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Beware of ALL hospital admissions. My 43 yo friend was recently admitted for an emergency hernia operation. She had been in extreme abdominal pain, vomiting, etc. The doctor did the surgery 45 minutes after first examining her – it was fast because her life was in jeopardy. It seems (she can’t remember) that the hospital wanted to give her a flu shot AND a pneumonia shot immediately AFTER her surgery. She was not consulted. Her parents ‘consented’ on her behalf after the doctor expressed that she needed it – a 43 year old woman. Can you imagine your parents in their seventies being asked to consent to medical procedures for you when you are middle aged?

I cannot even fathom the mentality of thinking that injecting such ingredients is completely innocuous and thus appropriate immediately after having surgery for a life threatening condition. At the very least it complicates her health. How will they be able to differentiate what reactions may follow and why?

The day following the surgery her blood pressure dropped to an extreme and they nearly lost her. She was rushed to a nearby hospital that had a higher level of care.

I’m sure the doctors, nurses, and hospital administrators have been somehow hypnotised to be unthinking autotrons. Deludedly thinking that giving those two vaccines to a sick person is like a child eating a lollypop. Believing that it will actually provide her with a ‘protective shield’ so that all infections that she is exposed to in the hospital will somehow magically bounce off of her.

Study after study shows NO BENEFIT to the majority of people who receive the flu shot. VAERS data confirms the flu shot remains one of the biggest risks for injury and reaction. All flu shots contain some type of foreign proteins. Most contain mercury at dangerous levels.

I thought doctors were supposed to be smart? PLEASE BEWARE of this hospital policy. It is rampant throughout the country. This is standard for any hospital admissions whether emergency or scheduled. If you ever need a hospital and are asked to sign a form, be sure to write NO VACCINES just above your signature. I would add it to ALL forms regardless of their purpose. You might not see the word “vaccine” on the hospital consent form. They use the word biologics which includes vaccines. You need to specifically write in NO VACCINES or NO BIOLOGICS so that your wishes will be noted. Please make sure to inform everyone in your immediate family to do the same in the event you are not able to speak for yourself.

Another serious consideration is, what if my friend had already received a flu shot? Wouldn’t the hospital want to know? It seems that the hospital had no regard for her flu vaccine status and would be quite happy to just inject another one. No one ever consulted my friend to ask if she had already received a flu shot. Just stick the needle in. SHOCKING.

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Author: Becky Hastings is a wife, mother, grandmother, and passionate follower of Jesus and truth. As a breastfeeding counselor for over 23 years Becky is devoted to helping parents make wise decisions for the long-term health and wellbeing of their babies. As a member of a Vaccine Safety Education Coalition, Becky writes and speaks on the topic of vaccine safety. From time to time Becky shares easy recipes that can help you have a healthier life!

12 thoughts on “Beware Hospital Admissions

  1. These vaccines weren’t necessary for her emergency treatment. A 43 year old woman has a right to conscious informed consent. The doctor and hospital should be held accountable for taking advantage of a patient in this condition for a buck.

    • BJ
      My feeling is that there is an endemic push towards giving vaccines that amounts to far more than a hospital or doctor wanting to make money. There is a prevailing underlying misguided philosophy making this push, inspired by the pharmaceutical industry and their influence on the government agencies charged with protecting public health. Dr Suzanne Humphries writes about this in Rising From the Dead, and Brett Wilcox writes about it in his excellent book, Jabbed: How the Vaccine Industry, Medical Establishment and Government Stick It to You and Your Family.

    • When my daughter was born, the pediatrician on call actually came to me recommending the Hep vaccine. I refused as she’s only a baby and the doctor wasn’t happy. She said we’d like to think our children will remain pure and innocent. I had to sign a release form and told the woman what the doctor said and she said the hospital got a kickback for every vaccine they gave. Maybe the doc was afraid to stand up for herself and her patients.

    • BJ,
      Well done on being informed and standing up to medical pressure – very important but often difficult!

      Doctors have been trained thoroughly in the medical industrial complex system. It is very hard for them to overcome what the information they have systematically received. I pray for truth to be revealed and for doctors to become BOLD and seek FIRST to do no harm.

  2. Becky, due to people posting such as you have (one was a nurse in a video) I was able to avoid this happening to me twice so far. Case in point, In NY at SUNY Downstate Hospital their consent form is one page, it was given me on paper rather than the type in an electronic box (which I DETEST) I saw the paragraph that stated: “I consent to be treated at SUNY Downstate Hospital for…” the rest is here: LONG but painfully important info here:

    “By signing this form I consent to routine medical and DENTAL procedures for diagnosis and treatment including physical examination, laboratory testing, cardiac monitoring, x-rays, drawing blood, insertion of intravenous lines, LUMBAR PUNCTURE AND THE ADMINISTRATION OF MEDICATION INCLUDING VACCINES AS DEEMED NECESSARY!”

