Plarn – Plastic Yarn

Plarn Bags SACreating something out of a product destined for a landfill can be quite fulfilling! I have made many plarn bags, in a variety of sizes, out of plastic grocery store bags. I find the activity relaxing, and completing a project brings satisfaction. I have gifted many of the bags, sold a few, and have a few for demonstrations. Each bag is a unique, one of a kind example of UpCycling.

Plarn WalletWhen my mother told me she was saving plastic grocery bags for me, I decided to make a video on how to prepare plarn from the plastic bags – with the hope that she might take her support one step further! Preparing plarn is the first step towards making an UpCycled Bag that will make a big impact on your friends!

This is my first video, my mom did say I talked too fast, but I was trying to make a very short video! It turned out to be 3:37! I realize that I might not make the joining of the loops as clear as it could be, so perhaps there will be another video to follow! Please like, share, or comment! Feedback is always appreciated!

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