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[A true story related to me by the author]
Trust me, as a parent, it doesn’t feel good to have been lied to by doctors. I trusted them to keep my children safe. My heart hurts.
It’s not that parents are completely unintelligent. It’s the product of a young, inexperienced human being, becoming a parent, and the continuous brain washing and pressure as we try to decide what’s best for our children.
My son has an Autism observation meeting at the end of the month. I can’t even begin to explain how bad I feel. And I don’t know that vaccines were the only reason why he ended up how he is, but I suspect it. He was on track… Then at a certain age, he wasn’t.
Hep BI thought I was being a good parent. When I questioned vaccines at the doctor’s office, the doctor and nurses pushed them, saying it was for my children’s safety. I concluded that I was just being paranoid. I did think, when I signed that waiver regarding vaccine liability, it was weird. I thought ‘Why do I need to sign this? It doesn’t make sense…’
We refused the MMR vaccine, at the time, thinking THAT was the only problem vaccine. But I was SO wrong!
Hep B RisksMy husband and I held out on the Hepatitis B vaccine, but later decided to have our children vaccinated for it. Honestly, until now, I was unaware of how unnecessary, and potentially dangerous these, and other vaccines, were.
I am NOT anti-vaccine. I am PRO vaccine safety! But for now, I don’t want to vaccinate my children, anymore. Not until I know that some actual safety has been verified, legitimately! And I would love if it could stop being such a fight to not want to vaccinate. All parents should make their own decision on whether or not to vaccinate. My children are my own. I don’t need others in the world telling me what I should be doing to raise them properly. I carried them. They are mine.
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Before you give any vaccine for any reason, please read these important steps to take to Prepare for Vaccination.

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Becky Hastings, wife, mother, grandmother, writer, and speaker, is passionate about health, Jesus, and joy. Becky writes about vaccines in order to help young parents navigate this confusing topic. 

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