Is Vaccine Injury Real? A True Story

Lora's 3 Boys

This is an absolutely beautiful photo taken by a photographer mom. I was so traumatized after reading her story of vaccine injury, but THRILLED to learn of how she has learned the truth, recognized the damage the vaccines caused to her older boys, and chosen to keep her new precious son healthy without injecting him with toxins! This is a warrior momma sharing truth learned the hard way! She gave me permission to share her story in the hope that others would avoid all the trials she has gone through. Learning from experience is a good teacher, but learning from the mistakes of others – so that we can avoid those mistakes – is the best teacher.

These are my three sons, two suffered damage after being vaccinated for YEARS according to the current CDC schedule and their pediatrician’s recommendations. My eldest has experienced numerous tics* and G.I. issues. My second son, I had to stop breastfeeding at 4 months due to his serious digestive issues, so sad. He was born in December and was fully vaccinated and sick for almost a year straight. He ended up contracting whooping cough even though he was vaccinated against it…….hmmmm……vaccine failure much? He also contracted measles, but his pediatrician would not even CONSIDER he had the measles because he was vaccinated against it — this medical response is dangerous! and pure laziness! We have been working on the gut issues with diet; eating more organic, non-GMO, less pesticides and additives, less milk and more fluoride free water. Our youngest (the baby pictured above) was born peacefully at home this month, delivered by my husband and is EBF, and NO, he has not had the Hep B vaccine AND we have actually lost very close family members because of the medical decisions we are making for OUR children. It’s very sad, but we need to protect our children and keep them healthy.

When you know better you do better……’s not easy, but it is WORTH IT.

*Transient tic disorder…Transient tic disorder is a temporary condition in which a person makes one or many brief, repeated, movements or noises (tics). These movements or noises are involuntary (not on purpose)…….the first tic to present itself was the RAPID EYE BLINKING, this was called “normal” by his pediatrician. He said, ‘Boys are more susceptible than girls, he will most likely outgrow it,’  bla, bla, bla…….It may be the “NEW NORMAL” but it is NOT normal and it’s NOT okay! He is turning 11 this year and he STILL has not outgrown them! We thought he had Tourette’s syndrome at one point, it BREAKS MY HEART.


Please do your own independent research before agreeing to any medical procedure. Your baby is too precious to experiment with. These might provide more information:



Author: Becky Hastings, wife, mother, grandmother, health enthusiast. I have been blessed through Jesus to come to an understanding of truth and health. I seek only to share this blessing with others. I pray you will be led on a journey towards abundant health.



5 thoughts on “Is Vaccine Injury Real? A True Story

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  2. We have lost close family members, too, but to death from vaccinations: Guillain-Barre killed my father-in-law and attacked my sister’s granddaughter, who still suffers numbness from it.
    These supposedly safe vaccinations are not toys, must be very carefully considered before just playing doctor with them.

  3. Your story is both tragic and at the same time heartwarming, because no matter how we find Jesus Christ, even through trial, the rewards and DELIVERANCE will be eternal! If it helps you to know, once you refuse vaccines, save for California, the 49 other states accept any one of 3 waivers; and you have a right to apply them. My son is 16 now, has never been vaccinated, and has been in both public and private schools, with a wave of our waiver! I thank God that I learned about vaccines while I was still pregnant. 16 years later he has not been sick at all in the last 10 years. It’s worth the stand you’ll have to take! God told us the Life of the Flesh is in the Blood. Would God that the doctor’s also believed the scriptures and left our blood pure. I am going to pray for your sons’ complete recovery. But I already praise God that their trials will help them to keep their eyes on Jesus, who loves us AS we are; and means to use EVERYTHING for our good! You are loved in heaven and on earth.

    • Debi

      Doctors should know better. Many are allowing the truth they see right in front of them to teach them. Doctors, and indeed our entire culture, have been strongly imprinted during their training and education that ‘vaccines are good, safe and have saved the world from millions of deaths.’ This message continues to go out to all. It takes a lot for anyone to “wake up”, but those doctors who do find their entire career something to question. It is virtually an act of God.

      It reminds me of Jesus’ parable about building our house on the sand or building our house on the rock. When we build our ‘wisdom’ on the culture around us, including the thought that injecting poisons is going to lead to health, it is inevitable that our house will come crashing down when hit by a storm.

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