Pregnant? Who Do You Trust?


The CDC has been recommending two vaccines for pregnant women: The TDaP and the flu shot. Is it safe to give these vaccines?

Please inform yourself. Your doctor trusts the CDC. Is the CDC information on pregnancy and vaccines trustworthy?

Some basic questions every pregnant woman, potential new parent, grandparent, etc needs to consider:

  • Has the CDC done safety investigations on vaccine impact during pregnancy?
  • Why is there now such a big push to give vaccines in pregnancy when previously ALL medication was discouraged during pregnancy?
  • What are the potentially harmful ingredients in a specific vaccine and what is the impact it might have on a developing baby?
  • How much time has my care giver devoted to investigating the true risk versus potential benefit of these vaccines? Have they taken time to investigate beyond just repeating the CDC recommendations?
  • If mercury in tuna and other seafood should be avoided, why is it promoted as safe to be injected?
  • Have other women experienced serious adverse events after accepting vaccines?
  • Is the pertussis vaccine (included in the TDaP/DTaP) effective in protecting a newborn from contracting whooping cough?
  • Is whooping cough always deadly for a young infant? Are there any steps that could protect a baby from whooping cough other than a vaccine?

Every parent wants what is best for their newborns. We want to protect them from illness. Unfortunately our world has become extremely complicated and there are huge industries devoted to pushing products on people. We investigate which car seat is safest. We compare the car we will buy based on safety ratings. In the same way, we need to investigate all products recommended to us by anyone, even our very nice doctor.

More information to help you explore the topic of having a SAFE, HEALTHY, HAPPY, CONTENTED, SMART baby:

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Author: Becky Hastings, wife, mother, grandmother, passionate follower of Jesus, seeker of truth, health and joy. I seek answers to difficult questions, engaging in discussions some would rather avoid. As a breastfeeding counselor for nearly 24 years, I have a special passion for helping new parents have a happy healthy baby!

3 thoughts on “Pregnant? Who Do You Trust?

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  2. Hey, I have a pregnant cousin. She’s about 32 weeks. I want to talk to her about vaccines, but every situation is different and I’m not sure where to start with her. My husband thinks we should only say, “this is our opinion” and leave the floor open for her to ask questions. I want to provide literature and your website. I know you have suggestions for talking to loved ones about this, but do you recommend a different approach for a new mom-to-be who is already stressed with having this baby really soon? I’d like to talk to her about circumcision (and not doing it) too. Just don’t want to overwhelm her, but also have no clue how she will take any information given to her. Thank you!!

    • While I don’t have all the answers, here are some things to consider:

      Make a small statement to start with, making sure she understands you are saying it out of LOVE: “I know there are so many new things you are experiencing, I was shocked when I started investigating vaccines. I hope you will take some time to investigate the current vaccines recommended. There is a lot of controversy about whether these shots are actually beneficial in light of recent science.”

      I personally would not use the words “my opinion”. I would stick to research and information. I truly believe that any intelligent person who spends even 4 hours investigating the recommended shots, the vaccine package inserts, and the actual ingredients will pause in their decision to either give or accept a vaccine.

      Sometimes the less you say initially, the more it can help the person have space to explore for themselves.

      Also, pray. I truly believe all truth is hidden in Jesus Christ and those who are seeking truth – about how to have healthy children – will find it.

      Well done. I believe God will honor your desire to help others protect their families. Keep at it! The truth will win!


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