Caring for Older Parents

Health is a ChoiceI saw a middle-aged woman having lunch with a much older women in Panera recently. Our town is filled with chain restaurants and Panera happens to be one of the more ‘healthy’ options (I realize that’s a stretch, but we don’t have many options here). I happened to overhear their conversation about vaccines. I REALLY WANTED to go and help inform them. My daughter said I needed restraint; they didn’t want my information.

Fran y MeliBasically the younger woman wanted to make sure the older women (mother, aunt or someone she loved) had every vaccine applicable to her. The younger women was equally keen to get all the vaccines recommended for herself. They spoke about the flu shot, the pneumonia shot and the varicella shot (supposedly to prevent shingles).

They have been lied to.

They have been deceived by marketing and medical professionals they trust – who mainly rely on pharmaceutical companies for their ongoing training.

In case you think your doctor or nurse administering a vaccine knows exactly what is in the shot and has read the entire package insert detailing risks & those to whom the shot should NOT be given, think again. Ask them questions.

“Vaccines aren’t studied in any medical profession (at least not in-depth). People are told they should get it or give it and no questions are asked. It is sad. Pediatricians are the worst with just going with the expectation without really knowing themselves what is in them…” A nurse working in USA

Many nurses and doctors ARE well-informed. They urge people NOT to accept vaccines because the potential for harm is greater than any proposed benefit. Many times these dedicated caring health professionals have learned the hard way through seeing vaccine injury close up. They are often harassed and scorned by the majority in their profession.

I pray for TRUTH to be revealed so that people will stop harming those they love in the false hope of protecting them from illness.

Lose your heatlh

If you love the older people in your life, please don’t accept shots thinking they are good for you. Ask questions. Don’t let the people you love receive shots. The toxic chemicals are especially detrimental for the elderly.

At a minimum read every package insert that comes from the manufacturer that outlines in-depth the details of the ingredients, side effects, contra-indications and symptoms to be aware of.

If you are a Christian you need to know that many of the vaccines have been formulated based on the use of human fetal cell tissue – i.e. aborted babies. Whenever you see these ‘codes’ in the ingredient list, you know that the vaccine was formulated with aborted fetal cell tissue that was harvested immediately after a ‘voluntary’ abortion, taken to a scientific lab and grown into cells that could propagate themselves and help grow viral tissue.

  • WI-38 (Zostavax for shingles, Varivax for chicken pox, MMR, MR, rubella combination shots)
  • MRC-5 (Varivax for chicken pox, Hep A, Heb B, Poliovax, Rabies, Zostavax for shingles, Acambis 1000 for ‘new’ smallpox)
  • RA 273 (MMR, MR, rubella combination shots)
  • WI-26 (Rheumatoid arthritis shot)
  • HEK-293 (Avian flu in production)
  • PER C6 (HIV in development)

Please check out this information. If you or your older loved one are PRO life and abhor killing innocent babies in their mother’s wombs, you need to think carefully about accepting these vaccines.


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  1. Thank-you for publishing this important information. We too often forget to consider our older loved-ones when it comes to vaccine-injury. I will be sharing this post and pray others will take notice.

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