homeschooling. Both organizations require a monthly or yearly fee but are available for telephone help immediately in any emergency situation you might face.

I pray you will never need to use this information. Unfortunately, in the present time of extensive government involvement in the lives of parents, many parents have found themselves in complex situations with CPS. It is better to be forewarned and forearmed. Your number one desire is to protect your children from harm. Too often CPS has brought more harm than help.

Please share your tips for keeping your family safe from unwarranted intrusion in the comments below.

Becky Hastings

DSC_0062Facing a world quite different from the one in which I grew up, I seek to research and understand the very real dangers threatening the health and freedom of today’s parents, providing information to navigate towards joyful family living!


UPDATE: My blog post has been read and shared among nearly 500,000 viewers.

If you need legal help, here is a list of possible resources.

There is obviously a lot of concern on the topic of CPS and protecting your family. Whether you are currently being investigated by CPS, are a non-offending parent in an open CPS case, or are a mandated reporter, this post by Women’s Justice Center in California has some great tips for “Avoiding the Abuses of Child Protective Services“. The topics presented: A. Tips on How and Where to Report Child Abuse; B. Tips for dealing with CPS if CPS has already opened a case regarding abuse of your child; and C. Tips for getting the best possible representation from your court appointed attorney.

If you’ve never heard of CPS abuses, you might be interested to watch this 13 minute video presentation by Senator Nancy Schaefer from Georgia, highlighting some of her findings after investigating the CPS system for four years. Nancy and her husband were shot and killed in 2010 in what the authorities ruled was a murder suicide. Nancy had been speaking out against CPS abuses and had written a report entitled, The Corrupt Business of the Child Protective Services which focused “on the Georgia Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS). However, I believe Child Protective Services nationwide has become corrupt and that the entire system is broken almost beyond repair. I am convinced parents and families should be warned of the dangers.”

“I have witnessed such injustice and harm brought to these families that I am not sure if I even believe reform of the system is possible! The system cannot be trusted. It does not serve the people. It obliterates families and children simply because it has the power to do so. Children deserve better. Families deserve better. It’s time to pull back the curtain and set our children and families free.”

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and the needy” Proverbs 31:8-9

[1] Interview with Bradley Pierce of Heritage Defense on Law and Liberty Radio. Preserving our Freedoms, Defending Our Heritage.

What do I say to my doctor?

Baby just bornMoms most often take their babies for well baby visits.

Moms are most often pressured to give their child the recommended vaccines, even if they have reservations.

Sometimes moms have serious doubts and fears about the vaccines, but they are reassured in a doctor’s office that the vaccine will “protect” their child from some terrible illness.

There are glossy information sheets produced by the CDC in conjunction with the AAP and AAFP, proclaiming the benefits of the shots.

Compliance is assumed.

Compliance is the key factor that the CDC schedule has been designed to achieve. They studied parent habits and found that if babies lived through their first year with no vaccines, parents were less likely to want to vaccinate.

So, they decided to start the shots earlier. This was never about science or health benefits. It was all about compliance.

They know that a mom with a very precious dependent two month old baby is feeling much more tentative about everything concerning their baby. They want to be reassured baby is gaining weight and is normal in every way. They are vulnerable. They look to the doctors and nurses at the well baby visits as the “hallowed experts” who have SO MUCH experience with babies, they must KNOW EVERYTHING and it never crosses their mind that maybe the experts could be wrong.

The truth is, all of their training has pretty much been pharmaceutically oriented and funded. Doctors and nurses usually have and enjoy a feeling of power because of their position, education and experience, AND they exert their influence on moms.

The CDC utilizes this power imbalance to push their agenda of “every child vaccinated.” Now the CDC might, once upon a time, have had reasonable objectives in this goal. But over the years, as the pharmaceutical industry has commandeered most aspects of health care, the current recommendations are not designed for healthy babies OR a healthy population.

They are designed to get parents to comply because that is what makes certain people more secure in their jobs and their financial positions.

So what do you say to your doctor?

If you are just beginning to wonder about vaccine safety you have a few options.

1. WAIT. The easiest path to take is to say, “We would like to wait. We don’t want any shots today.” And, when challenged, simply REPEAT this phrase in a polite way. “We don’t want any shots today, we want to wait. We don’t want any shots today.” You don’t have to give them ANY reasons. It’s your baby and THEY WORK FOR YOU! Your job is to protect your baby.

doctorIt sounds easy, but I’ve been in this position and I find myself getting intimidated by a doctor. I found it helpful to practice saying this simple phrase repeatedly  in front of a mirror.

