Dr Andrew Wakefield – Villain or Hero?

Dr Andrew Wakefield is a name you might have heard. Maybe you heard something about his 1998 Lancet study which showed a connection between children with autism who also suffered from bowel disease. OR, if you only heard the ‘sound bites’ in a massive public relations campaign sponsored by forces who are eager to discredit him, you might have heard that his study was a fraud or even that he admitted his study was a fraud. That is a blatant lie designed to hide the truth from an unsuspecting public and repeated by many who are either ignorant, or blatantly deceptive themselves.

This is a quick 5 minute interview with Dr Wakefield, or Andy, as his many many friends, supporters and patients know him. He has spent the last 20 years tirelessly LISTENING TO PARENTS. Imagine that, a doctor that listens to his patients. A medical doctor trained as a specialist gastroenterologist, he published a paper, which has never been refuted, on a small group of autistic children who all had associated bowel disease and the presence of measles virus in the bowel. His study was asking why? And he intended to explore this connection further.

His research plunged him into the midst of strong political forces which did not want to acknowledge any connection between the new MMR vaccine, autism and bowel disease. The battle continues to rage to this day, despite multiple studies which corroborate his original theories. He is also achieving success in treating and healing the bowels of autistic children and seeing corresponding improvement in their neurological symptoms.

All new parents need the truth. Why is there such a strong public relations campaign to discredit this man when no charges have been brought against him? He is happy to openly discuss his science and to engage in a public debate with anyone in the vaccine community. Why won’t they?

Did you know:

  • Many states in the US are currently considering legislative bills that would remove vaccine exemption rights from parents. There is a strong push by pharmaceutical interests to pass these bills.
  • There are over 200 new vaccines in the pipeline. If vaccine exemptions for religious or philosophical reasons are removed, vaccines could be mandated to all but a very few and these new vaccines will be included. We do not know what the risks will be and we will have no choice on whether to accept them or not.
  • The medical freedom of our children and grandchildren is at risk.
  • Whether or not you think a particular vaccine is a good idea or not, now is the time to tell your state representatives that forced medical procedures are against the values and ethos of our country. The freedom of every citizen is at risk.

More information on the current work of Dr Wakefield in helping children suffering with autism. Autism Media Channel

Who Killed Alex Spourdalaki A powerful account of how ignorance, negligence, and indifference surround autism and the US healthcare system, produced by The Autism Media Channel Team.


One thought on “Dr Andrew Wakefield – Villain or Hero?

  1. Thank you for this post. This past month it was gratifying to note that the British High Court has removed all charges from Wakefield and his associate who published the study. He never said that vaccines caused autism. He was a victim of the greed and power grabbing of the pharmaceutical industry and he is a hero in my book!

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