Vaccine Risks vs Benefits

Baby funny croppedIf you are considering following the CDC recommended vaccination schedule for your baby or child, here are some facts you should make sure you know and understand:

  1. I understand that the pharmaceutical company who made this vaccine has NO liability in the event of a “bad” batch, or any severe reaction my child might have.
  2. I understand that I pay a $0.75 Federal Excise Tax per vaccine, which is used to pay 
vaccine injured families through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) created by the US government in 1986.[1]
  3. I understand that $3.5 billion has been paid out for proven and admitted vaccine injury through the NVICP.
  4. I understand that this vaccine contains neurotoxins such as aluminum that far exceeds “safe levels” deemed by the EPA for IV products.
  5. I understand that this vaccine contains carcinogenic ingredients.
  6. I understand that this vaccine could have been formulated and developed using aborted fetal cell lines.
  7. I understand that getting this vaccine does not ensure that my child will be protected from the disease.
  8. I understand that my child could get the very disease s/he was vaccinated for.
  9. I understand that my child could be a carrier of the disease s/he was vaccinated for and spread it either through viral “shedding” or asymptomatic illness for up to six weeks.
  10. I understand that my doctor may receive monetary rewards or face other pressure to have a high percentage of his/her patients fully vaccinated.
  11. I understand that if a vaccine injures my child, my doctor would have to spend time filling out paper work in order to report it through Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).[2]
  12. I understand that my doctor has no incentive to fill out paperwork for a vaccine injury.
  13. I understand that while some doctors are aware of vaccine injury, doctors are mostly trained and encouraged to deny vaccine injury.[3]
  14. I understand that vaccine injury is under-reported.
  15. I understand that vaccine mandates (like California Senate Bill 277) remove all exemptions except rarely received medical and are strongly pushed by pharmaceutical interests, despite a vaccine rate of 97.46%.[4]
  16. I understand that pharmaceutical companies have no incentive to make their product better or safer.
  17. I understand that pharmaceutical companies spend up to four times more on advertising than they do on research.
  18. I understand that corporate media gets 70% of their advertising revenue from pharmaceutical companies.
  19. I understand that corporate media does not want to lose revenue, certainly not 70% of it.
  20. I understand that when pharmaceutical companies conduct a study (on their own product) it is in their best interest to have a favorable outcome. Their studies are designed to show only positive results.[5]
  21. I understand that the entire vaccine schedule has never been tested on children in an objective scientific manner.
  22. I understand that this vaccine is known to cause injury or death, and my child could be one of the “rare” statistics.
  23. My doctor has informed me on all the risks and side effects and has reviewed the vaccine insert – not the CDC information sheet – with me.[6]
  24. I understand that if my child dies from this vaccine I will be awarded no more than $250,000, if my claim is proven to be vaccine related, a process that could take over 2 years.
  25. I understand that a specific subset of the population is at greater risk for vaccine injury and that chromosomal tests can confirm my MTHFR gene status  and help determine the vaccine compatibility of my child. [7][8]
  26. I understand that if my baby/child/adult is sick, has a fever, or has been sick or feverish in the past 48 hours, he might be at an increased risk for an adverse reaction. The CDC states is usually no reason to avoid vaccination even when sick, but parents report vaccine injury associated with vaccines given during illness.
  27. I understand that using Tylenol around same time as receiving a vaccine will substantially decrease my child’s level of the chemical glutathione which is essential to process (detox) the adjuvants contained in vaccines, i.e. aluminum, DNA fragments, bacteria, thimerosal, and other ingredients. Therefore, I understand that giving Tylenol before or after a vaccine can greatly increase my child’s chance of a serious vaccine injury.[9]
  28. I am making an informed choice to vaccinate my child.

Now that is what I would consider truly INFORMED CONSENT. Remember, every parent who has experienced a vaccine injury with their child, vaccinated. They thought they were doing their best as parents to protect their child. Now they live with the damage and regret.

Thanksgiving 2015Compiled by Becky Hastings, with a lot of help from anonymous friends, who are parents and grandparents. Together we are passionate about telling the true story of the high level of vaccine injury so parents can make informed choices.

[1] US Department of Health & Human Services, National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, Frequently Asked Questions

[2] Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, Report an Adverse Event

[3]Dr. Suzanne Humphries Lecture on vaccines and health. Dr. Suzanne Humphries speaks on her background and about how she started to question the safety on vaccines. She also gives information about how authorities work to persuade people to vaccinate.

