The plight of the parent with a vaccine injured child

Baby's mom vacc injury

Babies in the USA are routinely given 37 doses of 14 different vaccines by 18 months of age. They receive a total of 49 doses of 14 different vaccines before they start Kindergarten.

No parent ever goes to the doctor, complies with the medical recommendations to give vaccines, and expects to harm their child. Yet, sometimes, it happens. Vaccines might not cause obvious harm to every child, but they do harm some. This is the true reality of real parents with seriously vaccine injured children:

“I trusted my doctor and government and vaccinated my son. He now has severe regressive autism. Some days I’m soooooo angry at my stupidity; other days I’m so full of hate I actually vomit.” –Anonymous mom A

“A parent of a severely vaccine injured child is one of the most hellish demographics of this country. To have to go through that…. and then have the medical community, family, media, trendy ‘sheeple’, degrade you on top of it… there are hardly any words. One that stands out is shameful.” –Anonymous mom B

Red Flag WarningIt is incredibly difficult when facing the hellish nightmare of serious regressive autism

every              single              day,

to hear really ignorant, uninformed people who have an opportunity to give their own brand-new-baby a healthy life, make comments that show they might be choosing the same path. The ‘autism’ resulting from vaccine injury is not just a slight ‘quirky difference’ in personality. This is physical illness; pain, serious bowel disturbances, often non verbal, non-toileting, etc. These children and their families experience severe incapacitation on so many levels. The parent with a vaccine injured child seeks to vigorously wave a huge red flag, desperately trying to warn unsuspecting new parents, but many are too proud, too confident, too trusting in the medical system, to recognize the truth.

“Here’s the thing. I’m absolutely sure vaccines are the cause of my daughter’s brain damage (aka autism). What I don’t know is WHY. Was it Thimerosal? Was it the aluminum? Was it retroviruses? Was it aborted fetal tissues? Was it the MMR? Was it the DTAP? Was it the Hep B, HIB, Polio? Or was it the COMBINATION? Did she have a genetic predisposition for vaccine injury? Was it too many too soon? Why is it up to ME to figure it out and up to ME to fix it????????? WHY????? Oh and WHY is nobody helping me and WHY are doctors still getting away with telling me autism is a genetic mystery??? BULLSHIT.” — Donna L Delicate, New York, USA

If someone you love has been impacted by vaccine injury, please share your reality in the comments below. The world needs to know. Vaccines are not as safe as the marketing implies.

If you are considering giving any vaccines to your child, or trying to decide which ones are worth the risk, please read this.

If you, like me, have been blessed to NOT experience severe debilitating vaccine injury in your family, we can heed the words of the writer to the Hebrews:

Continue to remember those enslaved and in prison,
And those who are ill-treated
As if you yourselves were suffering.
As if you felt their pain in your own bodies. Hebrews 13:3

Becky on stage

Becky Hastings, Jesus follower, wife, mom, grandmother, health promoter, breastfeeding counsellor (helping moms for 22+ years), and someone who seeks to research, understand and share truth so people can make wise choices in our crazy mixed up, deceived world!

7 thoughts on “The plight of the parent with a vaccine injured child

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  2. My daughter had her life destroyed by Gardasil 3 days after her 11th bday. She is now almost 17 and has Gastroparesis along with countless other illnesses. Her life has been destroyed, shattered into a million pieces and I am trying desperately to fix her and put her back together but our lives are forever changed. She battles constant nausea and visits after every bite of solid food because of Gardasil. I share her story to save as many innocent children as I can from this nightmare she is living, our entire family is living. Thank you for reading.

    • Alicia
      I am so sorry. I pray you will recovery for your daughter. Thank you for sharing your story. I pray it will prevent other girls (and boys) from suffering as your daughter has. Truly a vaccine injury impacts the entire family.
      Wishing your blessings and healing through Jesus Christ.

  3. I have 5 children, all of which are kept up to date on vaccines, and up until about 4 months ago they were all healthy, but shortly after my now 12 year old daughter was given her second dose of the gardisil vaccine she started having absence seziures, about a month after that she suffered her first grand-mal seziure, now she suffers from 3 different types of seziures! I believe 100% that the gardisil vaccine is the cause of all this. Needless to say my children will NEVER receive another vaccination! !

    • Kyle
      Thanks for sharing. It is unimaginable the devastation you must feel. My heart aches for every single case of vaccine injury I hear about. I pray you will be able to find healing for your daughter and I am thankful that you now understand the potential for harm caused by vaccines. Sharing your story will help prevent other children from vaccine injury. I wrote one blog just on HPV vaccines because they are so vigorously pushed by doctors and in the media. Every parent needs ALL the facts before accepting this extremely risky shot.

  4. I pray that one day the makers of these ‘must have shots’ will tell the truth and explain the risks, whether they feel the benefit outweighs the damage or not. It is not fair that we must endure the poisons and be guinea pigs, so to speak, to test their newly made drugs. These have no fact of proof of protection, yet a child like mine was effected so bad she became autistic after the poison she was given, and required to have, by the order of the CDC. We should be able to choose and the new shots should not be mandatory. HOLD them accountable!!!! They have no accountability, therefor they will not take the time and concern to make it safe for humans!

    • Patsy
      I am so sorry for your daughters reaction to the vaccines. I pray you will find healing for her. You are right, there is no liability on the part of the manufacturers or those who recommend and dispense vaccines. A parent takes 100% of the risk and all the responsibility if their child is injured by vaccines. I am not sure it is possible to make ‘safe effective’ vaccines, but until they do, parents should be informed of the actual risk they are taking by following the CDC’s recommended schedule. I agree, vaccines should NEVER be mandated. Where there is risk, there must be choice.

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