“We don’t want any shots today, we want to wait. We don’t want any shots.”

If you had previously given vaccines, but have now decided you aren’t sure, rather than discuss the pros and cons and share everything you are learning you could say, “We’re re-thinking vaccines and aren’t prepared to give any more shots.” If they respond, you could then say, “That’s interesting. We’re re-thinking vaccines and aren’t prepared to give any more shots. We don’t want any shots today.”

Seriously, it sometimes takes the doctor or nurse 4 – 7 times of hearing the SAME PHRASE REPEATED before they actually HEAR. But rather keep to the same words because it will be MUCH easier for you to remember and stay calm and composed AND achieve your goal of protecting your baby.

2. AVOID. Another option would be to avoid well baby visits altogether and many parents choose this option.

3. FIND A HEALTH AWARE DOCTOR. I understand if you are a brand new mom and you have lots of questions. Is it possible to find a doctor who understands that health does not come through a shot and that shots are implicated in many common childhood illnesses and auto-immune disorders (Type 2 Diabetes, allergies, cancers, seizures, developmental delays, brain injury, etc.)  and can cause serious life-long suffering? Ask at health food stores in your area, or search online. Find a well respected chiropractor, a naturopathic doctor or a functional medicine doctor who understands the dangers of vaccines.

4. LIMIT YOUR DISCUSSION. Sometimes parents feel they need to “educate” their doctors about the research they have been doing and have a strong need to explain their decision not to vaccinate their children to the doctor or nurse, with the hope that the doctor will understand and support their decision. This rarely happens and sometimes can weaken your resolve rather than strengthen it.

Most doctors have been firmly indoctrinated that the number of injuries that occur from vaccines is infinitesimally small, so that is what they believe. Their support for vaccines is not firmly grounded in science, but in the indoctrination they have received. In general, most of us are not able to adequately argue with them and sway them — no matter what facts we give them or arguments we try. They have too much invested in the system and are not ready to hear.

I suggest to most people that they say as little as possible when beginning this journey. You are your baby’s protector. Your heart says no. That is enough. If you can find an “awakened doctor” that is great, but face the fact that your ‘very very nice’ doctor might not be as open-minded as you had hoped.

Important things to remember when facing pressure to vaccinate your baby:

  1. If your child has a serious reaction or death from a vaccine, or from the total toxic load of many vaccines given at the same time, you are the one who will bear the entire weight. You cannot sue the doctor, the CDC or the manufacturer. You can submit a claim through NVICP, which may or may not be considered and will require YEARS of administrative effort on your part, which is usually VERY DIFFICULT to do while also dealing with a vaccine injured child.
  2. Some reactions to vaccines only show up much later in the form of auto-immune disorders, diabetes, learning disabilities, asthma, ear infections, weakened immune system, childhood cancers, intestinal disturbances, etc. Many parents have worked for years to help their child regain their health in all these areas after a vaccine injury. They have born the cost of all the therapies since most are not covered by insurance.
  3. A baby’s blood brain barrier is not fully formed until some time in early childhood. All the ‘extra’ ingredients, even in small amounts, have direct impact on your babies brain. Study the toxicity of every ingredient in the vaccines your are thinking about for your baby. Aluminum, formaldehyde, polysorbate 80, thimerosal, and Glutaralhyde are some of the commonly added ingredients. Research these ingredients FOR YOURSELF. Don’t take your doctors word for it, they probably haven’t done the research.
  4. The entire combination of vaccines recommended to be given to babies has never been studied in combination. Never. They claim the vaccines are safe, yet there has been no scientific study to support giving the current vaccine schedule. WHY?

Baby 2 moSo what do you say to your doctor?

No thanks, not today. My baby has everything he/she needs for right now.

Practice in the mirror.

Wishing the best of health to you and your family!


30 ways in 30 Days, Exploring Vaccines: Day 18


Is our Hope in Congress?

tmr-homepage-final4The autism epidemic continues to skyrocket, but the head of the Congressional Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC) investigating all the factors involved, claims they have no power and can do nothing. Anne Dachel summarizes the recent disappointing meeting. At least, concerned, knowledgeable parents, and those working with autism families, were disappointed. I’m guessing the pharmaceutical companies and others supporting the vaccine industry were also watching and listening, and probably came away with relief that they continue to be safe – for the moment.