    A) Since WHEN are dental issues included in hospital consents?
    B) Since when are Lumbar Punctures and Vaccines, which need to BE DISCUSSED WITH THE PATIENT, on a routine form? If I had not seen this for myself twice so far, I would never have believed it! After I crossed this one off, the doctor who initially told me he would be able to do surgery for my condition, then changed my diagnosis to “Does not need surgery at this time!” Imagine that a few words means my situation changed…what changed was that they were NOT going to be able to fill my body full of $400 or more shots of whatever vaccines “They deemed as necessary”. For those patients who may not remember when their last tetanus shot was (Mine was 2007 so that must mean I am DUE For one shortly) NO DICE!

    I never had pneumonia as one of seven kids and NOW I get pneumonia a few times per year, I had it three times for which I was hospitalized in 2012 three times for FIVE DAYS EACH TIME! I never checked them back then, but did NOT received any intramuscular injections at all. I KNOW I will NEVER EVER receive another vaccine as long as I Live. They can peddle their poisons somewhere else, not into MY BODY! or that of anyone I love or care for!

    I have also been informing those patients who happen to have any vaccine injuries and are being urged to get an MRI with gadolinium contrast NOT TO DO SO, as the gadolinium is also building up within the bodies of those who have no known kidney disease (their thinking that it ONLY happens in sick people) but it is happening in those with NORMAL kidney function!

    Here is some information I want EVERYONE to read, comprehend and HEED!
    Gadolinium is a toxic heavy metal that has NO BUSINESS within the human body, GE & BAYER KNEW this back when they started using it in 1988 for the first time in answer to those harmed via Contrast Induced Nephropathy from CT Iodine, so along comes Gadolinium and MRIs…except by 1997 some people were becoming harmed yet again, so they placed a first warning on it, then in 2006 MORE people were injured and they could no longer cover this new disease process called “NFD then NSF (NFD is Nephrogenic Fibrosing Dermopathy but then they realised that MORE of the body’s systems became harmed so it became NSF, Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis. But the entire medical community reined in the cases, they would only claim a few hundred cases yet they were using MILLIONS of doses of this POISON per day. What else escalated within this exact time frame, along the same tangential lines, what other disease process became SO prevalent that people got diagnosed albeit at first very reluctantly? No one had ever hear the words “Fibromyalgia Syndrome”, so now, it was FIBROMYALGIA which is pain in the muscle fibres of the body or in other words…FIBROSIS BTW! Fibrosis is scarring within veins arteries muscles brain bowels, even the BONES themselves which then become painfully and apparently diseased…

    In any patient who has had even just ONE MRI with gadolinium based contrast agent, it is THIS which is causing them to become harmed and NOTHING else, so do not fall for any line of BS any doctor gives you, if you have had even just ONE MRI with Gadolinium contrast, no matter HOW LONG AGO, No matter WHICH type of Gadolinium contrast, please get yourself tested, find out how much of this POSION is still within your body, it is your right as a patient to KNOW what is in you and to be able to do chelation to get it out (as I have done five treatments so far, it has been seven years since the last MRI with Gadolinium contrast and I am getting out COPIOUS amounts of Gadolinium plus *NINE OTHER METALS from my body!) here is the list, some are from vaccines like aluminum mercury and the barium is form swallow studies, the rest may be pollution form living in NJ etc., who know…

    So follow these links get tested, do NO Let any doctors tell you that this is IMPOSSIBLE to comprehend it is not, it happened to me and at least 400+ others I personally know of, there are so many of us harmed and we have to band together to get this noticed!

    List of metals *(HIGH) being removed via chelation:

    *barium, *cadmium, cesium, gadolinium, *lead, mercury, nickel, tin and tungsten!

    With SOME of the following:

    Aluminum, arsenic, Thallium, Tin and Tungsten

    The barium from a swallow study was found when I BLED out during a second colorectal surgery, the Gadolinium is from 9 MRIs with gadolinium contrast in pursuit of a 22+ year long case of undetected Lyme (which is why I am fibrosing/scarring!) I am unsure where the rest of the metals are from, vaccines, NJ air and water perhaps?!


    Continued good health to all! and as I am not a doctor, consult yours with some of this info; but be sure to let me know if you’ve found anything out!

    Catherine Nichols Pogorzelski

    Comprehensive Research on Gadolinium and links to some of the best information on NET about GADOLINIUM TOXICITY

    After reading the above links and deciding if YOUR particular issues may be Gadolinium related, you may want to ask your doctors for the following:

    Your local doctor or hospital does the blood draw and random urine sample and gives you a bottle for 24 hr urine testing, it is then done as a SEND OUT to Mayo, your SAMPLES travel, so you do NOT have to! But your local hospital or doc has to have an account with Mayo for billing purposes. This may mean only a few places in your local area might be able to perform testing. I got mine done via Monmouth Medical Center, Long Branch NJ and they sent it out, within one week, I had my positive results in hand! I never wait for my next docs appointment for my results, instead I get them straight from the lab. Not sure what they allow in other states. The local collecting office should contact Mayo for PROPER HANDLING OF SAMPLES as they are going to possibly contain the heavy metal GADOLINIUM, they must be handled in certain manner. Mayo’s website addresses all of this, so don’t let your docs’ offices tell you, “I don’t know HOW to get this achieved”. They do if they know how to use a phone and a website and FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS!


