Only Two Teams

soccer-or-baseball-1531255-639x651God provided Jesus.
God, the Creator, Originator, Designer
“Jesus, the image of the invisible God
Firstborn over all Creation
For by Him all things were created…”[1]

If we reject Jesus, we reject God.
“Anyone who isn’t with Me, opposes Me, and
Anyone who isn’t working with Me
is working against Me.”[2]
Strong words.

All who reject Jesus reject God
All rejecters end up on the same team
With all the other rejecters.
They may not realize it.
They may think they are distinctly different
In every major characteristic,
But at the root, the life source,
They are the same.
Like a large tree with many branches,
All information that rejects God,
Is anti-God.
The source of all anti-God information is Satan.
John tells us “This great dragon—
The ancient serpent called the devil,
Or Satan, the one deceiving the whole world—
Was thrown down to the earth with all his angels.”[3]

That one. God’s enemy.
He inspires a wide variety
Of anti-God information and beliefs.

Our foremost preoccupation
As followers of Jesus:
“Love the Lord your God with
All you heart, soul, mind”[4]
(Yes, you can think)
“And love your neighbor as yourself.”[5]
Jesus claims our loyalty

“If anyone is ashamed of Me and
My message in these adulterous and sinful days,
The Son of Man will be ashamed of that person
When He returns in the glory of his Father
With the holy angels.”[6]

finger-post-in-the-morning-sun-1553708-1279x852Jesus made clear claims
To His Oneness with God.
The disciples witnessed both His words and actions.
They saw him die.
They saw and touched His resurrected body.
Peter said, “For we did not follow
Cleverly devised stories when we told you
About the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ in power,
But we were eye-witnesses to His majesty…”[7]

Both Jesus and Peter referred to and respected
The Old Testament records:
“We also have the prophetic record
As something completely reliable and
You would do well to pay attention to it
As to a light shining in a dark place.”[8]

The Bible is a collection of
66 ancient manuscripts.
It doesn’t claim to be
the last word on every subject.
Aliens, crop circles, pyramid structure, other anomalies
Are not answered in the Bible.
But it does present the most significant
Coherent account of the central events –
Including the foundational conflict on earth with
Dialogue and a story line.

God created everything.
He made a species “in His image”
So He could have a relationship with them.
He wanted the people to choose Him
Not be coerced to allegiance.
His previous created species, an angel line,
Had been seduced by a leading angel to rebel.
God’s archenemy enticed 1/3 of the angels and
Then set about trying to seduce the human race
To defy God.
All humans since have been born with
The same defiant spirit – like an infection
That spreads
But God
Stepped in. He devised a plan.
He chose a people to demonstrate His grace
To all the world.
Through that people, the Hebrews,
He demonstrated His power and
He gave them a written record
This record is a blessing to us.

Deception is rife.
The written record keeps us anchored.
Every fact can be viewed
Through the written record.
How does this information align?

Jesus warns us:
“Make sure that the light
You think you have
Is not actually darkness.”[9]

In light of any upcoming devastation, the most significant thing to be sure about is eternity. All the hectic events happening in the world and all the hectic predictions of what might happen in the future, propel me to want to be anchored on truth that is sure.

DSC_0062Author: Becky Hastings, wife, mother, grandmother, passionate follower of Jesus Christ and truth seeker, especially in the areas of health and children. Navigating our world is challenging. God’s word is my compass and guide.



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4 thoughts on “Only Two Teams

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  2. Hello. I am a married American-Peruvian father of 2 living and working in Chorrillos. I am looking for a new church. My wife and children aren’t fluent English speakers so I would like to know if you are associated with Spanish speaking church where I can visit with my family. By the way, I was an English teacher at ICPNA for many years and now I have my own Christian elementary school in Chorrillos.

    • Unfortunately I have no connections with Peru. I will pray with you that the power of God Himself will direct you to a church in your area where they make known the wonderful Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ!
      I pray blessings on you and your family.

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