Listening to a recording of the speech given by Megan Davenhall at the September 2014 IACC meeting gives me hope, but not hope in what Congress can or will do, hope in what a grassroots movement of parents can do.  This impassioned, yet calm, rational, and highly thoughtful plea describes the dilemma faced by autism parents who have helplessly watched their child regress after vaccines, live with the enormous daily challenges of vaccine induced autism, and helplessly watch Congress give lip service to the concept of exploring causes and treatments.

And the head of this illustrious gathering of highly educated congressional committee members, Thomas Insel, MD (Director of NIMH) sums it all up by saying,

We have no money. We have no resources. We are just a bully pulpit. We have no recourse. The public doesn’t understand this. We can have honest exchanges like this and listen.

Summary: ‘Basically, we are powerless to effect chang don’t get your hopes up.’ But he does mention the real powers in the room, the NIH, the CDC and others who hold all the power and money in this debate. That, folks, is the problem. Those with the money do not have the will to explore and expose the cause and effective treatment to prevent autism.

  • They do have the money to continue to heavily lobby congress with their point of view.
  • They do have the money to heavily influence doctors to continue to give too many vaccines too early.
  • They do have the money to advertise their shots through every means possible, including the March of Dimes.
  • They do have the money to publish fraudulent research (#CDCwhistleblower) and the money to keep the mainstream media from reporting on it.

Money talks. Every time a child gets a vaccine it keeps the wheels of the machinery working. Even if a child is injured by a vaccine, it still generates revenue because they become a lifelong client for medical services – an infinite variety of medical services.

Megan Davenhall, President of The Thinking Moms Revolution, and many others have been relentless in leading a charge FOR TEN YEARS to inform those in authority – this committee of esteemed health experts who hold important positions, and who they thought were able to make a difference. These are mainly parents who live with the reality of vaccine induced brain damage causing medically induced autism EVERY SINGLE DAY.

They had hoped their pleas and volumes of information provided to Congress was going to make a difference. I believe we are reaching a tipping point. But Congress is not our hope. It is going to take a grassroots movement of EVERYONE to make a change. The autism parents’ burden is too great. They need those of us who are informed and aware to help them.

The recent autism statistics were 1:23 ten-year olds are autistic. In 1980 it was 1:10,000. At this rate, even if your child remains unscathed, chances are a significant number of his friends and peers will be. October is Autism Awareness month. Share. Those of us outside of this debate need to be informed and we need to speak up to expose this greed induced epidemic.

This autism is extremely different… It’s pain.  It’s bowel disease.  It’s mitochondrial dysfunction.  It’s seizures.  It’s immune deficiency.  And in many cases, it is a silent plea for help through head banging, and self-injurious behaviors and aggression.  Parents have been searching for treatment for these co-conditions for years. We pay out-of-pocket because insurance won’t cover the staggering cost of healing the many physical ailments our children suffer from.  Our kids who fall into this model of autism, the ones who are healthy and become urgently ill, need to be treated with respect and like human beings who are sick. Their physical symptoms need to be addressed by medical professionals in the same ways that they would be handled in a person without autism.


Parents have been telling you for years that there was some trigger that sent their healthy child into a physical and developmental tailspin. They watched this happen to their kids. And we’re ignored. You ignore our firsthand eyewitness accounts of damage to our children. You hold these meetings that accomplish nothing. And [you] give us the mic a few times a year and we tell you, ‘Autism is medical.’ This version of autism that the parents come here and talk to you about. Let me be clear on that. Our children get better when we treat the medical problems they have. Their behaviors that land them on the spectrum in the first place, improve when they get healthier. And you don’t hear us. You give us fifteen minutes of your day and interrupt parents who travel on their own dime to come here and speak to you. If they go over their allotted three minutes, they get interrupted–as long as we end the meeting by five. Megan Davenhall

The Age of Autism has volumes of information if you care to learn more.

30 ways in 30 Days, Exploring Vaccines: Day 14




Aging prayerScientific studies of active aging people show that brain function does not have to decline with age. So the question we all should be asking is, ‘How do we make sure it doesn’t?

Aging is inevitable. My mom’s oft-repeated phrase is ‘Getting old is not for sissies.’ What she means is that as you age you can encounter a lot of symptoms and difficulties that make aging a lot harder than you ever expected! She has quite a lot of aches and pains which reduce her desire for movement and activity, which causes her body to stiffen up with more aches and pains and less of a desire for movement.