    Page upon which “G” catalog tests appear:

    Gadolinium, 24 Hour, Urine
    Gadolinium, Dermal, Tissue*
    Gadolinium, Random, Urine
    Gadolinium, Serum
    Gadolinium/Creatinine Ratio, Random, Urine
    Gadolinium, Dermal, Tissue, will need to be done if and when I test POSITIVE for GADOLINIUM In blood and/or urine.

    A note to write to your doctor if they refuse you any of the above tests:

    If you are REFUSING to order any lab studies, I would like to request that you sign a copy of this letter and place it in my medical chart. You will also receive a copy of this letter via registered mail.

    Mayo Medical Laboratories: Reference Laboratory services for hospitals worldwide

    Some research available now, the rest is at to enable you to understand this a bit better.

    FOUR OF THESE DRUGS WILL BE PULLED FROM THE EUROPEAN MARKET ONLY NOT THE REST OF THE WORLD, YOU HAVE TO ASK YOUR SELF WHY?! WHY WOULD GE & BAYER DO THIS TO US? IT IS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY! There are not many people over there who realise, as we have in the States, how much this has affected us humans…

    Get tested and go after the manufacturers NOW! Good luck one and all!



    AUNT MINNIE & GE & $5 Million verdict

    Study links Gadolinium MR contrast to brain abnormalities
    By Wayne Forrest, staff writer

    Radiology. 2014 Mar;270(3):834-41. doi: 10.1148/radiol.13131669. Epub 2013 Dec 7.
    High signal intensity in the dentate nucleus and globus pallidus on unenhanced T1-weighted MR images: relationship with increasing cumulative dose of a gadolinium-based contrast material.

    Kanda T1, Ishii K, Kawaguchi H, Kitajima K, Takenaka D.

    Specter of MRI Disease Haunts General Electric
    GE Failed to Adequately Warn about Dangers of its MRI Dye, Jury Finds

    by Jeff Gerth
    ProPublica, March 22, 2013, 2:41 p.m.

    $5 Million Verdict In The First Gadolinium Injury Trial

    Tags: claims, Gadolinium Verdict, GE Healthcare, lawsuit, lawyer, litigation, Product Liability
    A federal jury in Ohio has awarded $5 million in the first case to go to trial in the multi district litigation involving patients who claim injury from the body scan contrast agent gadolinium. The jury found that GE Healthcare failed to provide adequate warnings of the health risk posed to those with impaired kidney function from Omniscan. As we have reported, the GE product is a gadolinium-based contrast dye used in MRIs and other imaging scans. The plaintiff in the case, Paul Decker, contracted a debilitating skin disease — nephrogenic systemic fibrosis (NSF) — as a result of being injected with Omniscan for a magnetic resonance angiogram in 2005. At the time, Decker was also undergoing dialysis for end-stage kidney disease.

    • Wow. Thanks so much for sharing Cathy. I was not aware of this particular medical concern, but it does make so much sense. Most ‘new innovative medical techniques and procedures’ are pushed on the public and we don’t ask enough questions. I would like to write a new blog using much of your experience and information in order to make this a more prominent warning to others. I pray you will continue to find health as you help your body get rid of medically inflicted heavy metals. I pray most of all that you will be strengthened in your spirit and find your hope in God, the Creator and author of life, to whom we must all answer one day!


    • Thank you for taking the time to share this information. I will not have a dye or immunization ever again. I don’t think my state permits chelation if you needed it – wonder if serreptase would help with fibrosis? A diagnosis is one thing, however, since conscious informed consent seems to be neglected, good advice would be researching alternative healing, taking time to consider risk v benefit and getting another opinion beforehand.

  3. Hospitals are graded on how many people they vaccinate. That is why they push them and sneak them in. Vaccination is part of the ranking they get.

  4. Dr Humphries also says that they got very little information about vaccines while in Med school. Just the “safe and effective” mantra. She is a wonderful source of wisdom about vaccines.

    I appreciate your warning, but, I don’t believe that many Drs have really researched much about vaccines, and, insulting their intelligence won’t be helpful to winning them over… My mom was a nurse, and, we were taught that vaccines “saved us” from polio and smallpox. There are many ideas that people accept without questioning. We all do it, to some extent. Many of us vaccinated until we saw our child harmed.

    Thanks again for the warning, good to know!

    • Hi Sharon

      Are you saying that my blog is insulting the intelligence of doctors? It is always my intention to respectfully educate, but sometimes I miss my mark!

      Thanks for your comments!


  5. Have you read “Rising from the Dead” by Suzanne Humphries? She was appalled that they were insisting on shots for her ICU patients when she specifically did not want the patients to get them…and they put it down that she ordered them. Shots are part of the reimbursements and percentages by the insurance companies apparently. A very sick system. Stay away from it if at all possible!

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