[4] California Coalition for Vaccine Choice,

[5] Peer review: a flawed process at the heart of science and journals, Richard Smith, J R Soc Med, v.99(4); 2006 Apr, PMC1420798

[6] Typical vaccine insert. Not generally provided unless asked for. Available to review on-line for each vaccine.vaccine Insert full size

[7] Adversomics: The Emerging Field of Vaccine Adverse Event Immunogenetics, Gregory A. Poland, MD, Inna G. Ovsyannikova, PhD, and Robert M. Jacobson, MD, Pediatr Infect Dis J. 2009 May; 28(5): 431–432.

[8] 23 and Me DNA testing service. Find out what your DNA says about you and your family.

[9] McNeil Healthcare (Ireland) Ltd, “Metabolism and elimination of paracetamol: The plasma half-life of paracetamol after therapeutic doses is in the range 1.5-2.5 hours. Paracetamol is metabolised by the liver and several metabolites of paracetamol have been identified in man. The two major metabolites excreted in the urine are the glucuronide and sulphate conjugates. About 10% of administered paracetamol is converted, via a minor pathway, by a cytochrome P-450 mixed function oxidase system to a reactive metabolite, acetamidoquinone. This metabolite is rapidly conjugated with reduced glutathione and excreted as cysteine and mercapturic acid conjugates. When large amounts of paracetamol are taken, hepatic glutathione may become depleted causing excessive accumulation within the hepatocyte of acetamidoquinone, which binds covalently to vital hepatocellular macromolecules.”

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  4. Becky, thanks for these statements. I really appreciate the time you put into this to help educate us (as you can tell I spend much time on your blog :). I hope you don’t mind putting up with someone who asks lots of questions. I read, I promise, but it just tends to lead to not being able to find answers. I do have a few questions/comments regarding sources so I can hopefully point others in the right direction.

    #2. When referring to the link listed here, I looked at another FAQ about safety concerns and cases being settled. It said “settlements are one way of quickly resolving a petition.” and that settlements are not an admission that the vaccine caused the incident. That’s just sick, in my opinion, but if we look at regular court claims, sometimes they “settle” to just be done with court. How would you respond to someone that says you can’t depend on this chart to determine injuries?

    #7 – Because of my 2 older children and myself being previously vaccinated, sometimes I tend to think we are “protected” from disease, but yet there could still be long term health problems down the road. Was there any protection at all, or have we been “lucky” to not have gotten these diseases? I can just hear someone say, “Well, I haven’t gotten the disease thanks to vaccines.”

    #14- Where exactly does it (the CDC) report that only 10% of injuries are reported? I just haven’t found that original source.

    #16 – I keep seeing 2011 or 2012 popping up in some reports about the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. Is there something different that took place here, as opposed to 1986?

    #17 & # 18 – possible sources?

    #21 – how are the CDC’s studies actually set up? What studies/information do they actually use to prove they are safe? I noticed other studies have been done by AAP and WHO that show there is no link between vaccines & autism. Have they been set up the same way?

    General – 1) Is there any stats on vaccine-injured people in third-world countries (and not the ones that say, “Well that was just a bad batch”)? That’s probably one of the biggest arguments I have seen about disease in these places, though I know the decrease is more related to clean water and hygiene. But would love to show injury stats to others if you had any of that. 2) Are there studies the CDC uses to “prove” there has been a decrease in disease or do they merely look at numbers?

    Thanks again. I’m a fan!!! God Bless and GO JESUS!!

    • #2. I would agree 100%. You can’t rely on the chart of vaccine injury payouts to correctly assess vaccine injury because actually injury is FAR MORE than have every received compensation. There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of families who were injured by vaccines but did not manage to jump through all the hoops to receive compensation. This video describes the process.
      #7. The way vaccine effectiveness has been historically measured is through antibody titers in the body. However, just because you have received a vaccine does not mean you have effective antibodies against the disease. Dr Suzanne Humphries describes patients who were given repeated injections for hepatitis B yet never measured antibodies. I highly recommend her videos on how the neonatal immune system developed. I linked that video here.
      #14. I have seen this figure many times. An explanation is available here, but the original reference seems hard to find. I don’t think the FDA challenges the fact, but they certainly aren’t highlighting it.
      #16. The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (Public Law 99-660) was passed in 1986, and payouts started in 1988. I’m not sure what the 2011 reference is referring to.
      #17 & 18. I don’t watch much TV, but when I do, I am overwhelmed by pharmaceutical advertisements. The USA is one of only 2 countries in the world which allows direct to consumer advertising of prescription drugs. If you want proof, one way would simply be to count the number of commercials!
      #21. The CDC whistleblower has some interesting information on how studies were set up and altered mid-stream. I have limited information here, but I highly recommend watching the movie VaxXed for a full account of the CDC safety studies and the fraud they committed.