The baby boomer generation is having an opportunity to witness the generation ahead of us – one of the first generations to rely on processed foods, fast foods and lots of medications – and see how that regime has prepared them for the aging process.

There have been THOUSANDS of chemicals approved for use in food during my mother’s lifetime. Many of them have passed safety tests. Some have been recalled along the way once it became obvious that they were not safe. However, there has NEVER been a single study to determine the combined effect or the synergistic impact of consuming all these chemicals.

Prudence alone would suggest that all these artificial chemical additives MIGHT have some detrimental effect on our health and aging.

Science confirms the harm that our body experiences by long-term repeated exposure to environmental toxins in the products we use regularly: in food, personal care products, cleaning products, medications, vaccinations, etc.

There are more people than ever suffering from Alzheimer’s, dementia, and many other auto-immune diseases.  AND, younger and younger people are being impacted by these serious debilitating illnesses. And there isn’t a lot of hope on the horizon for treatment options. The BEST hope we have is to prevent these degenerative diseases, but if you want to PREVENT them, you need to START EARLY. Alzheimer’s doesn’t begin in the 60s when it becomes obvious. It actually begins much earlier – in the 20s or 30s, but only becomes apparent later. So if you want to avoid these issues when you are older – START NOW!

What to do? Try some of these things! Begin with what seems easy to you, then keep adding more to your health routine!

  • Avoid all the chemical toxins you can. Think food additives, air fresheners, pesticides, herbicides, body products, dryer sheets, etc……..
  • Read every label of every food you purchase.
  • Reduce or remove processed foods.
  • If you can’t pronounce something on the label, don’t buy it.
  • Find a product with 5 or less ingredients.
  • NEVER use any artificial sugar substitutes – they are directly causing brain damage in younger and younger people.
  • Avoid trans fats and MSG.
  • Don’t shop hungry – or else buy yourself a bag of organic baby carrots to munch while making your healthy purchases.
  • It starts with the shopping: buy whole foods, clean meats, eggs, nuts, seeds, dairy, organic or clean vegetables and fruits. Then figure out ways to prepare them that are easy for you. If you shop well, you will eat well!
  • Eat a higher percentage of raw foods.
  • Keep moving! Find ways to incorporate movement throughout your day. Stand at your desk, take a functional fitness exercise class. Learn easy safe ways to keep moving! Everyone has 10 minutes a day for exercise!
  • De-stress with prayer, meditation, EFT, relaxation.
  • Research natural options to serious illness before you need it!
  • Reduce or eliminate drugs for most everything. Research natural alternatives. Once you start eating better, exercising and de-stressing, your ‘need’ for medications will be reduced. Drugs only treat symptoms. The goal of better aging is to have no symptoms.
  • Visit a chiropractor regularly.
  • Find positive people to encourage you.

If you are not motivated to do any of these things out of a desire to improve your own health, please at least think about the impact your future poor health will have on the people you love.

Health eating can be delicious, nutritious and easy. It begins in your mind. Motivation to live a long and healthy life to enjoy the people you love makes it easier to stick to your decisions.

It also helps to get others involved in your “healthier you” journey. Health is contagious. As we gain momentum we will feel better which will help motivate us even more! Our motivation will inspire and motivate others.

Don’t keep putting toxins in your body just because you don’t feel bad today. Your body was not meant to be a toxic waste dump. If you poison you body, your aging process will be impacted. Take some steps for health. Baby steps are a good place to start. What ONE thing will do for your health today?

Why I Question Everything

magnifying glassOnce I was an undercover non vaccine giver. That is, when my children were born I was non-compliant with the standard recommendations for that time by my doctor, the CDC, and society at large. As a strong follower of Jesus Christ I wonder at my determined rebellion in this regard. Two other factors make this strong bold stance even more unusual.

Firstly, my father was a career employee of the CDC and spent his life researching, understanding and developing ways to work with viruses. He was part of the emerging science of virology in its earliest days, having started at the CDC in about 1965. He was a fantastic man. He feared and honored God and it was his recommendation to me personally that while there might be a very small chance of a vaccine injury to the individual child, the overall benefit to public health made the vaccination program worth that small risk. We had many non-heated debates over the years and he respected my opinions and my choices. We would share papers with each other that supported our respective viewpoints. This was before the internet when access to information was much more difficult. Mothering Magazine with its very well referenced articles was a lifeline.

