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Is an injection that has been given routinely at birth in the USA since the 1970s. The reason given for this practice, is to prevent inter-cranial hemorrhage because infants are born with a low coagulation ability.

Is it worth it?

Vitamin K to newborns. Dr Suzanne Humphries provides an informed scientific opinion having thoroughly researched all sides on the subject of vitamin K and inter-cranial hemorrhage risk. It’s important to understand the impact of medical interventions at birth. In this video presentation Dr. Suzanne Humphries speaks on giving vitamin K to newborns. There is a reason why newborns don’t have a full coagulation; nature didn’t make a “mistake”.

Merck Pharmaceutical Warnings on Vitamin K

Insert and information and yes it can be given orally  (see ingredients for phenol, propylene glycol and acetic acid…toxic chemicals in Vitamin K shot)

Vitamin K: a flaw in the blueprint? Sara Wickham, article first published 2001 Midwifery Today, 2000; 56:39-41.

Vitamin K The Reasons for It

Does Your Baby Really Need It

Vitamin K- To Inject or Not, Dr Ben Kim

The deadly effects of synthetic vitamin K

Vitamin K Deficiency Bleeding – Does it really exist

Vitamin K – Controversy? What Controversy?

A % of patients receiving K shot have had anaphylactoid responses with some deaths

In some cases Vitamin K is not enough to stop bleeding

Vitamin K – Why is it Given

Vitamin K – The Controversy Reignites

More on Vitamin K

Evidence for Vitamin K Shot in Newborns

Video Who is at Risk for Vitamin K Deficiency Bleeding? from Evidence Based Birth 

Peanut Allergies from Vaccines, The Doctor Within.

Peanut Oil Used in Manufacturing of the Vitamin K Shot by Barb Feick

Eat Foods High in Vitamin K to give your baby good levels without the shot. A list:

10 Decisions for Parents of Newborns by Keeper of the Home (See point #7)

Commonsense approach to the Synthetic Vitamin K Shot by Megan Heimer, Living Whole.

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