Help Sickness is Coming

At the first sign of any type of illness: runny nose, cough, upset stomach, lack of energy, fever, sore throat, sore ears, cold sore (fever blister), headache, etc.

It’s important to take FAST ACTION to offset the duration and extent of the potential illness. For me, fast action does not mean running to a doctor or pharmacy for the typical cold and flu medicines! There are so many cheaper, better alternatives we have available!

As mothers, we need to help our children identify any potential symptoms and come quickly for home remedies. The sooner we start, the more we reduce the symptoms! Our children will also learn to assist their body in the healing process on their own, and be able to bring quick healing to our grandchildren! As a grandmother there isn’t much better than watching your children raise vibrant healthy children!

  1. Begin vitamin C therapy. The critical thing to remember is that the dose and the frequency are extremely important. Don’t delay. Get started on vitamin C. Have vitamin C on hand. I’ve written extensively about what dose, what brands, etc. in my What Dose of Vitamin C? blog.
  2. Avoid Tamiflu. It is 1) expensive; 2) ineffective in reducing the duration of flu; and 3) can be potentially dangerous for some individuals.[1]
  3. Avoid pain/fever reducers, especially for children. Acetaminophen actually depletes the body of glutathione which is an important amino acid that helps our body clean up and remove offending substances. I’ve written about that in this blog, How Safe is Acetaminophen?
  4. Give elderberry syrup. There are many prepared elderberry products available. For a cheaper option you can purchase your own elderberries and make your own syrup to keep on hand in your refrigerator.
  5. Keep well hydrated. If the patient is a baby, breastfeed often and don’t worry too much about solids. Coconut water (not coconut milk) is an excellent way to rehydrate for children and adults. Choose the best brand you can find with the no added sugar and least extra ingredients. Avoid sucralose containing products because they are poisonous and immune suppressing.
  6. REDUCE or REMOVE SUGAR. This is a good thing we can do most of the time to stay healthy, but is essential when we feel any symptoms of illness. At the first sign of any symptoms is the time for the brain to sound a RED ALERT “sugar is poison to me especially right now.”
  7. NO Pasteurized milk. Butter, eggs, hard cheese and fermented kefir are good.
  8. Think soup. Or curry. Try to consume bone broth and natural spices, and soup, stew or curry is a great way to achieve this. Give the patient their favorite soup. Most of us have heard that chicken soup is good when you are sick – it is true, but you might want to make your own.
  9. Avoid flour. Have you chicken soup without the noodles. Don’t have bread sticks. As much as possible avoid ALL processed foods and eat more fresh fruit and vegetables, organic preferred.
  10. Make your own flu shot. Depending on the age and taste preferences, here are some great ingredients to include in your flu shot: lemon juice, pineapple juice (no sugar), cayenne pepper, jalapeño pepper, ginger, garlic, honey, turmeric, cinnamon, coconut oil. Combine them in whatever way you like. Choose the ones you like most. Food is your best medicine. I’m working on a recipe for a Hot Chai Chocolate drink.
  11. Honey. For anyone over 12 months, honey is beneficial, especially good for coughs. Don’t buy mass produced honey. Local raw honey is your best option. Find a local bee keeper and talk to him about where his bees harvest. It is important that they don’t have access to fields doused with Roundup. Vitamin C powder can be added to honey to make it more acceptable.
  12. Drink Herbal teas
  13. Colloidal Silver. If you feel an antibiotic might be needed, first try colloidal silver.
  14. Essential oils. I’m not an EO expert, but there are many oils that are beneficial. Lavender is especially good and safe for children. A few drops on the bottom of the feet, behind the ears, on the chest and throat can be beneficial and soothing. Learn about EO safety, ways to dilute, and have a few on hand. Some of my favorites are peppermint, frankincense, and tea tree. You don’t need to break the bank and buy every oil available. Most oils provide a variety of benefits and work with our body to assist in reclaiming health.
  15. Fresh air, time outdoors is essential, depending on the severity of the current illness, and the weather.
  16. Good sleep. Sleep requires an entire blog of its own, but getting plenty of rest is extremely beneficial. Symptoms of illness are a signal to prioritize an early bed time and limit exposure to screens – especially prior to bed time to maximize good sleep.
  17. Movement is critically important to keep our lymph system running. Walk, dance, take the stairs, do a few toe rises or squats – just find some ways to move regularly.
  18. Vitamin D. In the winter months we are not able to synthesize vitamin D from the sun. I’ve written more about Vitamin D in this blog.

Remember, healthy foods are the best way to stay healthy. Symptoms of illness are a reminder to get back to a healthy eating plan!

Don’t think you have to do every single thing on the list, but do what you can, what works for you and your family! Have a healthy winter!


Oh, and it goes without saying (if you’ve read anything on my blog) that if you want to have super health, and give your children life-long health and wellness, avoid all vaccines. Vaccines artificially stimulate your immune system, insert toxic chemicals into your body, and for some people, end up causing death, serious injury, or life-long auto-immune disorders.


Author: Becky Hastings, wife to John for 37 years, mother of five naturally born breastfed babies, grandmother of six, passionate follower of Jesus, truth, and HEALTH. 


[1] Helpful Articles/Links on Tamiflu

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