My father passed away in 2003 at the age of 68, suddenly and unexpectedly while enjoying great health. I have so many questions I would love to discuss with him now. I think if he evaluated all the current scientific information, he would be forced to conclude that the position he held earlier had been wrong and that he had been misled and misdirected. If he were able to read the transcripts of the Simpsonwood Conference 2000  where the most significant role-players from all government agencies along with pharmaceutical vaccine manufacturers’ representatives met to discuss the problems they were having with their data, I feel certain he would be alerted to ask a lot harder questions than those attending the meeting asked. I feel confident that had he been aware of the discussions at that important meeting where they all agreed “there is a strong signal between thimerosal vaccines and autism,” but the main thing we must do is figure out how to save our vaccine program and not let the public lose confidence in our recommendations, he would surely have been alarmed at their questionable plan to “massage the data” so it would deliver a different conclusion.

The second fact that seems odd in my determined rebellion against established authority in the choices I made regarding vaccinating my children, is the fact that I had become a wholehearted 100% surrendered follower of Jesus Christ. Now, rebellion would have been my normal mode in my late teens because at that stage I was wholeheartedly rebelling against most of the wise advice I had been blessed with throughout my childhood. But God, in His grace and mercy, did not leave me in my rebelliousness which resulted in self destructive actions and heartache. He rescued me and allowed me to see that the only way I would find happiness and fulfillment in my life was to understand the Creator’s design, and seek to live in harmony with Him. He revealed Jesus to me and I began my genuine relationship with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

In every single area of my life I seek the wisdom and counsel of Jesus. I’m not saying I am perfect, but having once been deceived into thinking right was wrong and wrong was right, I now question everything with vehemence. Married to a marvelous man, expecting our first child, I basked in the fullness of God’s grace and sought to seek His wisdom in every single decision I made. I read about the benefits of a natural whole foods diet, natural childbirth, breastfeeding, etc. and sought to implement every truth I discovered into my life. I was hungry for Jesus and I was hungry for His truth.  While studying the values of breastfeeding based on the knowledge and understanding available in 1982, I was astounded by the immunological aspects of breast milk – all part of our Creator’s magnificent design.

This caused me to question and ultimately reject the idea of injecting toxic ingredients into my baby who was designed to receive all the protection he needed from my breast milk. I didn’t throw out the idea of vaccines altogether, but I firmly decided they had no business being injected into my precious exclusively breastfed infant.  From that choice I continued to research and read everything I could find based on true science, not just opinion pieces, on the risk of various diseases and the risk/benefit ratio of injecting toxic ingredients into my children with the idea of ‘protecting them from something terrible.’

I was not outspoken beyond my family about my choices.  It was a time where very few people had enough confidence to speak out against vaccinations.

In 1986 the US government passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act because they had concluded that vaccines were unavoidably unsafe and they wanted to find a way to compensate families that experienced vaccine injury without endangering the vaccine program. The vaccine manufacturers had threatened to stop making vaccines because all the claims for injury were negatively impacting their profit margins. The US gov considered vaccines essential, thus establishing this protection against liability for the corporations.

Recomended Vaccines 83-2015Since 1986 the vaccine manufacturers have had to face zero liability for the products they make – no matter the cost to human life through death or suffering. Vaccine manufacturers have been shielded from any harm their products might cause for nearly 30 years. There is no other product in the US market that is protected from all liability. This action has also caused the most amazing surge in development of more vaccines and more players getting into the game – they have a free pass!  NO LIABILITY. Why not? In the last thirty years the childhood vaccine schedule has tripled. Most parents today have no idea of this increase.  They think – I got shots, my baby will get shots.  They have no idea how many more toxic ingredients their baby is going to be exposed to.

The result is that to date you can read the data on payouts for vaccine injuries which amount to over $3.1 Billion dollars.[1]  Some of this money has gone to families. Much to lawyers, as the system that was intended to be a simple way for injured families to get redress, has turned into a complicated machine requiring amazing resolve and years before you ever get an admission of injury and compensation. There are many interesting facts associated with this system. One is that only about 25% of claims are given monetary payouts. So 75% of parents whose child has died or been severely injured through vaccines – so much so that they are willing to spend years trying to prove it – are turned away because they are thought to be ‘frauds’?[2]

Another interesting fact is that 90% of the vaccine injuries are never reported and no claim is filed. There are many reasons proposed for this sad fact. One is that most families have no idea of the existence of such a claim mechanism and often find out after the 2 year cut-off time. Another reason is doctors will routinely disregard obvious vaccine injury.  They have been trained and taught that vaccine injury does not exist, so they cannot see it when it is right in front of them.  It often takes parents years to realize that the strange onset of illness immediately following their child’s shots were actually a reaction to the shots.

