Our Children, Our Future

Baby funny croppedOur children are absolutely our most precious possession. Not that we own them, but we have been entrusted by God with their care. Their life and health is in our hands. They are precious. We owe it to our children to get the facts about vaccines. We are bombarded by sound bites in the media. What is the truth?

Much of the information in this blog was gleaned from the powerful presentation by Dr Russell Blaylock, retired neurosurgeon, which I have included below. Dr Blaylock has dissected every bit of science related to the vaccine questions for many years and is highly qualified to describe the function of vaccines on the human body, particularly the brain. You can read his full biography.[1]

Vaccine ‘science’ that promotes vaccines to the medical community and the public is a sector based on collective lies, false data and misunderstanding. As the scientific understanding of the exact nature of the function of the immune system has developed, the early understanding of how vaccines were thought to work has been turned on its head. Enough evidence is available today to expose the entire false foundation of vaccine ‘science.’

Blow in her faceAt one time doctors recommended smoking – even for pregnant women. Advertising abounded as the media extolled the virtues of cigarettes.[3] In our lifetime we have seen medical understanding change in many different areas.

A similar phenomenon has happened in many other areas of medicine. At one time it was thought that bleeding a patient was beneficial. Leeches were sometimes used. It was the treatment that George Washington received just before his death.[2]

Today Dr Semmelweis (1818-1865) is considered the “savior of mothers” in Vienna, Austria, but he was ignored and scorned among his medical colleagues because he recommended hand washing. He observed a correlation between women who died as a result of sepsis after childbirth and the doctors and students who attended them. He deduced that not washing their hands after working on cadavers was the cause of childbed fever and showed that hand washing saves women’s lives. Today he is honored as the father of infection control and scientists recognize the clear facts and results of his scientifically valid studies, but his colleagues rejected him and his theory and he died prematurely in an insane asylum without recognition.[4]

Despite hundreds of scientific studies showing the harm caused by vaccines, the recommendations of the pro vaccine voices continue to repeat “vaccines are safe and effective.”[5]  The field of vaccine research remains sacrosanct. At the time of the widely promoted polio vaccine in the early 1960s it was recommended for children – not babies, but children – to get a total of three or four vaccines. Since then, an incredible number of  vaccines has been added to the recommended list by the CDC in a most cavalier manner. Today babies are supposed to receive their first vaccine on the first day of life, followed in quick succession by a horde of vaccines at 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 12 months, and 15 months.

Today the CDC and the AAP recommends, and most pediatricians adhere to 37 doses of 14 different vaccines given to all babies by 18 months. By the time they go to school they will have received a total of 50 doses.[6] The US recommends more vaccines and more doses than any other country, yet in 2009 the USA was 34th in the list of infant mortality rates. In 2014 the USA has dropped to 56th in the world. This chart compares the Infant Mortality Rate with the number of vaccines given per country.

IMR with vaccines given

Despite the repeated phrase “vaccines are safe and effective,” the CDC recommends a  vaccine schedule that HAS NEVER been tested for safety. In fact, no long-term testing has been done on ANY VACCINE. They have never been tested for carcinogenicity (i.e. if it causes cancer) or for any impact on future fertility, a fact that can be confirmed by reading the “package insert” for any vaccine.

Vaccines involve the immune system in a process that leads to compromised immunity, yet pediatricians and doctors think they “protect from infectious disease.”

Actually, vaccines can harm the immune system itself, causing a variety of life-long susceptibilities to illness. Instead of making our babies healthy, vaccines are actually making them sick. We need to realize that the early scientists developing vaccines did not understand how the immune system works and how it develops. Dr Suzanne Humphries has devoted her career to searching the science and clearly explains how parents can best their baby achieve true life-long health. [7]

An elaborate false history has been concocted to convince the public (including medical doctors and others trained in the medical field, politicians, and parents) that vaccines are safe and effective. Many involved in conveying this wrong understanding did so with the best of intentions – but that doesn’t make them any less WRONG.

Contamination is a frequent occurrence in vaccine manufacturing facilities. Most vaccines utilized today are actually manufactured in China. The labs are not physically inspected for adherence to safety standards, yet parents are repeatedly urged to trust in the safety of the vaccines.

Vaccine ‘science’ involves circular reasoning; it is a closed system which admits no fault. It goes like this…

Vaccines have saved us from millions of deaths. Vaccines are safe and effective. Vaccines have eradicated all the infectious diseases. If we stop vaccines we will have massive epidemics and many will die? Why? Because vaccines have saved us from millions of deaths

THOUSANDS of babies have adverse reactions after vaccines – including severe seizures, permanent neurological damage and even death. Vaccine manufacturers and the CDC, which makes the recommendations, have NO LIABILITY for any injury caused by any vaccine – EVER. They make and recommend a product with a great potential for harm, but bear no responsibility for the safety to recipients.  A small fraction of the vaccine injury cases have received compensation through the US National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program that has paid out nearly $4 Billion  to roughly 4,000 families.NVICP Awards Paid FY 2015

Serious vaccine injury reactions should spark the most intensive investigation by those concerned about vaccine safety, i.e. the CDC. These ‘servants of public health’ should be eager to find out HOW MANY are impacted and WHY. But those charged with vaccine safety are not interested in exploring or revealing these connections. Their primary goal seems to be the preservation of their vaccine program, and thus their jobs, careers and the entire enterprise. They churn out ‘scientific studies’ with authors who have been indicted for fraud, they falsify data, they hold secret meetings to discuss serious links between vaccines and autism with the goal of hiding the results from public knowledge, and they boldly and blatantly lie before Congressional hearings.[8][9][10][11][12]

The medical cartel zealously guards the sanctity of vaccines. Blind guides seeking babies on their altar. Many families whose child (or children) suffered severe vaccine injury remain captive to the medical system throughout the life of the child because of the damage done in the name of “protection.” These families suffer enormously. Most marriages end due to the stress of caring for a severely neurologically damaged child. These parents worry about who will care for their children after their death.

While not every child receiving vaccines will suffer severe disability, the burden of vaccine injury impacts all of society. It is time for everyone to become fully informed on how the immune system functions and exactly HOW vaccines harm a child’s brain development.

Could our world and the health of our children be BETTER WITHOUT vaccines?


Head Shot BAuthor: Becky Hastings, wife, mother, grandmother, passionate follower of Jesus Christ and truth seeker, especially in the areas of health and children. Facing a world quite different from the one in which I grew up, I seek to research and understand the true route to health, freedom and joyful family living!


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