Informed Consent

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By Tom McLachlan

Informed consent includes two variables, informed, and consent.

With me so far?


It is not consent if you say “No”.

It is not consent if you would say “No”, but were not fully informed of the consequences

It is not consent if you are rushed into deciding and haven’t had enough time to figure out what you want to do.

It is not consent if you are afraid of being bullied, or humiliated.

It is not consent unless you say “Yes”. And you’re not pressured into it.

Informed consent:

It is not informed consent if you are misinformed or not informed about something you think you need to know about.

It is not informed consent if you are likely to be hurt and you are not told.

Great thoughts by Tom McLachlan, an avid health researcher who is passionate about sharing the truth he gains with parents so that they can raise healthy children without compromising their immune system through vaccines and other dangerous routines promoted as “health” practices.

Baby napI would also add, that my guess is that >95% of vaccines given to everyone today (including recommended vaccines for babies, children, teens, young adults and adults) are given in violation of informed consent. Pharmaceutical companies are not required to provide informed consent. Doctors, nurses and others who administer the vaccines and “provide the information regarding the recommended shots” and answer any patient questions – are themselves NOT INFORMED. So there is absolutely zero chance a parent or patient will be able to be informed.

The truth is vaccines do cause harm. It is an established fact. The harm ranges from extreme (i.e. death and permanent severe disability) to future negative health implications of which we still do not fully understand (chronic illness, auto-immune disorders, allergies, behavior and learning disabilities, cancer, etc.). Inform yourself because your medical advisors themselves are rarely informed beyond telling you of your great need to accept their shots.


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  5. So completely agree.. Unfortunately so many mothers are to afraid to not do as the doctor says to do as they think or are guilted into believing that to not do so is bad for the children.

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