Vaccines are unavoidably unsafe, acknowledged by the US Supreme Court, yet most doctors continue to maintain that not vaccinating your child is one of the most dangerous things you could do. I wonder about this. I ended up having to give some vaccines to some of my children mainly because we moved from one country to another and there was a vaccine requirement to get in. My two boys were much older, so I didn’t feel too awful about giving just a few vaccines, but knowing what I know now, I would never give any baby any. It is amazing how strongly parents can be pressured into giving vaccines. Fear is usually the main motivating factor.

I have mothered five children over 31 years.  We have experienced chicken pox, mumps, whooping cough and rotavirus among the usual childhood illnesses of coughs and colds, etc. All of my children were breastfed exclusively for six months and continued breastfeeding until at least the age of two. None of these illnesses were life threatening. As I have read numerous accounts of children who have significant brain dysfunction and illness as a result of vaccine injury, I decided I can no longer be an Undercover Vaccine Refuser. My desire is to encourage and completely support parents who choose health through respect for their design rather than relying on some sort of false sense of health through a toxic vaccine injection. There are currently thousands of families who are learning how to heal autism and other vaccine injuries through understanding the damage that has been caused and using a bio-medical approach to healing. Healing is possible, but avoiding injury is even better.

It is tragic that more doctors won’t take the time to dig deeply into the science to find the truth. There is a huge industry providing vaccines.  The Department of Health and Human Services is itself a patent holder of some vaccines!  Those who benefit and prosper from the distribution of vaccines hold on to their viewpoint at the cost of children’s health. This is such a huge system, it has been in place for so long, and there are so many whose livelihood is directly tied to the maintenance of the current system, that very few are willing to take a risk and re-think the impact of vaccines on health and our understanding of the immune system.

It’s time for parents to think and learn for themselves.  We have to help and support parents to make wise decisions for their family.  Don’t trust everything you are told.  Ask a lot of questions.

How are you making sure your journey leads to health?

Author: Becky Hastings, wife, mother, grandmother, passionate follower of Jesus and truth. As a breastfeeding counselor for over 23 years Becky is devoted to helping parents make wise decisions for the long-term health and wellbeing of their babies. As a member of a Vaccine Safety Education Coalition, Becky writes and speaks on the topic of vaccine safety.

[1] Official US Government website on National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program – HRSA

[2] Video explaining NVICP by the Canary Party

What to do in the midst of trouble

Stadium“BE CAREFUL.  It’s easy to be deceived.”

Your current trouble, whatever it is

whatever you endure

whatever you say

keep in mind … it is for

“the sake of My Name, Jesus.

…None of your adversaries will be able to answer or argue against you.

…You will be hated by everyone

for the sake of My Name.

…So, when troubles begin, don’t be afraid.

Look up – raise your head high,

because the truth is that your liberation is fast approaching.

But, be carefulGuard your hearts.

They can be made heavy with

moral laxity


hassles of daily life

…so you have to stay alert

praying that you’ll be able to escape the coming trials so you can stand tall in the presence of the Son of Man.”

Jesus, Luke 21

Sometimes we find ourselves in the midst of trouble.  Sometimes we deserve it.  Often we don’t.  Jesus gives us a good plan on how to handle trouble.  LOOK UP!  Raise your head to Him – He is still there.  He is still in charge and He is waiting to make you strong in this trouble.  He hasn’t promised to take all the trouble away, but to be with you in the trouble.  To make your stronger. He can also use the trouble for His glory as you release it to Him

I’m praying you will have peace in the midst of your trouble and look up to find the strength you need today.

May the God of peace

make you His own completely and

set you apart from the rest.

May your spirit, soul, and body

be preserved

kept intact

and wholly free from any sort of blame

at the coming of our Lord Jesus the Annointed.

For God, who calls you,

is faithful,

and He can be trusted to make it so.

Paul, 1 Thessalonians 5

Trail Blazer

trailDear Mrs Gianelloni,

I share much of your heart and passion for Jesus, motherhood and health.  I also share your seemingly insatiable desire to know the truth and share it with others.  Thanks for leading the way in such an exemplary manner.  You inspire so many people and we all gain wisdom and confidence through your writing and thinking. I especially loved your recent blog written to the bullies.