      You can search for non polio acute flaccid paralysis in India. There have been thousands of cases after a widespread polio vaccine campaign. Those afflicted have all the worst consequences of polio without the name polio.

      The CDC and WHO are totally invested in their vaccine policies. All information they gain must conform to their preconceived ideas, which are based on three false premises:

      1. Every child will be exposed to all of the infectious illnesses for which CDC recommends vaccines: Hepatitis B & A, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, HIB, Polio, Rotavirus, Pneumococcal, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Meningococcal, Varicella (chicken pox), and flu.
      2. If you are exposed to any of the above illnesses, you WILL get sick.
      3. If you get vaccinated you won’t get the illness.

      Why are we injecting toxins into babies when vaccine science is based on three critically important false premises?

      The truth is
      1. I can help my child stay healthy with a healthy diet and good hygiene.
      2. If sick, I can keep my child at home and provide care so they can recover.
      3. The government protects vaccine manufacturers from liability for any harm my child may experience from vaccines. If my child gets a “bad batch” or is harmed in any way, I cannot sue the vaccine manufacturer or those that delivered the vaccine.

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  11. I LOVE this. Can I use this to distribute to use in our Assemblymember meetings? I may make a couple edits if that’s ok?

  12. #29. I understand that a vaccination is an immune system destroyer and thereby if I was already predisposed to auto immune issues receiving vaccinations can exacerbate said issues.

    AWESOME list!!!!

  13. Bravo! I’m sharing this with all expecting parents. Great simple compilation.
    I recently stumbled onto your site and love it!

  14. EXCELLENT !!!!!
    Couple questions:
    #2 — Just out of curiosity, what is avg cost of a single vaccine compared to $0.75 paid from each vaccine to NVICP for injuries. Wondered if it mathematically figures out to an injury of 1 out of 1,000,000 at the avg payout per injury.
    #9 — Is this only for vaccines made from live viruses?
    #10 — I have read somewhere that doctors are actually penalized if their patient vaccination rate does not meet a certain percentage; i.e. — they receive a reduced payment from govt (wish I could remember more details).
    #10-20 — Excellent ‘follow the money’ sequence
    #21 — Have there been ANY studies with all the vaccines that are in the works to be mandated, whether objective, scientific or not? Any time there will be another vaccine added, are the Pharma companies planning to do years of research before making any additional mandated?
    #24 — I have heard that it can take up to 10 years to go through trial and be awarded any money. During this lengthy number of years, are there time-consuming reports, hearings that mean parents have to take time off from work to address, fill out and attend? Do parents bear the burden of attorney costs during this time? When a child has been deemed to have suffered a vaccine injury, does the parent have to pay increased medical insurance costs for the rest of the child’s life?

    BECKY, I thank God for your diligence, intelligence and willingness to be a servant and put all this information together in such a strong impactful way. Thank you so much, ….. Jean Boot

    • I don’t have all the answers.
      #2There could be a lot to investigate about NVICP and all the payouts. An investigative financial journalist could take a hard look at all the numbers. I believe, approximately $3.5 Billion has been paid out to over 3000 different claims since 1986. I think there is another $3.5 Billion collected. Since 1986 the “table of injuries” ( which allows known injuries from vaccines to be compensated, has become more restrictive. However, approximately 80 cases have received compensation for ‘autism’ like injuries, which is very interesting in light of the repeated claims that there is no link. More info here, including: “More than 1,000 (11 percent) of claims filed since fiscal year 1999 were still in process (pending) as of March 31, 2014;” (this also addresses your point on #24, settlements try to cover care required for life. See Bought Documentary where one mom explains the settlement she received for her son.)

      #9. It is being found that pertussis can spread after vaccine through asymptomatic carriers. It is not a live virus, but a bacteria.

      #21 No study on the complete schedule ever. None. Even individual vaccines are often studied and compared, not to true placebo, but to the previous version of the vaccine, or to an aluminum containing adjuvant alone. They know if they compare to a true placebo the vaccine is going to come out looking very damaging.

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