SIDS & Vaccines

Poster BabyDoctors confidently assert that vaccines are safe and can in no way be implicated in SIDS.

Many parents have had to learn the hard way.

In 2007 three baby boys in Idaho all died within a week of receiving their 4-month shots. In this news report, a heartbroken mother recounts the tragedy, and the realization that her robustly healthy baby had died because of the shots her doctor had told her, were necessary to keep him healthy.

By 6 months a baby would have received a cumulative total of 16 needles with 60 antigens. Most parents are not aware of how many shots nor what they contain. Many doctors are not even familiar with the ingredients in the vaccines, but they confidently assert that they are all safe. The combination of all these shots has never been tested.

Yet doctors, like the one in the video, confidently assert that it is not the vaccines that are killing babies, they just don’t know what it is.

When enough of the public understands the facts, they will drive the change in policy. Doctors are educated by the pharmaceutical companies who are making huge profits from the vaccine program. The CDC and other governmental organizations understand more about the danger and harm of vaccines, but have too much at stake to allow the true dangers of vaccines to be publicized (see #CDCwhistleblower). Main Stream Media is controlled by the pharmaceutical interests so news reports like this one from 2007 have been squelched.

Get the facts. Giving your baby the recommended shots is a greater risk than the doctors, nurses and government agencies would like you to know. Many parents have shared their stories of vaccine injury in a campaign called Hear This Well. Their sole desire is to spare you the pain they have experienced through vaccine violence. The sheer number of parents sharing their stories is profound.

These parents shared their story with me. They believed vaccines were necessary for their babies. They followed the recommendations of their doctor and the government health organizations. Their babies died and now they want to help others avoid that trauma. Educate before you vaccinate.


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