As I was reading Ephesians chapter 3 this morning, I thought of you and wanted to encourage you in your passion and mission:

It is God’s purpose to use us as instruments to display His wisdom in its rich variety to all the unseen rulers and authorities in the heavenly places.  

Thank you for being an instrument of God in our world.

Because of Christ and our faith in Him, we can now come boldly and confidently into God’s presence. So please don’t lose heart because of [any] trials [you might face] here.

I pray to the Father, the Creator of everything in heaven and on earth, that from His glorious, unlimited resources He will empower you with inner strength through His Spirit… 

Now all glory to God, who is able, through His mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.

You have been at this for a long time and maybe you don’t get discouraged, but I wanted you to know that there is an army of people who are right with you.  Sometimes I get a bit discouraged when I see the current state of the world: toxic environmental pollution, GMO food, roundup in our bodies, vaccine injuries and deniers, rampant auto-immune illness and cancer in young and old, Alzheimer’s, chem-trails, human trafficking – did I cover everything?  Oh yeah, and missing jumbo jets, corrupt politicians and the trillion dollar debt we will leave for our children’s children’s children.

So in the midst of all the craziness of our modern world I check-in daily with my Creator through the Bible and find hope, comfort and direction. I believe the power of God as seen in the life and resurrection of Jesus is truly our only hope.  God wants to give everyone the opportunity to re-think their lives, turn to God and gain a new life (Paul, 60 AD).

Again, thanks for blazing this trail and being an instrument of God in our world, a tool to bring justice to the oppressed, and a light shining to those who are in darkness. You are a great inspiration and encouragement!


The Good News: This Autism Therapy is Free…And Good For the Whole Family

Guest Post by The Thinking Moms Revolution whose book and writings have contributed hugely to the awareness of the reality of autism and the possibilities for full recovery.  I am so glad they found each other and that they have joined together to write so that they can extend their blessing far and wide. I have been blessed many times over by their struggles. This piece is really for all parents and helps us to understand the power of our role in our children’s lives.

Posted on March 18, 2014 by Thinking Moms’ Revolution

Luv BugMoments that bring me to my knees, I love them.  Well, I should clarify. I love the ones that bring me to my knees with gratitude – like that guy bursting out of the sewer pipe in Shawshank Redemption, glad to be alive. That is good stuff.  But when you are a parent of a kid with challenges – be it social, academic, physical, or all challenges rolled into one – it can be something like noticing a bug on the sidewalk and stepping on it that channels that inner Shawshank. “YESsssssssss – he noticed a BUG. Damn straight, my man – high five! OH, SNAP – he stepped on it!!! How APPROPRIATE was that?!?!”

You KNOW you know what I’m talking about.

There are also those milestones that everyone would agree are definitely fall-to-your-knees worthy. Learning to walk (at any age), talking (again at any age), peeing and pooping in the potty, staying dry through the night, etc. My latest “on my knees” moment was brought to me courtesy of the YMCA. We have a network of awesome YMCAs around us, and my son LOVES the indoor rock-climbing walls. He’s tried all the rock walls at all the YMCAs that are nearby. He has a body size that is not ideal for rock climbing. His low muscle strength, poor motor planning and general inability to focus provide additional challenges. But about a year after he discovered indoor rock climbing – he got to the top!


It was so sweet because it was something typical. And kid-like. And just about age appropriate. We weren’t congratulating him for regaining his composure after a cherished plan was cancelled, or celebrating his first words four years after he lost the ability to speak. This was different. And he was SO PROUD. SO. PROUD. The really sweet thing to me was the reminder to NOT GIVE UP. I didn’t realize it, but I had been going through the motions while taking him to the different rock-climbing facilities during the past year. I didn’t realize that, in my head, I had written it off as something it would be unlikely that he could accomplish.

Then one night, when he was particularly down about not making progress on the wall, he asked, “When will I get to the top?” It hit me that he had a goal of making it to the top, and he said “WHEN,” not “IF.” He had a goal, and he believed he would reach it; it was just a matter of when.

So then it hit me, this child of mine senses when I’m in a crappy mood when he gets home from school. He looks at me more, tells me he loves me and actually starts having a bad day. Just because he is catching my snarky need-more-sleep/coffee/yoga vibe. So if he’s picking up on that so easily, what’s he picking up when I “go through the motions” at the YMCA climbing wall?

