13 Reasons Why Parents Resist Vaccines

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATo begin with let’s back up a little. What is the purpose of a doctor and medicine in its purest form?  Is it not for the sick, the injured, or those who failed to exercise prevention?

Because medical personnel are trained to treat the sick, the wounded, and the seriously ill, their treatments carry some risk. They need to be highly trained individuals. They must carry heavy insurance policies. The thick manuals in their offices tell about the risks, interactions and side effects of medications and procedures. Obviously, the world of medicine can provide some amazing services that we cannot be without, but with that comes at least some risk.

DangerPrevention should generally not involve anything with a known risk factor. Thus you cannot truly mix “medical” and “prevention” since medical involves risk.

Under the guise of “prevention,” vaccines are given to the well, to babies whose health conditions are unknown, and to anyone who will submit. Vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe.” Congress and the Supreme Court have agreed on this. So why would a parent use a vaccine as a prevention when the vaccine is “unavoidably unsafe”? If you want prevention look elsewhere.

Anyone who has read the ingredient list of vaccines would have to say they carry risk at a bare minimum. The definition of poison is “a substance that in small amounts can cause illness or death.” No one person on earth knows the tolerance level for poison  (or risk) for another human being. It is truly a shot in the dark.

So here are some thoughts on why a parent would refuse:

1. A parent can study risk vs. benefit. If there is risk in trying to prevent something my child may never have I cannot take that risk. Poison is a risk. Heavy metals are a risk. Viruses from cell lines of guinea pigs, dog kidneys and aborted fetuses injected into my child’s bloodstream? That’s risk.
2. A parent can get information. One can go online and read the package insert for every vaccine. Some are over 20 pages long.
3. A parent is suspicious. If vaccines are so safe why does the government pay out millions of dollars to parents whose kids have been damaged permanently or who have died? And why is it so hard to get that money? Is the government really reliable in looking out for the best interests of my child?
4. A parent can observe. Look at all the sicknesses going around … all the asthma, allergies, diabetes, obesity, autism, cancer, behavioral disorders and more. Real life trumps data every single time. School nurses are busy all day long, children’s hospitals are full and pediatric specialists of every stripe have waiting lists.
5. A parent knows that you can follow the money. Why is there such adamant defense of vaccines and no double-blind studies? Why does the government protect the vaccine manufacturer? Why are vaccines tied to the stock market? Why does the media protect the whistleblowers in the industry?
6. A parent can ask questions. If vaccines are so safe why are immune compromised children not vaccinated? Why is there a Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System?
7. A parent can use logic. If the vaccines are so wonderful why are they promoting herd immunity? Is it possible that some parents were willing to have their children injected with questionable and risky substances and still not be confident of protection from the disease?
8. A parent is reasonable. They know that measles and mumps and chickenpox are not life threatening … that childhood illnesses are okay and can build an immune system. Staying home and going to bed is not an impossibility.
Baby Dad silhouette9. A parent can find other ways for true prevention and cures. The doctor is for the sick not the well.
10. A parent is responsible to defend his own. He is not responsible for all the children in the world. He may even know that it is the vaccinated children who are spreading disease and putting his child at risk. The public health officials know.
11. A parent has seen the TV ads. Through this medium they know that big Pharma is willing to sacrifice health and lives for the sake of profit and that these same companies make the vaccines.
12. A parent has intuition. Parents can listen to their intuition … why do they hate taking their kids for vaccines? If it was so healthy and risk free it should be a joyful excursion. Unfortunately marketing often overrides a parent’s inner voice and promotes fear.
13. A parent may finally realize that true prevention involves (in part) avoiding vaccines!

Last week my grandson was unresponsive in ICU for three days from a vaccine reaction … a vaccine his parents did not want him to have. Once again real life trumps data. Instead of defending those who can defend themselves (big Pharma), let us listen to the mothers who weep over their once healthy children.

Connie Newcome CNHP

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