So I said to him – answering the question as to WHEN he’d be getting to the top – “Probably this summer. It will take some work, and you might feel frustrated sometimes, but you will get to the top this summer.” Shit. What did I just do? Promise something I can’t deliver?

Around the same time, an awesome a local friend showed me some cool sensory integration techniques for a separate issue my son was having. I started with the easiest techniques that focused on fingers and arms and did them at bedtime a couple times a week, but not regularly.  So when my son scooted up that rock wall, and I thought ‘What the heck has changed that this is now possible?’ I thought immediately of the sensory integration therapy. Of course, that had to be it.

Then I saw this:


Dr.  Masaru Emoto has done experiments exploring the power of thoughts on the physical world. This image is from someone recreating his Rice Experiment. He filled three glass jars with rice, covered with water. Jar A he said “thank you” to everyday. Jar B he said “you idiot” to everyday.  Jar C he simply ignored. After thirty days Jar A was fermenting nicely. Jar B was black. Jar C was rotting. This image is a simplified version where one jar is labeled “love” and sent loving thoughts and words. The second jar is labeled “hate” and sent hateful thoughts and words. You can see the results. Several people I know have tried this experiment at home with similar results.

Between the rice experiment and my children’s negative behavior when I am off, I couldn’t help but wonder about the power of my mental shift about the rock wall.

So . . . I guess that this is my thought for today.

change your thoughts

I know, I know, sometimes your thoughts are your only refuge. But lately, I see my less-than-positive thoughts as my prison. The more “negative” I fill my head with, the more “negative” that is drawn into my physical world. But simple shifts in my thinking – recognizing negative self-talk, obstacles I create, expectations of failure – have created corrections to my path. And now, my son’s path. Perhaps my daughter’s path.opportunities

No sugar coating here: it requires a goodly amount of attention to your thoughts (okay, constant attention). And at first it feels fake (“I’m grateful I have food to cook, again, for my constantly hungry family who don’t show an ounce of appreciation”), but just like everything that takes practice, it becomes part of your routine, and then very, very authentic (“I’m so grateful for our warm home and a toilet that flushes”).

I initially believed that I could not control what popped into my head. Over time, what I’ve found is that your thought process is a habit as much as anything else. Of course, when you stub your toe, you’re going to think “Ouch – dang it,” but you don’t need to go into the worm hole of “Again? Another crappy thing? Why today? I need today to be good!!” And when you do start slipping into that worm hole, if you are paying attention, you can stop yourself and say, “That hurt.  Let’s carry on with my bruised, yet unbroken toe.”  When it comes down to it, I’ve spent most of my life trying to control my outside environment. Which means trying to control other people, events beyond my control. What I haven’t realized is that the thing that could make the most difference in my life is the one thing I can control: my thoughts.

~ LuvBug

Diets Don’t Work

apple in waterMost of us have come to the realization that diets and self-deprivation don’t work, therefore it is important to create a relationship with food that is nourishing and pleasurable!

Experts estimate that 75% of overeating is caused by emotions!

However, not all overweight people are necessarily overeating right now.  Many have developed yo-yo dieting patterns and even when they strictly control their intake, their body refuses to let go of the fat they are desperate to lose.

Most times we have no idea about the emotions behind our eating choices.

Stress is another significant factor that can sabotage your best attempts in pursuing healthy eating habits and other healthy disciplines.

Personalized Coaching can help you explore the many facets that keep you stuck in a place you recognize as unhealthy.  Exploring factors that limit us can be a frustrating and sometimes scary journey.  As a Coach, I can work with you as you make discoveries that can dramatically change your relationship to your emotions, stress and food.

As a Coach, I do not hold my own idea of success or hold one particular ‘formula’ for healthy eating and then hold you accountable for following it.  A Coach does not beat you up when you are not making the kind of progress they want you to make.  A Coach listens to the desires of your heart for freedom, health and joy and holds those values for you.  A Coach believes in your ability to achieve the desires of your heart and walks along with you, which allows you to get there much faster and with great confidence.

I have found using the Emotional Freedom Technique as a tool allows clients to quickly navigate their health journey because they can: discover and clear negative emotions that have been sabotaging their attempts at success; identify awareness of their personal stress response and its impact on their body; and target the physical cravings as well as the emotional impulse to eat.

If you would like to schedule your free 30 minute inquiry call, we can discuss how hiring a Life Coach can help you take steps on your personal journey.

You have the capacity to make incredible progress and I am excited about the possibility of working with you!